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General Information: LED Sports Dome and Field House Lighting

LED Lights for Sports Domes and Field Houses

The best option for Sports Hall LED Lighting is UFO LED Lights. These are lightweight, powerful fixtures designed to provide a lot of light in a small compact framework. If you are used to metal halide lighting, there are UFO-style high bays listed on this page that can easily replace 400 Watts up to 2000 Watts of Metal Halide. These lights operate at savings up to 75% of their metal halide competition. They also have high IK Impact ratings, so the occasional strike from an object will not damage them. Sports Dome Lighting

LED Lighting Voltage Options for Sports Dome Lighting and Field Houses

We offer two common options. The standard option is 100-277V, and the second option is 277-480V. By far, most sports domes are in the 100-277V range.

Free Lighting Plans for New or Existing Sports Complexes

Yes, we can redesign your sports dome lighting layout. We can use your existing lighting locations – or – suggest new light locations. We have so many options available. So it is not hard for us to achieve almost any foot candle requirement while ensuring the light is balanced on the floor.

Light Quality is Important for Indoor Field House Lighting

In field hoses, no one wants to play in subpar lighting. Since most sports domes are commercial operations, having a bright area is going to bring customers back. This means that providing a well-lit experience is good for business.

Savings You Can Expect When Switching to LED for Sports Domes

LEDs can provide 50%-75% savings over traditional HID sources of lights. You can even take this up a notch by adding motion sensors. When the dome is unoccupied, the lights can dim down to only 10% and dramatically increase your savings. And LEDs are instant-on, instant-off, so turning them off does not require 30 minutes to bring them back on.

Before You Buy: LED Sports Dome and Field House Lighting

Ideal Foot Candles for a Field House

This depends entirely on the purpose and use of the sports dome. At a minimum, 30-foot candles. For broadcast and television quality lighting, 100+ foot candles are required. Generally speaking, 50-foot candles will provide a great experience inside a dome.

Best LED Lighting Color Temperature  Inside a Sports Dome or Field House

We recommend either 5000K or 4000K color temperatures. 5000K is the most used option that is a great replacement for metal halide. 4000K is a slightly softer, warmer light source.

Available Mounting Options for LED Sports Hall Lighting

Our UFO LED Lights can be mounted using eye hooks and pendant mounts. Eye hooks allow you to fix and mount the fixture to a structure or use cable/wire to allow the lights to hang.

Best LED Field House Lighting for Sports Domes

The best lighting for sports domes is the one that meets your requirements and specifications. And beyond foot candles and even distribution, make sure you consider impact resistance. We can offer IK10 impact-resistant lights that can take a hit from an object and still operate. Always start with creating a lighting plan first. The lighting plan will find the best light for your indoor sports hall lighting needs.

How to Reduce Shadows on the Sports Dome / Field House Floor

Reducing shadows is a function of light balance. Balance is just as important as brightness. It’s hard to avoid. No one wants to play in the shadows. By creating a lighting plan, you can ensure that light levels are met and balance is even across the entire surface – before you buy.

Do You Offer High Voltage LED Lights for Field Houses / Sports Domes?

We do, all the way to 480V. The typical ranges are 100V-277V and 277-480V. The drivers automatically detect incoming voltage and switch internally. As long as you select the proper range, you will be fine.

Installation Information: LED Sports Dome and Field House Lighting

How to Hang LED Lighting in a Sports Dome

There is no difference between the installation method of our LED lights and the lights you are replacing. We offer the same mounts. And wiring them to your power supply is simple for any qualified electrician.

How to Reduce Glare from LED Lighting

We recommend using a frosted lens. Some of our high-efficiency UFO high bays include ribbed lenses which are specifically designed to reduce glare.
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