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Softball Field Lighting Layout

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What Is Included With A Lighting Plan?

  • Custom lighting layout with count & placement
  • Foot candle and light balance calculations
  • Light fixture recommendation and quote
  • Dedicated lighting specialist to assist with your project

How long does it take to get a plan?

Indoor1-2 business days
Outdoor2-3 business days


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What Goes into a Successful Lighting Layout for Softball Fields?

Diamonds and other sports facilities are using softball field lights and LED sports lighting systems instead of previously traditionally used softball ballparks with metal halide or halogen floodlights to light up the playing field.

A successful softball lighting layout starts with understanding the needs and usage of the playing field. Determining the proper lighting levels for both infield and outfield locations.

The lighting layout takes into consideration the existing light poles or suggests locations for fields without existing poles. Lastly, as the calculations are performed, it’s important to pay attention to light levels and light balance across the entire space.

How Does a Lighting Layout Differ for Softball Stadiums and Softball Fields?

It doesn’t, the end goal is essentially the same. LED Lights are either attached to poles or stadium structure locations. They’re aimed onto the field area to get the light levels required. Understanding the physical location of light installations is important. Just as the mounting heights, but otherwise, there is no difference.

What are the Softball Field Lighting Standards for a Softball Field?

There are different levels of lighting for each level of play. Professional levels require much higher levels than little league play.

Recreational Play 10-20 fc outfield, 20-30 fc infield
Little League Play 20-30 fc outfield, 40-50 fc infield
High School Play 20-30 fc outfield, 40-50 fc infield
Collegiate Play 40-50 fc outfield, 60-70 fc infield
Collegiate Play (televised) 70 fc outfield, 100 fc infield

What is the Ideal Poles Height to Use when Doing a Lighting Layout for Softball Fields?

There is an advantage that high poles have over low poles.  It’s easier to create a balanced light over the space of the field. We would like to see poles 30 feet or higher when we perform a lighting plan on any outdoor sports field.

How Many LED Lighting Fixtures Do You Need to Light a Softball Field?

That also depends on the level of play for your softball lighting project. LED Fixtures are variable in terms of power output and lumens produced, so the actual amount of led light fixtures you need depends a lot of your needs. A lighting plan will easily sort this out.

How Many Lumens Do You Need to Light a Softball Field?

If you think in terms of lumens per square foot, it translates over to foot candles. 1 lumen per square foot = 1 foot candle.

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