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LED Lighting Supply / LED Lighting Supply – About Us

LED Lighting Supply – About Us

Based in Nashua, NH, we’ve been in the LED lighting business since 2008, LED Lighting Supply is your trusted and reliable lighting and pole partner for commercial, industrial, and sports projects. 

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President – Founder
Chief Technology Officer

Neil Peterson - COO & Chief Lighting Specialist

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Chief Executive Officer
Chief Lighting Specialist

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VP of Marketing & Sales Operations
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Meet your team of lighting experts from LED Lighting Supply.

Our Philosophy

Our driving philosophy is to offer solid, reliable, and the most energy-efficient products to our customers. We will provide quality products, fair pricing, and responsive support.

We stand behind our products. This means that we will support you through the entire process by:

  • Listening to your lighting needs and helping you to understand what LED lighting can do to help you meet your requirements.
  • Providing free lighting plans so that you can see a visual representation of the quantity and type of lighting fixtures that we recommend for your space. This happens before you even purchase anything so that your purchase becomes virtually risk-free.
  • Supporting and advising you during the installation process.
  • Processing warranty claims and providing rebate assistance as needed.

LED Lighting Supply Was Previously My LED Lighting Guide

In 2008, MyLEDLightingGuide was created to help customers understand why they should switch to LED. Our customers had a lot of questions about this new lighting technology. We created MyLEDLightingGuide to answer those questions and support our customers in selecting the right product for their projects.

Today, LED is the standard for commercial, industrial and sports lighting. What was new in 2008 is now commonplace in the lighting industry and as a result, we rebranded in 2020 as LED Lighting Supply.

Our Process is Built on a Number of Important Focus Areas

1. Product Availability

  • 100,000+ LED lights & 1,000+ light poles in stock throughout our USA warehouses for fulfilling immediate project requirements.
  • Tactical supply chain strategy to ensure robust product availability levels to fulfill large project requirements at any moment.
  • 95% of built-to-order & custom products can be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

2. Quality Products, Fair Pricing & Responsive Support

  • We offer quality products at a fair price with a one-on-one consultation to help you purchase the right option for your project.
  • After-purchase support is handled directly by LED Lighting Supply’s RMA department.

3. Knowledgeable Sales & Support Team

  • Ongoing product training to get hands-on with every product line we sell.
  • A consultative sales process to assist customers to achieve their desired project outcomes.
  • In-house lighting design services verify the correct lighting is recommended.

Commercial & Government Entity Code – Cage Code

  • Company Name: DRK Enterprises, LLC
  • Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code: 6JP16
  • Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number: 005213551
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This is What We Do

Professional Barrel Roping Led Lighting
Led Crane Lighting
Parking Garage After Conversion To Led
Indoor Pickleball Court Lights
Mllg Led Hbc 150 50 Fc Shop Lighting
Baseball Imf 400
Mllg Al Led Lin Sl2 90 Cc
Industrial Factory High Bay Lighting
Led Linear Highbay Hblin5

Some of Our Customers

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