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LED Parking Garage Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers their biggest questions about LED parking garage lighting. If you cannot find the answer to a question below, call us at (888) 423-3191 and we will do our best to assist you.


What Kind of Lighting Do You Find in Parking Garages?

Parking garages have low ceiling heights. So lighting installed is low power with wide beam angles. The most common LED Commercial Lighting for parking garages are canopy style, canopy low bays, and vapor tight lights.

What Is the Smallest Lighting Level in a Parking Garage?

That varies, as different locations have different standards. Our customers have asked for levels in a range between 1 and 5-foot candles, based on what their cities mandate.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for a Parking Garage?

To determine the proper light levels, it’s best to start with the number of foot-candles you need. And then create a lighting plan.

What Is the Ideal Number of Foot Candles for a Parking Garage?

This is up to the customer and the requirements of the city, town, or county the garage is in. But as mentioned above, the range seems to be between 1 and 5-foot candles.

Generally, the more LED Parking Garage Lights and LED Parking Lot Lights there are, the safer the environment will be.

What Are the Best Lights for a Parking Garage?

If the ceilings are low, you need a fixture with a wide optic. The best LED Parking Garage Lighting fixtures are the ones that are best suited to light up your parking garage. Based on our experience in creating lighting plans, we try many light options. We work to find find the one that works well in that garage.

There are other requirements that have nothing to do with light levels. Do you need vandal-proof or vapor-proof fixtures? Motion sensors so the lights dim or turn off?

Contact us today and the lighting experts at LED Lighting Supply can help you with that.

How Much Lighting Does a 36000 Square Foot Parking Garage Need?

We modeled a garage, 600 feet by 60 feet with 10 ft ceilings, and used our 55 Watt low bay canopy light.  And set the model to achieve an average of 9-foot candles in the space.

It calculated that we required 58 fixtures to achieve those light levels. Average levels to min levels are around 2.0. Meaning we have balanced and even light levels across the entire parking garage.

We Have Shadows Now Between Fixtures, How Do We Get Rid of Them?

There are many reasons why there are shadows between fixtures.

The beam angle on the fixture you have isn’t wide enough and too narrow.
The light fixtures are too far apart and you don’t have enough lights installed.
There are obstructions getting in the way of light being able to reach where it needs to.

Parking Garage Before Conversion To Led
Parking Garage Before Conversion to LED

Parking Garage After Conversion To Led
Parking Garage After Conversion to LED


What Are IECC Lighting Control Requirements for Parking Garages?

IECC requires that occupants be given the ability to reduce lighting load in a reasonably uniform pattern by at least 50% in each indoor enclosed space, with some exceptions.

How Many LED Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures Do You Need?

This depends on the light level you need. It will depend on the mounting height. The lower the ceiling is, the lower the wattage fixtures you’ll need. A lighting plan will help you figure this out. It will give you all the information you’re looking for. Light levels, fixture location, fixture count, and how balanced the lighting is.

Do I Need Vapor-Tight Fixtures for a Parking Garage?

You don’t need vapor-tight fixtures, but here’s a reason to consider them. If the parking garage is underground, car exhaust might affect the fixtures over time. Sealed vapor-tight fixtures that protect the internal components. This ensures they operate for a long period of time. Most of the canopy fixtures we offer are IP65 and are also sealed.

Do You Have Parking Garage Lights with Motion Sensors?

We do, and parking garages are the perfect application for lights with motion sensors. They will increase your energy savings across the space.

Parking Garage

Are Parking Garage Lights Waterproof?

Some are. Make sure the fixture is at least IP65 rated if you need waterproof lighting. IP68 and IP69K are the best waterproof ratings.


How Do I Install Parking Garage Lighting?

Any qualified electrician will be able to install parking garage fixtures. All mounting hardware is included. And there are only 3 wires to connect – line, neutral, and ground.