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General Information: Correctional Facility Lighting Fixtures

What is Considered Correctional Grade Lighting?

There are two types of lighting, vandal-proof fixtures, and general security lighting. The former are installed in areas, like inmate cells. It needs to be able to resist attempts to dismantle it. The second type is security lighting, such as outdoor high mast lights. That provides lighting to all outdoor areas or is used in common areas within the prison. LED Lighting Supply offers the second type of lighting.

As with all LEDs, you should expect lower energy costs and significantly lower lighting maintenance service. Correctional Institutions will discover LEDs are the perfect choice for safety and illumination. Correctional workers will appreciate the consistent, dependable lighting that LED provides.

Difference Between Vandal Resistant and Vandal Proof Light Fixtures

A vandal-resistant fixture can withstand abuse in public areas. You’ll find them in a parking garage or school. A vandal-proof fixture can withstand attempted efforts to gain entry or dismantle the light fixture. Never substitute a vandal resistant fixture when a vandal proof light is required.

American Correctional Association Lighting Standards

The American Correctional Association provides the recommended best practices for cell lighting levels. We do not offer inmate cell lighting solutions. Instead, focus on general security lighting and lighting used in common areas within the prison. Prison Lighting
prison lighting

Types of Outdoor LED Lighting to Use at a Correctional Facility or Prison

We have a lot of experience with this. The best options are wall pack lights, high mast lights, flood lights, and parking lot lights.

Type of Indoor LED Lighting to Use at a Correctional Facility or Prison

This can also vary. We recommend high bay lights, low bay lights, canopies, and in-ceiling panel lights.

Areas Within a Prison Complex We Can Provide LED Lighting For

Outdoor and indoor common area lighting, and general area lighting. We do not offer vandal-proof lighting. We do supply retrofit kits for existing vandal-proof fixtures. This is a cost-effective way of converting these fixtures over to LED.

What Type of Correctional Facility LED Lighting Have We Supplied to Prisons and Correctional Facilities?

Yes, we have worked with several state and federal prisons providing lights. Those include high mast lights, flood lights, canopies, and wall pack lights. Also metal halide to LED retrofit kits.

Before You Buy: Correctional Facility Lighting Fixtures

Typical Prison Lighting Standards to Follow

For outdoor lighting applications, you want a lot of light. For indoor common areas, prison lighting has a direct impact on morale inside the facility. Dimly lit areas can make people feel depressed while lighting that is similar to sunlight can improve mood. For common area applications, you want rugged, industrial-grade lighting so they last. Make sure the fixtures you buy are over 130 lumens per watt. Many are over 150 lumens per watt. You also want to look for UL/ETL and DLC listed options.

Are Cooper, Eaton, and Kenall the Only Manufacturers That Sell Lighting for Correctional Facilities?

No, here at LED Lighting Supply, we sell correctional lighting, too.

Retrofitting Existing Fixtures Inside a Correction Facility

We can retrofit both metal halide and fluorescent fixtures, including vandal-proof fixtures.

Best Color Temperature to Use in a Correctional Facility

The best color temperatures are 4000K and 5000K.

How to Upgrade Tower Lights Mounted at 100 Feet with 8 Fixtures Per Pole

We have a full line of powerful high mast lights that can replace up to 2000-watt metal halide. High masts are great for tower lighting. They provide many advantages over metal halides. Instant on, fog penetration, and longer life. We can provide you with a free lighting plan to show you how well our lights will work in your facility.

Is it More Cost Effective to Retrofit or to Use New Fixtures?

There are reasons why you would want to retrofit or replace fixtures. A good reason to retrofit is the cost of new fixtures is expensive versus retrofitting. For example, in cell vandal-proof fixtures are not cheap, but retrofitting them is. So, if the fixtures are in good condition, then consider retrofitting them. There are many cases where new fixtures are the better solution. We can help walk you through these decisions.

Motion Sensor Options for Outdoor LED Fixtures

They do, many of our lights are available with motion sensors. Let us know if that is a need.

LED Lights are Instant On and Instant Off - Important for Security.

LED Lights turn on instantly. There is no lapse in security lighting if, for some reason, the lights go off.
Led Shoebox Retrofit 150 Watt 1 4 strip magnetic retrofit kit
150 Watt Parking Lot Retrofit Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit

How to Replace 1000-Watt Prison Yard Lights on a 50-foot Pole

To replace a 1000W prison yard light, you will need a 300W to 400W LED yard light. Before you replace any lights, we recommend you create a lighting plan. to find the best fixtures based on your requirements. Prison Lighting

How Well Do LED Lights Penetrate Fog?

Lighting that penetrates fog has more to do with color temperature than the type of light. It’s well known lower color temperatures perform better than higher color temperatures. So, 4000K will work better than 5000K.

Emergency Backup Options for LED Lights

Yes, we have EMB options for both indoor and outdoor fixtures.

LED Outdoor Lights with Photocells

Many of our outdoor lights have a photocell option.

Installation Information: Correctional Facility Lighting Fixtures

How Long Will It Take to Install New Fixtures?

Not long at all, and that even includes retrofitting existing fixtures. Our fixtures are easy to install. And comes complete with all the instructions and hardware you need. Plus, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Will Your LED Lights Work on Our 480 Volt System?

Yes, we offer both standard voltage solutions (100-277V) and high voltage solutions (277-480V).
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