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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying powerful lights for running tracks and track and field facilities. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.

General Information About LED Track and Field Lighting

How Many Lumens Do I Need to Light Up a Running Track or Outdoor Track and Field Facility?

Our largest LED Sports Light light is capable of producing 176,000 lumens. This is more than enough to replace 2000 Watts metal-halide fixtures. An outdoor sports field lighting plan will determine the right amount of lumens required for your needs.

We offer LED Sports Field Lights that replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide, 1500 Watt Metal Halide, and even 2000 Watt Metal Halide.

How High Should You Install Lights in an Outdoor Running Track Field?

We have found poles used for school and recreational running tracks and track and field facilities range from 30 to 60 feet in height. And up to 100 feet for college. Our lighting software can model installing lights at these heights. Based on experience, we learned that it is easier to light up a sports field with taller poles using led sports lighting.

What Are the Most Common Types of LED Lighting used for outdoor track and field facilities?

You’ll find LED stadium lights and sports lights used at these facilities. They are high-power fixtures equipped with optional optic packages that can easily light up these facilities. If you have an existing lighting infrastructure in place, we can easily replace these lights 1 for 1.

What Are the Benefits of using LED Lights in Running Track Fields?

The main type of fixture that LED Sports and Running Track Lighting replace is metal-halide. They can reduce your lighting bills by 50-75%. They are instant on, instant off, and need very little maintenance.

You can expect 10-20 years of life out of a LED light used outdoors. This is due to the fact that our stadium light customers do not use their lights for long periods of time every week.

And if you think about metal-halide bulbs – their expected lifespan is 15000 hours. At only 7500 hours, they will have lost about half of their lumens. This means you will be changing out bulbs quicker if you want to maintain optimal lighting.

With LED, lumen loss is very slow and very little over the light’s long lifespan.

What is your best-selling sport running track flood and field lights?

Our family of High Power Floods is our best-selling stadium flood lights. These are available in 200W, 400W, 600W, 800W and 1200W.

How many lights do I need based on the guidelines for outdoor running tracks?

The guideline has more to do with light levels, or foot candles on the field, than the number of lights. If you have a target light level then you will have to add lights to achieve that level. A lighting design and lighting plan will show you how to achieve your light levels, and calculate the number of fixtures you’ll need to achieve those light levels.

Before You Buy: LED Track and Field Lighting

Why Do Metal Halide Lights used in Sport Running Tracks Take So Long to Turn On?

This is definitely a “Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium” question. This is the nature of these lights. They need a lot of time to warm up – also known as strike time. What’s worse, they also need a long cool-down period before you can turn them on again. This could result in long delays. LED Lights are instant on. If they shut down during a sporting activity, you can have the lights back on in seconds!

How Can You Reduce Glare from the lights?

Shielding is one option. Top shields also help to keep the lights from polluting the night sky. Secondly, the higher the lights are mounted, the less glare the athletes and spectators have to deal with.

How Much Does Track And Field Lighting Cost?

The best way to answer this question is to try and calculate the savings when you convert to LED Lights. You should be able to save at least 50% and up to 75% on your utility lighting bill when you convert. You can calculate your savings here on our energy savings calculator page.

Does LED Lighting for Running Tracks support higher voltages?

We do offer both standard 100-277V and 277-480V driver options for our LED Sports Field Lighting. Let us know if you need high-voltage fixtures.

Installation Information On LED Track and Field Lighting

How Long Does It Take to Install LED Lighting at a Running Track?

It all depends on where they’re installed and how easy it is to access the lights. High pole mounts are harder to install on a catwalk near the top of a stadium. Make sure you are working with a professional licensed electrician.