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Shop high-performance and energy-efficient LED Shop Lights. Our commercial-grade shop lights include ceiling-mounted and hanging linear strip fixtures. 1000s of fixtures in stock and ready to ship.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers to find out their questions about Commercial-Grade LED Shop Lights. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call us at (888) 423-3191. We will help you find the best LED shop lights for your needs.

For more information, make sure you read our Buyers Guide to Shop Lights

General Information About LED Shop Lights

What are LED Shop Lights?

LED shop lights are lighting fixtures commonly used in workshops, pole barns, and garage work-spaces. They provide bright, energy-efficient lighting for tasks requiring precision or detailed work. They’re a good lighting choice for working on cars, woodworking, and wood finishing.

There are many types of LED Shop lighting styles and options. These include hanging fixtures, strip lights, and panel lights. The best type of shop light will depend entirely on your commercial applications / needs.

What Are the Best Commercial-Grade LED Shop Lights?

There is no one best LED Shop Light. There is the best light meant for your application. We have created thousands of shop lighting plans. And every shop is unique and has its own lighting requirements. A lighting plan can help you find the best lighting solutions to meet your shop’s needs.

100 Watt Hbc Shop Install 1

How Rugged are your LED Shop Lights / Garage Lights?

We have LED Shop lighting that is very robust and rugged and have high impact (IK) ratings. We also have waterproof shop lighting fixtures and vapor-tight fixtures. We have high-temperature lights that can work in hot environments. We can solve most problems with our shop lighting.

Fab Shop Using Hbc 150 Lights

How Can I Upgrade Fluorescent Strip Light Fixtures to LED Bulbs?

There are two options to replace fluorescent shop lights. Replacing fluorescent lights or retrofitting the fixture with LED tubes / LED Light Bulbs or a retrofit LED Shop Lights. We can help determine the best approach for your requirements. Our customers tend to prefer replacement over retrofitting. The wiring is simple, and many of our lights can use your existing mounting.

You can also easily upgrade halogen lights and incandescent bulbs with LED Lights. LED Lights will use less energy than these 3 types of lights.

How Can I Plan My Shop with your Lighting?

Start by asking us to create a lighting plan to determine how much light you need. This is your roadmap to creating a successful lighting solution for your shop. Knowing what light to use and where to install them is key to proper lighting fixtures in your shop.

My Shop is Cold. Will a LED Shop Light Fixture Work in Cold Temperatures?

Yes. We have shop lights rated to a low operating temperature of -40F. Shop LED lights operate well in cold temperatures. For any one using fluorescent light fixtures you are probably well aware how poorly fluorescent bulbs work in cold weather.

Before You Buy: LED Shop Lights

How Many Lumens Do I Need to Light up my Shop?

Determine how bright – or – how many foot candles you want or need. Focus on how bright you want it instead of guessing what light to choose to get the brightness you need. We’ll run a quick lighting plan. It will tell us the perfect light that will get you the light levels you’re looking for.

How Much Does a LED Shop Light Cost?

Shop LED lights vary based on needs and lighting requirements. Customers who want brighter shops either need higher power lighting or more lights. (High power is not necessarily a better option. Balanced lighting is as important as light levels).

How Many Lights Do I need for a 40 x 60 Shop?

This is one of the most common shop sizes. Using our 120 Watt UFO Fixture  assuming a 16-foot mounting height, you would need:

37 foot candle average: 6 lights
60 foot candles average: 10 lights
71 foot candles average: 12 lights

What Does the Warranty on A LED Shop Light Cover?

Everything. Under normal operating conditions, the warranty covers the light. Acts of God like lightning strikes are not covered. All our warranties are at least 5 years long. And if there’s a problem, you call us. No runarounds or getting passed off to someone else.

Are Your Shop Lights Dust Proof?

Yes, they can be. We have dustproof fixtures (look for an IP Rating of IP65 or greater) and vapor-tight fixtures. So, if that is what you need, let us know.

Are Your LED Shop Light Fixtures Waterproof?

Yes, they can be. We have waterproof fixtures. Once again, make sure they are IP65 (or higher) rated.

Are Your Shop Light Fixtures Dimmable?

Almost all are. In the specs, we mention of the lights are 0-10V or 1-10V dimmable. The dimmer switch is different than what you will find in a home. We can supply the low voltage dimmer switch as well.

What are the common sizes of linear shop light fixtures?

The two most popular linear shop lights to replace fluorescent fixtures are 4-foot fixtures and 8-foot fixtures. Some of these fixtures are hardwired. These fixtures have the lumen output and color accuracy to provide proper illumination within the shop space.

What are the best shop lights to replace fluorescent strip lights?

We offer both 4-foot and 8-foot options. Both would be great to replace fluorescent strip lights

4 Foot LED Shop Lights
8 Foot LED Shop Lights

What is the best color temperature to use in a shop environment?

We recommend either a 4000K color temperature ( warm white light ) or 5000K color temperature ( the most popular choice). We would advises that you avoid the color temperature associated with an incandescent bulb ( golden white light ) or 6000K color temperature ( light blue glow ).

Mllg Al Led Lin Sl2 90 Cc

How Many LED Lumens Per Square Foot in a Workshop?

Every situation is different. Start by figuring out how much light you need. Then, let us create a shop lighting plan for you to show you how we can hit your target. From there, we can calculate lumens per square foot, if you want that information.

Mllg Led Hbc 150 50 Fc Shop Lighting

What Color Rendering Index – or CRI – should I look for?

Anything above 70 CRI LED Light is good for most shops. If you are painting or doing fine finishes, you may want a 80+ CRI LED light.

Installation Information On LED Shop Lights

How Do I Install Your Shop LED Lights?

It’s simple and easy. There is nothing difficult about installing our Shop Lighting Fixtures. Every light we sell comes with detailed installation instructions. And we provide customer support if you have questions.  A qualified electrician can easily install these.

We have different mounting options to meet your requirements. These include an eye hook, pendant mount, chain/wire suspended mount, and ceiling mount. We offer both surface mount and hanging shop lights.

Is it easy to Wire your LED Shop Lighting into my building?

Shop lights only have three wires – line, neutral, and ground. Some have plugs, or you can add plugs or wire into a junction box. They are no more difficult to wire than any light fixture available on the market.

Can I Hardwire Install your Shop Lighting?

Many of our shop lights come with an open wire whipcord, making it easy to hardwire into a junction box. Or, you wire it the shop lighting fixture from your junction box.

Can I Flush Mount your Shop Lights?

We have options that ceiling mount with included clips. We have linear panel high and low-bay fixtures that offer ceiling mount options. If that’s what you need, we have the solutions. We also offer hanging shop lights.

Can I Daisy Chain your Shop Lights together?

We have linear strip shop lights and vapor-tight lights that snap and connect together. This makes for one seamless strip of LED Lights.

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