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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out what questions they had when buying stairwell lighting. If it’s your first time making a purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us on (888) 423-3191 to speak directly with one of our lighting experts.

General Information About Commercial Stairwell Lighting

What Are the Different Types of Stairwell Lights?

Most stairwell lights are wall or ceiling-mounted solutions and tend to be linear style, round or square fixtures. The different types include options with motion sensors and emergency lighting as a backup, depending on your requirements.

Can Automatic Lighting Controls Be Used in Stairwell Lighting?

They can. By far, the most popular is motion sensing.

Are Stairwell Lights Required by OSHA?

According to OSHA, light levels should be at least 1 foot-candle or higher in the stairwells.

Round Stairwell Light

Led Linear Stairwell Light

Round Stairwell Light

Led Linear Stairwell Light

Before You Buy: Commercial Stairwell Lighting

How Many Lights Should a Stairwell Have?

As much as it is needed to meet the required standards to provide adequate lighting in commercial buildings. More is always better for a safe stairwell. We recommend you start with a lighting plan to help you determine how many lights you need.

How Much Do LED Stairwell Lights Cost?

We have standard linear strip fixtures starting at around $70 per unit. Contact us and we can prepare a full quote for you.

Are We Better to Use a Round or Linear/Strip Fixture in a Stairway?

It depends on the type of stairwell and where the fixtures need to be mounted. The most commonly seen fixtures are strips.

Do These Fixtures Have a Built-In EMB?

Some of our stairwell fixtures offer EMB options.

Are There Motion Sensors Available So That The Lights Are Not Always On?

Yes, we offer motion sensors that can do that. This is a significant source of energy savings in office buildings and a residential building.

Do You Have Stairwell Lights That Can Work in a High-Temperature Environment?

We do have high-temperature lights that can be adapted to work inside a stairwell.


50 Watt High Temperature

100 Watt High Temperature

50 Watt High Temp

100 Watt High Temp

Are Stairway Lights Impact Resistant?

Yes, some of these fixtures have high impact resistance ratings as well.

Are Stairway Fixtures Vandal Resistant?

Some of the fixtures we offer are vandal-resistant.

Installation Information On Commercial Stairwell Lighting

How Do You Mount a Stairway Light?

The fixtures allow for surface mounting, and there are only three wires you’ll need to hook up (line, neutral, and ground).

How Do You Install Stairwell Lighting Fixtures?

Your electrician or in-house maintenance team will know how to effectively mount your stairwell lighting.