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How many Low Bay Lights do you need?

Maybe you need a low bay commercial lighting plan?

If you are just replacing fixture with fixture, a lighting plan will help you select the right fixture. If you are creating a new area or building that doesn't have lighting yet, a lighting plan will lay out the light locations and show you how bright the lighting will be. 

If you know how bright you want the space to be, we can pick the right low bay ceiling light fixture to meet your needs and requirements.

When we do low bay lighting plans, we use specialized lighting software that allows us to model your space, add lights, place them in your digital space, and calculate the brightness and how even the light will be.

Best of all. We offer FREE, no obligation, low bay lighting plans for our commercial and industrial customers. And when you're ready to purchase, ask one of our LED Sales Pros about how you can get Free Shipping!

What Are LED Low Bay Lights?

LED Low Bay Lights are lower powered version of high bay lights. LED Low bays are usually installed at a mounting height in lower ceiling applications, between 12 to 20 feet above the floor. Since they are lower to the ground, less power is needed to light up the space. Optics on low bays distribute the light evenly. By using optics to direct the light, lighting uniformity can be accomplished. LED Low Bay lights typically are equipped with wide beam angle optics of 90° to 120°. 

What are the most common LED Low Bay Lights?

LED linear low bay led lights (panel lights)
UFO round led low bays with integrated led drivers

Lumen outputs for LED Low Bay Lighting fixtures range from 9,000 lumens up to around 21,000 lumens. Low Bay lights can replace both Metal Halide and Fluorescent low bay fixtures. UFO style are a good choice to replace Metal Halide. LED Linear low bays are a good replacement for Fluorescent fixtures.

What Are the benefits of LED Low Bay Lights?

LED Low Bays are far superior to traditional style lighting source - such as Metal Halide and Fluorescent fixture.

LED Lights offer superior light quality (CRI), different color temperature options (3000K, 4000K, 5000K) and light efficiency (lumens per watt).

LED Low Bay lights will reduce monthly lighting costs by 50%+. Look for DLC Premium and DLC Listed LED Low Bays - they have the biggest rebates and will have low energy consumptions.

LED Low Bays will reduce your facility maintenance costs. You will no longer have to continually replace ballasts and bulbs.

LED Low Bay fixtures are available in various voltage options. These typically are 100V-277V, 347V-480V or 377V-480V.

Are you looking for High Bay LED Lights?

We have you covered. We offer a full line of powerful high lumen high bay led fixtures (led linear high bays and ufo round led high bay lighting) for higher ceiling lighting applications. 

Are you looking for Shop Lights?

Shop Lights are similar to low bay lights in that they are installed in lower ceiling locations. If you are looking for Shop Lights, check out our wide options of 4 ft, 8ft and hard-wired LED Shop Lights 

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