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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to first-time buyers and long-term customers to find out their most commonly asked questions when it comes to buying Commercial Lighting and LED Low Bays. For more information, call us at (888) 423-3191. A dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best LED Fixture for your needs.

Want to know more about these low bay lights LED? Click here to read our Buyers Guide to Low Bay Lighting.

General Information About Low Bay LED Lights

What are Low Bay LED Lights?

Low Bay LED Lights are lower ceilings mounted fixtures designed to mount between 8 and 20 feet high. They are commonly used in commercial, industrial, and warehouse settings. They are commonly used in workshops.

Different color temperatures are available: 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

They have broad wide optics and beam angles to disperse the light evenly over large areas. There are three basic types:

UFO LED Lights – round led fixtures designed to be a replacement for metal halide fixtures
Linear Panel Style – these lights look similar to T5 / T8 fluorescent lighting fixtures.
Canopy Ceiling Mount: ceiling mounted fixtures with broad beam angles to light up large areas.

What Are the Most Popular Low Bay Lighting Fixtures You Sell?

By far, the most popular fixtures we sell on this page are the UFO round low bays and ceiling mount canopy style lights. These provide powerful LED lighting with great distribution light patterns. Their robust fixture design enables them to withstand impacts.

What Benefits Should I Expect if I Buy Low Bay Lights LED?

Comparing metal halide and fluorescent  to LED, here are the LED benefits:

Energy savings between 50% and 90% (when using controls);
Much lower maintenance costs over a period of 10+ years;
The ability to add energy savings controls (like motion sensors). These dim the lights when the area is empty and void of activity.

High Bay Linear Installed Inside Workshop

Before You Buy: Low Bay LED Lights

How Many LED Fixtures Do I Need?

Every application and space is different. We recommend you start by creating a lighting plan.

Tell us your foot candle requirements.
The use of the space
The size of the space, and the mounting height of the fixtures

From there, we can create a lighting plan that will model this area. This plan will tell you

how many led light fixtures you need
where they’re located
the optimal distance between fixtures

The lighting plan will show you the average, min, and max foot-candle readings in the space. It will show you how balanced the light is (look for a lower average/min ratio).

Here are some general guidelines that will help you do some quick calculations.  Please note, the higher the ceiling, the more powerful light you will need.

10-15 feet: 50-100 watts LED: 10,000-15,000 lumens
15-20 feet: 100-150 watts LED: 15,000-22,500 lumens

Recommended fixture spacing for LED fixtures is as follows. Please note, these are general guidelines. They do not take into account how bright you want the space to be. If you need brighter, you can add brighter lights or make the spacing between fixtures closer.

10 feet ceiling height: 10-12 feet apart
15 feet ceiling height: 15-18 feet apart
20 feet ceiling height: 20-22 feet apart

Do You Sell Dimmable LED Fixtures?

Most of our fixtures on this page include a dimmable LED driver. They are either 0-10V or 1-10V. They need an independent dimmer control to dim the fixtures.  1-10V will not go completely dark when set to the lowest setting. Contact us for assistance if you need to dim the fixture.

What is the warranty period for your LED Low Bay Lights?

The warranty period is at a minimum of 5 years for every low bay light we offer. We are also people you would call if you have a warranty issue or claim during that period. We are here to help you with presales and post-sales with any questions you may have.

What Mounting Options Do You Sell?

The main mounting options are

eye / hook
pendant mount
chain/wire suspended mount
ceiling mount

Do You Sell LED Low Bay Lighting Options with Motion Sensors?

Yes, some of our fixtures have built-in motion sensors. You can buy some fixtures with a motion sensor (or without it). Contact the experts at LED Lighting Supply for help.

Do your LED Fixtures Come with a Power Cord?

Yes. Many of our UFO-style fixtures have an attached wire whip for junction box installation. You can add a plug to the end of the cord if you like.

Some of the canopy fixtures do not come with a power cord. You wire the fixture to the junction box.

Do you offer High Voltage LED Fixtures?

Yes. All of our Low Bays are rated up to 277 Volts. If you need more than that, we offer some fixtures that are rated up to 480 Volts. Let us know your voltage needs and we will find a solution for you.

Can I Buy LED Fixtures with an EMB Option?

There is. We have an external Emergency Backup Pack that works with UFO and linear fixtures.

low bays

Do You Sell Fixtures that will still work if they get hit?

Yes. Our UFO Fixtures and Canopy Fixtures are all IK impact rated, many of them IK08-rated. We also have IP certified wet location fixtures designed for both indoor and outdoor low bay applications.

I currently have Shadows between my fixtures. How Can I Get Rid of these?

Here’s a good rule of thumb. Use more, less-powerful lighting closer together instead of less high-powered fixtures. The former will provide more balanced lighting and fewer shadows.

Do You Sell Waterproof Rated LED Lighting Fixtures?

We do. Look at our UFO style and Canopy Style fixtures on this page. They are all IP65 or higher rated.

What is the lifespan of your Low Bay LED Lights?

It is not unrealistic to see a long life of 10+ years from our low bay lights (that assumes running the lights 12 hours a day, 365 days a year).

What safety/certification standards do your Low Bay lights have?

All our lights are either UL or ETL Listed. Most are eligible for rebates under Design Lights Consortium (DLC) program associated with your local utility. Most rebates are utility-specific, so check with them so you can understand what you may be eligible for.

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Installation Information On Low Bay LED Lights

How Easy is it to Install these fixtures?

There is nothing difficult about installing our fixtures. We have many mounting options, and there are only 3 wires to connect, line, neutral, and ground.