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Commercial LED Security Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to purchasing Commercial LED Security Lights. Scroll through the list of questions below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.


Are LED Flood Lights as Good as Outdoor Security Lights?

LED Flood lights are great for outdoor security lighting when you have large areas that need to be lit. Other choices for outdoor security lighting are LED Wall Pack Lights and LED Parking Lot Lights.

What Are The Benefits of Commercial LED Security Lights?

They are powerful, high-quality light sources. You can attach to motion sensors and provide instantaneous brightness. They need very little maintenance. And they use less energy and metal halide light sources.

Are Commercial LED Security Lights Better Than Halogen Lights?

Halogen bulbs aren’t particularly bright considering the amount of energy they consume. You can replace a 500 Watt halogen light source with 100 Watts to 150 Watts LED. They also have a very short lifespan when compared to LEDs.

100 Watt Wall Pack Flood

Why Are My LED Security Lights Flashing?

There are several reasons why LED lights flash, the most common is a faulty driver. This is not a common problem and most of our fixtures allow for driver swap-outs in the field.

Can You Use Flood Lights for Security Lights?

Yes, they are one of the most common types of security lighting. Be careful with flood lights, not all are the same. Some flood lights have narrow beams (spotlight) while others have broad (wide) beams. Make sure the flood light matches your application.

How Does Lighting Improve Security?

It creates bright areas that make it uncomfortable for criminal activity. And it provides light that works in conjunction with security cameras. Studies have shown that there is less crime in well-lit areas than in dark ones.

Should I Install New Fixtures or Retrofit?

You can do either. A good reason to retrofit is if you have fixtures that you like for aesthetic purposes. Or the fixtures themselves would be expensive to replace. Otherwise, new fixtures would be a good choice.

What is the best color temperature for outdoor security lighting?

We feel that 4000K and 5000K are both good choices for outdoor security lighting. When used in conjunction with security lighting, they provide clear vivid images.

Do you offer perimeter security lighting design as a service?

We have created many perimeter security lighting plans for very large areas.

300 Watt Shoebox in Parking Lot

Can You Use Wall Packs as Security Lights?

Yes, they are the preferred light choice next to a building, mounted on the exterior wall. There are three types.

forward throw (for wall pack flood)
full cutoff (best for Dark Sky Compliance)
semi cutoff

So make sure you get the right type for your needs. We carry all three, so call us and we can help.

What Wattage LED Security Light Is Equal to 500 Watts?

80 to 100 Watts should be all you need to replace 500 Watts halogen lights. (500 Watts is a typical halogen wattage and not a common metal halide wattage). For 400 Watts metal halide, 100 to 150 Watts would be a good range. This will provide more lighting than what the metal halide delivers.

How Do Commercial LED Security Lights Compare to Mercury Lights?

Mercury is a very old technology. The light quality is poor, and everything appears green. CRI on mercury vapor is 22 whereas LED starts at 70. They are also very inefficient when compared to LEDs. So upgrading mercury lights to LEDs is good.

What Are the Types of Security Lighting?

There are 4 main types:

Wall packs for lighting up areas next to buildings;
LED Parking lot lights that are pole mounted and provide light to large parking spaces;
Flood lights that are wall, pole or perimeter mounted. This provides pin point lighting or large area flood lighting;
LED High Mast lights mounted on tall poles providing large areas of light coverage.

What’s the Difference between Flood Lights vs Security Lights?

LED Flood lights are a specific type of outdoor lighting that can be used for purposes of security lighting but is not limited exclusively to only be a security light. Security lighting, per se, tends to be smaller less powerful lighting that is motion sensor activated.


What Is the Best LED Security Light?

There is no one best security light, but there is the best security light for your area. What works well for one location may be a bad choice for another.

What Is the Brightest Led Outdoor Security Light That You Have Available?

We have powerful flood light options that are 1200 Watts producing 168,000 lumens. We also have high mast lights that are 750 Watts producing 105,000 lumens. And we have parking lot lights that are 500 Watts producing almost 70,000 lumens.

What Wattage LED Security Light Do I Need?

It depends on your lighting requirements. If you know the light levels you need (foot candles), we can create an outdoor security lighting plan for you. Generally speaking, you can replace

500 Watt halogen with 80-100 Watt LED
400 Watt metal halide with 100-200 Watts LED
1000 Watt metal halide with 300-500 Watts LED.

How Long Do LED Security Lights Last For?

They should last 10+ years without any maintenance. No need for ‘bulb’ changes or ballast changes like you would with halogen or metal halide.

Is Dusk to Dawn Options Available?

Yes, we have photocell options on many of our LED Dusk to Dawn Security Lights. These lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn – automatically.

Are There Motion Sensor Options Available?

There are, we offer motion sensors on many outdoor light fixtures.

What Color Temperature Is Best for Commercial LED Security Lights?

We like either 4000K or 5000K for outdoor lighting. Most of our customers request 5000K color temperature.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for Commercial LED Security Lighting?

In the case of security lighting, decide what light levels you would like to achieve. Then create a lighting plan. The lighting plan will show the light levels in your area, detail the lights used, and how many you need. It will also show you the watts and lumens of each light used.

Do you have any commercial security lights on sale?

We do, and we can offer wall pack lights, parking lot lighting, and flood lights, to name a few.

What is your Best Selling 400w Security Light?

This 400 Watt LED flood light is very powerful and by far our most popular security light of this wattage.

Are LED Security Lights Dimmable?

Yes, they are, and most can work well with motion sensors. Motion sensors can dim LED Lights when all activity has left the area. This prolongs the life of the fixture and reduces your lighting bill even more.

Do You Have a Knuckle Mount Option?

We do have knuckle mount flood lights available.


How Do You Install Security Lights?

There is no difference between installing a LED security light and a traditional light. All the same mounting options are available. And there are only 3 wires to connect to the electrical service.

Are the Security Lights Tamper Proof?

Some are (vandal-proof) and many have high impact ratings.

How High Should I Mount Commercial LED Security Lights?

Higher is better since it allows the light to spread wider to cover more area. So if this is a new installation, we can suggest light locations and heights.