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Padel Court Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions about LED Padel Court Lighting. So we’ve created a list of first-time buyers and repeat customers. Check out our most asked questions below on Padel Court Lighting or call us at (888) 423-3191 to find the right lighting for you.

General Information About Padel Court Lighting

How Do You Light Up an Outdoor Padel Court at Night?

There are two distinct ways we’ve worked with. Side court mounted poles or corner mounted flood lights.

Padel courts are fairly easy to light up. If you use the right fixture for the specific padel court based on mounting locations. We offer free lighting plans so that we can offer the best light for your padel court layout.

Can an existing Padel Court with old lighting be converted to LED?

Yes, easily. We offer LED retrofit kits if you’re looking to use your existing fixtures. If not, we offer new fixtures that you can install and replace your existing fixtures 1 for 1, regardless of how powerful they are.

How High Should We Mount Lights for a Padel Court?

Higher is usually better. It allows the light to distribute better throughout the court and playing surface and provides better light balance. It would be ideal if the lights are mounted 20 feet or higher.

How Much Will LED Lights for Padel Courts Lighting Reduce Energy Consumption?

Quite a bit and you can expect energy savings to be at least 50% (if not more). It is common to replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide with a 300 Watt LED light.

Outdoor Padel Court Lighting

Recommended Foot Candles for Padel / Paddleball Courts

Competition Level 50-75 fc
Club Level 30-50 fc
Recreation Level 20-30 fc

Before You Buy: Padel Court Lighting

What Is the Correct Type of Lighting to Use in an Outdoor Padel Court?

We offer specialized outdoor lights with forward-throw optics. These allow the light to cover the court more evenly. For corner poles, we offer high-power flood lights. They can get light to the court and provide uniform lighting.

I Have 4 Padel Courts. Can I Put Poles Only on the Perimeter Rather Than Poles Between Each Court?

You can. We recommend creating a padel court lighting plan first. Picking the right fixture is of paramount importance to get the lighting right.

We Currently Have 400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures. What LED Padel Court Light Should We Use to Replace Them?

We have both shoebox fixtures and flood lights that can replace 400 Watt metal halides. The lighting plan can determine the best light. These lights will be a significant upgrade to metal halide lights.

How Long Will LED Padel Court Lighting Last?

You can expect our lights to last for 10+ years (or more). Most of our lights are rated for 50,000 hours or more.

How Can You Avoid Glare on the Padel Court?

Mounting angles can make a difference. If needed, back shields can be also added. Pointing lights straight down helps a lot too. The light should have the proper optics to aid light distribution.

For indoor lights, we recommend frosted lenses and special glare optics that produce a low UGR rating.

Are Your LED Padel Court Lighting Dark Sky Compliant?

We do offer dark sky-compliant fixtures. If that’s what you need, let us know.

What Is the Ideal Lighting Level for a Recreational Padel Court?

A good target for recreational padel courts is 30-foot candles. You should also ensure the light is uniform across the entire playing surface.

Indoor Padel Court Lighting

What Is Included in the Warranty for your LED Lights?

As long as you install the lights properly, our warranties cover all issues under normal operating conditions. They do not cover ‘Acts of God’ events – like – lightning strikes or damage from hurricane conditions.

Installation Information On Padel Court Lighting

What Type of Mounting Bracket Should We Use on an Outdoor Paddleball Court?

We offer straight arms for square and round poles, trunnions, and slip fitter mounts.

What Type of Mounting Bracket Should We Use on an Indoor Paddleball Court?

We offer eye hooks, pendants, chains, and wire mounts for our UFO and linear LED Fixtures