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LED Volleyball Court Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking for light-up indoor or outdoor courts, there are a lot of questions to consider about LED Volleyball Court Lights.  Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert.


How Do You Light Up a Volleyball Court?

For indoor courts, we recommend gym-style High Bay LED Lights with high-impact ratings. For outdoor courts, we recommend either LED Parking Lot Lights with forward throw optics or high-power LED Flood Lights.

What Is the Best Height for LED Volleyball Court Light Poles?

Higher is better than lower. Since higher provides better and more balanced light spreads, we would recommend 20 to 30 feet.

What Color Temperature Should Be Used for a Volleyball Court?

We recommend either 4000K or 5000K. In most cases, we find 5000K being used.

How Many LED Volleyball Court Lights Do You Need for a Volleyball Court?

There is no one answer but start with deciding what light levels you need. Once you’ve determined that, we can create a lighting plan for you. We will lay out the lighting for your courts to meet your needs. And from there, we can quickly determine the right number of LED Volleyball Court Lights needed.

Volleyball Court Lighting


What Are the Best LED Volleyball Court Lights for Outdoor Volleyball Courts?

We think LED Shoebox Lights or parking lot lights are good if the poles are close to the court. And flood lights if the poles are farther away. To reduce glare, the fixtures are usually pointed down. And we use special optics to throw the light out for great light coverage.

How Many Foot Candles Are Required for a Professional or Competition Level Volleyball Court?

We recommend at least 50-foot candles. And if the games are televised, above 100-foot candles.

Should I Retrofit or Use New Fixtures for My Volleyball Court?

You can do both. But we would advise you to replace your fixtures instead of retrofitting them. Unless you have expensive up-light fixtures, then retrofitting makes sense.

Do You Sell Up-lights for Volleyball Courts?

We do not, but we do sell retrofit kits for them. We offer high-power flood lights that can be pointed upwards.

Can LED Volleyball Court Lights Withstand Being Hit by a Volleyball?

Yes, the fixtures we recommended in this section all have high impact ratings, IK08 or above.

What Is the Best Optic to Use on a Volleyball Court?

There is no one best optic. There are one or two optics that are best for your court. We can help you find a match for your needs by creating a lighting plan for you.

How Long Is the Whip?

It depends, but some of our fixtures have 5-6 ft whips.

Do You Sell Splicing Kits?

Yes, we have power cord extenders that can be spliced into your existing power cord.

What Are the Best LED Volleyball Court Lights for Indoor Volleyball Courts?

We prefer our UFO LED Lights. They offer great lighting as well as high-impact resistance. They are also the light of choice for gymnasiums.

How Many Foot Candles Are Required for a Recreational Level Volleyball Court?

30-foot candles provide a lot of great light to play recreational volleyball.

Do You Have Dark Sky Compliant LED Volleyball Court Lights?

We do. Our LED Parking Lot Lights are dark sky compliant. Our flood lights are not unless they are pointing straight down.

Do I Need Wire Guards for Protection Against Getting Damaged?

If you use our linear high bays, then we would recommend wire guards. Otherwise, you should be OK with UFO high bays.

What Is the Best Way to Mount the LED Volleyball Court Lights?

There is no best way, but many of our lighting options are the same as the existing lights you currently have. So we can match the fixture mounts you have with our new lights.


Can We Angle the Lights Up or Do They Need to Point Straight Down at the Ground?

You can do both. Many of the lighting plans we do for volleyball courts have different requirements. Some need dark sky compliance. Others don’t. That allows us to design the best lighting option properly.

It Is Too Bright When We Look at the Light. Do You Have Diffusers?

We do offer frosted lenses for some of our fixtures.

How Far Should Lights Be Placed from a Volleyball Court?

Based on our experience. the farther away, the less likely the players have to deal with glare. But mounting pointed straight down also will reduce this glare. We usually find the lights mounted on the side of the courts.

Where Is the Best Location for Poles on a Volleyball Court?

The best location for poles is on the sides of the courts. A lighting plan to show the results for your specific location.