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LED Low Bay Lights

Need a Free Low Bay Lighting Plan?

LED Low Bay Lights

Need a Free Low Bay Lighting Plan?

LED Low bay lights are usually installed at a mounting height in lower ceiling applications, between 12 to 20 feet above the floor. Since they are lower to the ground, less power is needed to light up the space than its twin high bay light. Optics on low bays distribute the light evenly. By using optics to direct the light, lighting uniformity can be accomplished. Low Bay lights typically are equipped with wide beam angle optics of 90° to 120°.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to first time buyers and long-term customers to find out their most commonly asked questions when it comes to buying low bay lights. For more information, call us at (888) 423-3191 and a dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best light for your needs.

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What Is Low Bay Lighting?

Low Bay lighting is a lower powered version of high bay lighting. It is designed to be mounted on ceilings no higher than 20 feet. A high bay in this area would be too powerful and too bright.

What Is the Difference Between a High Bay and Low Bay?

The main difference between the two lights is the power and beam angles. Low bay lights are lower powered versions of high bays. Also, high bays sometimes have options to decrease the beam angle or optic, something you would do at higher mounting heights. In a low bay, you would never install a tighter beam angle. Low bays work best with the widest beam or optic patterns, 120 degrees or better.

How High Is Low Bay Lighting?

The maximum height is around 20 feet. If you need to install a light higher than that, you should use a high bay fixture.

High Bay Linear Installed Inside Workshop

What Are the Different Types of Low Bay Lights?

Today’s low bays are typically one of three styles:
1. UFO Style – these round fixtures are designed to be a replacement for metal halide fixtures;
2. Linear Panel Style – these lights are similar to fluorescent lighting low bays.

Low Bay Install

Where Are Low Bay Lights Used?

Lower ceiling warehouses
Loading dock areas
Pole barns
Car repair garages and autobody shops

What Are the Benefits of LED Low Bay Lights?

Over their metal halide and fluorescent counterparts, LED low bays offer a plethora of benefits:

energy savings between 50% and 90% (when controls are used);
significantly lower maintenance costs over a period of 10+ years;
the ability to add energy savings controls (like motion sensors) that dim the lights when the area is empty and void of activity.

What Determines Low Bay Lighting?

These are typically lowered power high bay fixtures. For example, we have a line of high bays designed to replace 400 Watt metal halide. They are 120 Watts, 150 Watts and 200 Watts. The 100 Watt version of this fixture is the “low bay” light.

Do Low Bay Lights Have the Same Spread as High Bay Lights?

They can, but as mentioned above, it’s not advisable to install a tighter beam angle on a low bay light mounted below 20 feet. It would create a powerful beam of light directly under the fixture, but then create underlit areas in between lights.


How Many LED Low Bay Lights Do I Need?

Every application and space is different. We recommend you start by creating a lighting plan, based on your foot candle requirements. Scroll to the bottom of this page and ask us to do one for you for free.

How Many Low Bays for 9000 Square Feet?

There is no one answer, but here are a few examples for 9000 square feet, 16 foot mounting height, and using our 100 Watt HBC UFO low bay.

30 fc average: 22 fixtures
50 fc average: 36 fixtures
70 fc average: 51 fixtures

I Have a 12 Foot Ceiling. Do I Need a High Bay or a Low Bay?

Yes, we recommend a low bay fixture. A high bay would be way too powerful and bright for the space.

How Many Foot Candles Do I Need for My Application?

That really depends on the purpose of the space. Areas used for storage need a lot less foot candles than areas where people are working.

Is There an EMB Option for Low Bays?

There is. We have external EMB units that work with UFO and linear low bays.

Indoor Gym with LED LIghts


What Are the Mounting Options Available for Low Bays?

The main mounting options are: eye/hook, pendant mount, chain/wire suspended mount and ceiling mount.

Do Low Bays Come with a Motion Sensor Option?

Yes, some of our fixtures work with a motion sensor. Contact the experts at LED Lighting Supply for assistance.

Does the Fixture Come with a Power Cord?

Yes. Many of our UFO style low bays have an attached wire whip for junction box installation. You can add a plug to the end of the cord if you like. Some of the canopy low bay options do not come with a power cord and you wire directly into the fixture from the junction box

Mllg Led Hbc 150 50 Fc Shop Lighting


At What Height Should Low Bay Lights Be Hung?

Between 8 and 20 feet. The lower the ceiling, the less powerful the unit should be

How Do I Dim These Fixtures?

Make sure the fixture you have includes a dimmable LED driver. They are typically either 0-10V or 1-10V and require an independent dimmer control to dim the fixtures. Contact us for assistance if you need to dim the fixture.

How Do You Install Low Bay Lights?

There is nothing difficult about installing a low bay fixture. We have many mounting options, and there are only 3 wires to connect, line, neutral and ground.

How Do I Get Rid of the Shadows Between My Fixtures?

A good rule of thumb is: more, less powerful lighting closer together is better than less higher power fixtures. The former will provide more balanced lighting and less shadows.


Get a Free Low Bay Lighting Plan

If you are just replacing fixture with fixture, a lighting plan will help you select the right fixture. If you are creating a new area or building that doesn't have lighting yet, a lighting plan will lay out the light locations and show you how bright the lighting will be.

If you know how bright you want the space to be, we can pick the right low bay ceiling light fixture to meet your needs and requirements.

When we do low bay lighting plans, we use specialized lighting software that allows us to model your space, add lights, place them in your digital space, and calculate the brightness and how even the light will be.

40x30 Workshop 9 Lights

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