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Low Bay Linear

led linear high bay fixture for warehouses

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Canopy Low bay

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How many Low Bay Lights do you need?

The best way to determine this is to create a lighting plan.

Why are lighting plans important?

They allow you to see your area and how it would look under LED Lighting taking the risk out of buying. We can easily run different options with our lights, and provide you with the proper information and guidance. We're here to save you money with LED. But it's as important to get the lighting right. 

When we do lighting plans, we run several options through the software to make sure the light levels and distribution are as good as they can be. Not all 100W LED Low Bay lights are the same. In fact, you'd be surprised how different they can be in terms of brightness and distribution. LED Lighting Plans removes all the guess work.


What Are LED Low Bay Lights?

Commercial and industrial spaces have high ceilings. Warehouses and factories use Commercial low bay lights . A high lumen output means uniform, well-distributed light in large spaces.

LED Low bay commercial lighting products are usually installed at a mounting height 12 to 20 feet above the floor. Optics distribute the light evenly. By using optics to direct the light, lighting uniformity can be accomplished.

High Performance LED Low bays have high bulb intensity. This means there is little room for the light to diffuse before reaching the ground. The lower ceilings cause the fixtures to diffuse the light. This reduces the harsh reflection that the lower ceilings cause. They help produce a more natural, attractive light in large spaces with low ceilings. These led low bay led lights usually have a wide beam angle of 120°. 

The two most common LED Low Bay Lights are:

LED linear low bay light fixtures (panel light) for ceiling heights below 20 feet

LED linear high bay light fixtures for ceilings above 20 feet

UFO round high bays with integrated led drivers.


Are you looking for High Bay Lights?

We have you covered. We offer a full line of powerful high lumen high bay led fixtures (led linear high bays and ufo high bay led lighting) for higher ceiling lighting applications. Check out our LED High Bay Light Fixtures and Options.

Are you looking for Shop Lights?

Shop Lights are similar to low bay lights in that they are installed in lower ceiling locations. If you are looking for Shop Lights, check out our wide options of 4 ft, 8ft and hard-wired LED Shop Lights 

Shop for LED Low Bay Lights - 1000's IN STOCK - ready to ship. Free No Obligation Free LIGHTING PLANS - get it right before you buy.
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