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LED Loading Dock Lights

What are LED Loading Dock Lights?

LED dock lights are wall or column-mounted lights with flexible telescoping arms. These arms allow the lights to be stretched to light up the opening inside a truck that can be used for loading or offloading a truck. For this reason, they are also referred to as flex neck LED lighting dock lights. It provides much-needed light inside the truck/trailer where the product is stored to provide lighting to create a safer working environment for workers. Because they are LED, these loading bay dock lights are rugged, energy-efficient, and virtually maintenance-free.

What are the Benefits of Using LED Warehouse Dock Lights?

Long Life: Years of maintenance-free life without bulb or ballast changes reducing or eliminating maintenance costs
Reduced Energy Bills: You can expect to reduce your energy costs and lighting bills by 50% to 75% with lower energy consumption versus traditional lighting. And if you add motion sensors, you can expect even more savings.
Energy Efficiency: LED Dock Lights are known for their efficiency and energy savings. They convert most of the electricity used into light. Very little heat is created.
Quick Pay Back / ROI: The savings in energy will create a short ROI. And the higher the utility cost per kWh, the faster the payback.
Safer Areas: LED Lights are reliable and dependable, and produce high-quality lighting for a long period of time vs metal halide and fluorescent lighting.
Instant On: LED Lights turn to 100% the moment you hit the light switch.