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Commercial LED Shop Lights

Need a Free Commercial LED Shop Fixture Lighting Plan?

Commercial LED Shop Lights

Need a Free Commercial LED Shop Fixture Lighting Plan?

Commercial LED Shop Lights are used to illuminate indoor "shop" spaces with lower ceilings. They’re designed to produce a bright, evenly distributed light from ceilings ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet. Businesses prefer LED to light their shops because they deliver a powerful, high quality light source that rivals or exceeds fluorescent light sources without all the strobing, flickering and humming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked new and existing customers to find out their biggest questions when it comes to buying shop lights. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call us on (888) 423-3191 and we will do our best to assist you.


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Are LED Shop Lights Better Than Fluorescent Lights?

Yes, for many reasons. First, they should reduce your shop lighting bill by 50% or more. They will last a very long time, so there’s no need to replace the tubes and spend the money to recycle. And, there’s no more flickering, strobing or humming ballasts. LEDs are silent and flicker free.

How Do You Upgrade Fluorescent Shop Lights to LEDs?

The two options are either replacing the fixture or retrofitting the fixture with LED tubes or a LED retrofit kit. We can help determine the best approach for your requirements. Our customers tend to prefer replacement over retrofitting. The wiring is simple, and many of our lights can use your existing mounting.

What Are the Best LED Shop Lights?

There is no such thing as best, there is only best for you. We have created 1000’s of shop lighting plans, and every shop is unique and has its own lighting requirements. A lighting plan can help you find the best solution to meet your shop’s needs.

LED UFO High Bay

UFO High Bay

Canopy Low bay

LED Low Bay

LED Strip Shop Light

LED Strip Shop Light

Where Are LED Shop Lights Used?

There is nothing particular about lights used in a shop that makes them exclusively a shop light. There are lights we would consider using in a shop that make sense more than other options.

That being said, “shop lights'' by this definition could be installed in home garages, pole barns, metal shops and loading docks. For the most part, these are larger open areas with low ceiling heights.

What Are the Benefits of LED Shop Lights?

With LED, you can expect lower lighting bills and much lower maintenance costs. You should also expect bright, high quality light.

High Bay Linear Installed Inside Workshop

What Are the Different Types of LED Shop Lighting?

There are several types of shop lights. We recommend high bays, if the ceilings are over 20 feet high or low bays for ceilings below 20 feet. Within those two main types, there are UFO style, linear panels and linear strips. We even have installed vapor tight inside shops.

Do LED Shop Lights Work in Cold Temperatures?

Yes. We have shop lights rated to a low operating temperature of -40F. LEDs operate well in cold temperatures.

Can LED Shop Lights Be Installed in Rough Conditions?

Yes, we have lights that are very robust and have high impact ratings. We also have water proof fixtures and vapor tight fixtures. We have high temperature and low temperature models. We can solve most problems with our lighting.

How Do You Plan Your Shop’s Lighting?

Start by creating a lighting plan to determine how much light you need. This is your roadmap to creating a successful lighting solution for your shop.


How Many Lumens Do You Need to Light a Shop?

Determine how bright - or - how many foot candles you want or need. Unless you currently have fixtures, based on the wattage and count you currently have, we can usually recommend an appropriate 1 for 1 replacement.

How Much Do Shop Lights Cost?

Shop lights vary based on needs and lighting requirements. Customers who want brighter shops either need higher power lighting or more lights (Note. High power is not necessarily a better option. Balanced lighting is just as important as light levels).

How Many Lights in a 40x60 Shop?

This is one of the most common shop sizes. Using our 120 Watt UFO High Bay assuming a 16 foot mounting height, you would need:

37 foot candle average: 6 lights
60 foot candles average: 10 lights
71 foot candles average: 12 lights

What Are Some Features to Look for in an LED Shop Light?

If you need a high impact fixture, we recommend a UFO high bay or UFO low bay. If you’re looking for water proof or dust proof, make sure it’s IP65 or higher, or choose a vapor proof fixture. Motion sensors with dimming - we have those options as well. High voltage - we can supply up to 480 Volts.

What Does the Warranty on Shop Lights Cover?

Everything, as long as you install the fixtures as the instructions say, operate them normally and use them for what they are intended for. Acts of God are not covered, so if the lights fail because of a lightning strike, that would not be covered.

How Many LED Lumens Per Square Foot in a Workshop?

Every situation is different. Start by figuring out how much light you need. Then, let us create a shop lighting plan for you to show you how we can hit your target. From there, we can calculate lumens per square foot, if you want that information.

Mllg Led Hbc 150 50 Fc Shop Lighting


Are Shop Lights Dust Proof?

Yes, they can be. We have dust proof fixtures (IP rated) and vapor tight fixtures. So, if that is what you need, let us know.

Do LED Shop Lights Have Ballasts?

No. Ballasts are a technology associated with metal halide and fluorescent lighting. They do have LED drivers, and they sort of act the same way as a ballast. They convert AC power from the utility company to DC power to drive the LEDs.

Are LED Shop Lights Dimmable?

They can be, and most are. So if that is what you need, we clearly mark the lights as dimmable or not. There is a difference between the dimmers you find in a home and 0-10V and 1-10V dimmable drivers you will find on our high bays and low bays.

How Long Do LED Workshop Lights Last?

Under normal operating conditions, LED lights will last a very long time. At 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, 10-15 years is not an unreasonable expectation.


How Do You Install LED Shop Lights?

It's simple and easy. There is nothing difficult about installing an LED fixture for a qualified electrician, and we have different mounting options to meet your requirements.

How Do You Wire Shop Lights?

Shop lights only have three wires - line, neutral and ground. Some have plugs, or you can add plugs or wire directly into a junction box.

How Do You Hardwire Shop Lights?

Many of our lights come with an open wire whip cord, making it easy to hardwire into a junction box. Or, you wire directly into the fixture from your junction box.

How Do You Hang LED Shop Lights?

We have so many options, including eye hook, pendant mount, chain/wire suspended mount and ceiling mount.

How Do You Flush Mount Shop Lights?

We have options that ceiling mount with included clips, and linear panel high bays and linear low bays that offer ceiling mount options. If that's what you need, we have the solutions.

How Do You Daisy Chain Shop Lights?

We have linear strip shop lights and vapor tight lights that easily snap connect together, making for one seamless strip of LED Lights.

How Much Light Does Your Shop Need?
One way to help make this decision is to try and figure out how bright you need your shop to be. Typical shop light can range between 30 and 70 foot candles, depending on the type of shop you have and whether your shop is part of your home or an actual business.

We recommend creating a shop lighting plan. A shop lighting plan uses specialized photometric software to create a digital layout of your shop, adding lights and then calculating foot candle levels. The software also reports how "even" the light is across the entire shop space.

Why Are Shop Lighting Plans Important?
They allow you to see your well lit your shop area would look under LED Shop Lights. We can easily configure different lighting options, and provide you with the real information and guidance.

40x60x16 Pole Barn 71fc
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