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How much light does your shop need?


One way to help make this decision is to try and figure out how bright you need your shop to be. Typical shop light can range between 30 and 70 foot candles, depending on the type of shop you have and whether your shop is part of your home or an actual business.

We recommend creating a shop lighting plan. A shop lighting plan uses specialized photometric software to create a digital layout of your shop, adding lights and then calculating foot candle levels. The software also reports how "even" the light is across the entire shop space.


Why are Shop Lighting Plans important?

They allow you to see your well lit your shop area would look under LED Shop Lights. We can easily configure different lighting options, and provide you with the real information and guidance. 

What are LED Shop Lights?

Shop lights are ceiling mounted fixtures typically found at heights less than 10 feet. They provide both general and task specific lighting within an indoor area. Shop Lights are designed for industrial and commercial lighting applications including garage lighting, work shops, storage rooms and warehouses.

Shop lights include round low bay LED UFOs and LED Panels, linear strip fixtures, or wrap around fixtures. They tend to be low wattage LED Fixtures because they are mounted at lower ceiling heights. They typically have wide beam angle distribution to cover large areas with uniform light.

What are the best LED Shop Lights?

The Best LED Shop Lights differs from area to area. What may be the best light in a warehouse may not be the best light in a work shop. The "Best LED Shop Light" is the one that provides the best lighting - for your area. What is best for one shop light installation may not be a good choice for you. A way to determine what the best shop lighting is to create a shop lighting plan. LED Lighting Supply offers free Commercial and Industrial Shop Lighting Plans.

What is the brightest LED Shop Lights?

Most people think the shop lights with the biggest wattage is the brightest. That's not necessarily true.  You need to look at a shop lights lumens as lumens is a direct indication of brightness. The more efficient LED Shop Lights will produce those lumens consuming the least amount of watts.

So if you are looking for the brightest light for your shop, make your decision based on lumens, not on watts.

What are the benefits of LED Shop Lights?

LED Shop Lights have many benefits over the metal halide and fluorescent shop lights they are designed to replace.  

LED Shop Light fixtures have superior light quality (Color Rendering Index - or - CRI of 70+).

LED Shop lights are offered in different color temperatures, the most typical being 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

LED lights consume less electricity than their fluorescent and metal halide counterparts.

LED lights require less maintenance - as there are no bulbs and ballasts to replace.