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Why choose LED Lighting Supply LED Stairwell Lights?

LED Lighting Supply Power and CCT adjustable Stairwell Strip lighting fixtures are one of the most versatile fixtures on the market. Fixture can be set at a color temperature of 3500K, 4000K or 5000K on the side of the housing and power output inside the fixture depend on your need while installing through a DIP switch.

Reliable strip lighting systems help to improve safety and increase energy savings, while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The LED Lighting Supply Power and CCT adjustable stairwell strip light occupancy sensor is compliant with UL Standard 1598. Its bi-level motion sensor operates on reduced wattage when no one is around but offers light to meet local and state codes. Emergency back-up inluding models will illuminate a single lamp for 90 minutes in emergency mode.

1. 4 ft LED Stairwell Lights - Certified for Stairwell Use

LED Lighting Supply offers a 4 ft LED Stairwell Lights - Certified for stairwell use - designed to light up stairwells and indoor corridors. Our LED Stairwell lights are available with dimming motion sensors and emergency backup options that keeps your stairwell lit even when the power supply is turned off

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Founded in 2008, LED Lighting Supply has been providing high bay lighting solutions to facilities across the country for more than a decade.

Whether you need a free lighting plan or have questions about LEDs, our expert lighting team will help you make the right choice – whether that’s for a school gym or a 1,000,000 square foot facility.

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2. LED Stairwell Lights: Color Adjustable

We offer color adjustable 3500K - 4000K - 5000K LED Stairwell Lights on our 4 ft LED Stairwell Lights. These color adjustable stairwell light allows you to decide what color works best for you.

Kelvin Color Temperature Scale Chart

3. Emergency Backup Available

Emergency Backup ensures the stairwell lights stay lit when power goes off. Using these lights inside commercial stairwell spaces ensures your employees and customers have a safe and lit passage when there's no power.

4. Motion Sensors

Controls like motion sensors ensure lights turn on when motion is detected and dim down when no one is around. They can turn off or turn down the light levels when full light levels are not required.

5. Energy savings and drammatically reduce maintenance costs

LED Stairwell Lights have a longer lifespan than fluorescent stair well lights, they lower maintenance costs. LED stairwell lights can be what you need to reduce electric consumption in your building or facility.

6. Say goodbye to fluorescent tubes, mercury and costs of disposal

Fluorescent tubes flicker. This causes eye-strain and headaches. They contain mercury that turns into dust if a tube breaks. They are an environmental hazard. It's a source of concern for employees, customers and students that have to work, shop and study under these lights.

Then there's the cost of replacing and proper disposing of these tubes. Converting to our LED Strip Lights removes these dangers and costs.


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