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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers their biggest questions about buying billboard lights. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call (888) 423-3191. One of our lighting experts will assist you.


What are LED Billboard Lights?

Billboard lights are a specific type of LED Floodlights. They use specialized optics to project bright, high-quality light evenly. Billboard lights mount at the top or bottom of the outdoor sign. They are set back usually 4 to 8 feet from the face of the sign.

Can I Replace Metal Halide with LED – 1 for 1?

Yes, but we recommend you create a lighting plan first to determine your exact needs. A lighting plan will model your billboard face. It will set the appropriate tilt angles to optimize the balance of light across the outdoor sign.

Why Do I Need Special LED Billboard Lights and Not Use a Flood Light Instead?

The answer lies in the special optics used on our billboard lights. Floodlights use tight beam angles. These do not work well for billboard lighting.

Our LED billboard lights use a special type of “asymmetrical” lens. These provide a special “throw” pattern to get the light where it’s needed. The light patterns can handle both “tall” and “wide” billboards. They work well in conditions where the surface being lit is a close distance from the light.

Using a flood light or a shoebox light in these conditions would not work well. The light pattern on the face of the billboard would look spotty and uneven.

What Other Benefits Do LED Billboard Lights Offer?

There are many benefits of LED billboard lights, here are just a few.

Energy Savings – you can expect a 50% or more reduction in your lighting costs;
High Quality Light Output – this will make the colors on the billboard pop
Instant On/Instant Off – no long start up times or delays associated with conventional lighting
A Long Lifespan and Little to No Maintenance Costs – a clear winner over Metal-Halide lights.

What’s the best way to light up a billboard?

That depends on where the lights are mounted. But the practice’s essentially the same. It’s more about the optics of the light than anything else. You cannot just use a standard light and hope to get good results.

Can I use a 300-watt led flood light for my billboard?

It depends more on the beam pattern the light projects than anything else. Our specialized billboard lights have special optic packages designed to cover the face of the billboard. LED floodlights have optics that are not ideal for this application.


What Does It Cost to Light a Billboard?

That depends on the size of your billboard and your requirements. We have lit billboards up with 2 lights and as many as 5. To start, we offer free lighting plans. That way we can model your billboard to your needs. Given our experience, there’s a good chance we’ve already modeled your billboard. We can give you options, including price.

Am I Better to Use Fewer Higher Wattage Fixtures or More Lower Wattage Billboard Fixtures?

We find that lower wattage billboard fixtures produce better uniform light coverage. When creating a lighting plan, you try to achieve the desired light levels and balance. Balance means there are no shadows between lights. You can remove shadows and increase balance by adding more ‘less wattage’ fixtures. Some of the beam angels we have available provide some incredible light spread.

What Color Temperature Is Best for Billboard Lights?

5000K is the best color option. At times, customers ask for 4000K.

Are There Dark Sky Issues with Billboards?

By design, billboard signs with bottom-mounted lights create dark sky issues. Top-mounted lights pointing down help solve dark sky issues.

How Many Fixtures Should We Expect to Use on a 40 X 14 Billboard?

We find 4 fixtures provide the right light levels.

Do You Need to Use Billboard Lighting or Will Standard LED Lighting Work?

The main difference between a standard LED light and a light designed to work on a billboard is the optics. The billboard light has special optics which the standard LED light doesn’t. That will become immediately obvious the minute you install a normal LED light. The light will not be even or well-balanced across the face of the billboard.

Do Your Billboard Lights Come with Surge Protection?

Yes, they come with at least a 4 kVA surge protector with optional upgrades. This is a way to try and protect your lights from surges and nearby lightning strikes.

What Is the Best Optic for Outdoor Sign Lighting – Billboard Lights?

We have special billboard optics that come in two versions. Wide/short, and narrow/tall to accommodate those billboards that are 40 X 14 and 14 X 40. We will match the right optic to your requirements.

How Far Out Should the Fixtures Hang?

Father is better, as it helps with light spread across the face of the fixture.

What Are the Mounting Options for Billboard Lights?

We offer both slip fitter and trunnion/yoke options.

How Many Foot Candles Do You Need for a Billboard?

We have modeled billboard lighting plans from 20-foot candle to over 100-foot candles. But a billboard lit to 50-foot candles is a bright and well-lit billboard.

Billboard Install

Replacing 1000 Watt Metal Halide with 150 Watt LED Billboard Light

What’s the Most Popular Billboard Light You Sell?

The most popular billboard light we sell is the 150W Billboard Flood Light – 21000 Lumens.

Are LED Billboard Lights Waterproof?

Yes. You need to look for an IP rating of IP65 or higher.

What is your best-selling billboard fixture?

Our best-selling billboard light is the 150 Watt Billboard light replacing a 400 Watts HID. We also have a 300 Watt Billboard light replacing a 1000 Watts HID Fixture.

How Do You Install Outdoor Billboard Lighting?

Installation is simple for outdoor sign lighting. If you are replacing HID lights with LED, you will notice we supply the same mountings. There are only 3 wires per fixture to hook up – line, neutral, and ground.


Is It Better to Mount LED Billboard Lights on the Top or Bottom?

There is no difference. The top mount is more dark sky compliant than bottom mount. Lenses are a little more protected from weather than bottom mounted. Other than that, our lights work in either position.