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2X2 LED Flat Panels


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Frequently Asked Questions

LED lighting has brought a significant change in how we illuminate our commercial spaces. 2X2 LED flat panels stand out as an ideal choice for many commercial and office applications. This FAQ section provides answers to common questions about 2X2 LED flat panels.

General Information About 2X2 LED Flat Panels

What are 2X2 LED Flat Panels?

2X2 LED flat panels are energy-efficient indoor lights designed for various commercial environments, from office spaces to retail stores. They are designed to fit into a dropped ceiling 2X2 grid. Or they can be surface-mounted. They offer bright, uniform light in a compact square 2X2 form.

They are energy efficient and will reduce your energy costs. Most 2X2 Lights are either edge lit panels or direct back lit panel fixture. Both provide bright illumination and superior lighting in drop in ceilings while reducing energy consumption and lowering energy bills.

How do 2X2 LED Flat Panel Lights compare to other sizes?

2X2 LED flat panels provide a similar level (or slightly less) of brightness to the larger 2X4 panels, but in a smaller footprint. This makes them ideal for spaces with limited ceiling space.  Or for existing 2X2 ceiling grids.

Before You Buy: 2X2 LED Flat Panels

What are the mounting options for 2X2 LED Panels?

You can mount 2X2 LED flat panels in several ways:

They can be inserted into an existing drop ceiling grid.
They can be suspended from the ceiling using hanging wires.
They can be directly mounted to the ceiling using a surface mount kit.

Can You Dim 2X2 LED Flat Panels?

Yes. Many of our 2X2 recessed LED panels come with a dimmable 0-10V or 1-10V driver. This allows you to adjust the light intensity from off to full brightness. Some models offer remote control for simple, hand held dimming.

Installation Information On 2X2 LED Flat Panels

How do you wire a 2X2 LED Flat Panel?

Wiring a 2X2 LED flat panel is pretty easy, but you should still use a certified electrician. LED Panel Lights connect to the line, neutral, and ground wires.