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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying LED softball field lights. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in finding the right solution.

Check out our Indoor Softball Practice Facility Case Study and our Buyers Guide to Baseball and Softball Field Lighting.


What Are The Best Types Of LED Softball Field Lights?

Every softball field has different sizes, pole locations, and lighting requirements. There is no one best type of light suitable for all softball fields. We have an entire process that helps us find the best lighting options for any softball field. And it starts by creating a lighting plan.

A lighting plan is a software-generated lighting report of your specific field. It includes our LED Softball Field lights designed into the plan so we can see how well-lit the field is. It easily allows us to adjust lighting and swap lights to get the best results.

Are LED Lights Better Than Metal Halide For Lighting Up A Softball Field?

Yes, in almost all cases, LED softball field lights are always better than metal halide lights. They use a lot less power. And they are virtually maintenance-free for many years. They are instant on/instant off. There is no need to turn on LED lights 30 minutes before you need them.

How Much Light Do I Need to Light up a Softball Field Properly?

Every field is different. But most of our customers look for 50-foot candles in the infield and 30-foot candles in the outfields. Recreational leagues could get by with less, and college fields could also be brighter.

How Does LED Lighting Supply’s LED Softball Field Lights Compare To Musco Lighting?

Musco offers a very high-feature and performance system that you typically see in professional stadiums that can include specialized RGB lighting and sophisticated controls for the fixtures. The cost level is reflective of this advanced functionality.

In comparison, LED Lighting Supply primarily focuses on school and recreational softball fields. We offer both cost competitive and performance options for softball field stadium lights that meet the needs of most schools and recreational applications.

Baseball Imf 400

Are There Any Standard Requirements for Lighting?

There are when you get into professional, college, and televised field locations. But for most softball fields, providing bright infields and outfields with balanced lighting is the best solution.


Is It Better to Retrofit Existing Fixtures or to Use New LED Lights for a Softball Field?

Retrofitting makes sense in applications where there is a need to keep the existing fixture. For softball fields, it’s hard to think of a reason why keeping the existing fixtures is necessary. We recommend new fixtures to replace the existing metal halide for a softball field.

How Much Does New Lighting For a Softball Field Cost?

It depends on the lighting levels you need. The brighter you want it, the more lights or more powerful lights you will need. We can run several lighting plan options. And provide you with different options and costs.

Are Your Softball Field Lights Rebate Eligible?

They may be. Many of our lights are rebate eligible. Your local utility is in charge of whether they will give you a rebate or not. It’s best you check with them first.

What Is the Best Color Temperature to Use for Softball Field Lights?

We recommend 5000K as the best color temperature for softball fields. It provides nice bright white light without being too harsh or blue.

Do You Offer LED Softball Field Lights That Support 480 Volts?

Yes, we do. Our standard voltage options are 100-277V and 277-480V. Mason Field Panoramic

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How Difficult Is It to Install New LED Softball Lights?

Installing our LED lights in a softball field is not hard. Our lights tend to be lighter than the metal halide lights they replace. So they won’t add existing stress on your poles or cross arms. Plus, they use less power than metal halides. So there is less amp draw.

How High Should You Mount LED Softball Field Lights on Poles?

Higher is better. Do you have a new field and are looking for pole height? Or pole location advice? We can provide that along with creating a lighting plan based on your specific needs.