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Volleyball is a popular sport that is played at a wide variety of skill levels. These skill levels can range from recreational to professional. It can also be played indoors or outdoors. For outdoor courts, you can play at night if you have a proper lighting setup.

An outdoor volleyball court is typically illuminated with flood lights. These fixtures are mounted on poles so that their light can be cast down onto the court. For proper illumination, it’s important to know the dimensions of the court.

Volleyball Court Dimensions

The standard size of a volleyball court is 30 feet wide by 60 feet long. The playable area for each team is 30 feet x 30 feet. The net is positioned in the center at the 30-foot mark. The height of the net is variable depending on the level of play but is usually no higher than around 8 feet.

How Much Do Volleyball Light Poles Cost?

The cost of arena light poles depends on certain factors:

Material – The construction material of the pole. For example, aluminum or steel poles will cost more than concrete or wood.

Height – A taller pole will be more expensive than a shorter one.

Number of Fixtures – If you need to mount multiple fixtures on a pole, the pole will be more expensive because it will need to safely handle the extra load.

What Is the Ideal Spacing for Outdoor Volleyball Light Poles?

This will depend on how many poles you use. Generally, you will have a 2- or a 4-pole configuration with three different options.

2-pole configuration with 1 lamp each. Each pole is placed at the center of each sideline

2-pole configuration with 2 lamps each. Each pole is placed at the center of each sideline

4-pole configuration with 1-lamp each. 2 poles are placed on each sideline towards the center of each playing area.

These recommendations are for lighting a single court. Other configurations can be used to illuminate multiple that are next to each other.

What Is the Best Outdoor Volleyball Court Light Pole Height?

The pole top should exceed the net by at least 2 feet. If it’s too short, there will be an issue with glare. A 20-foot height is recommended. Taller poles increase light loss and spillover. This problem can be corrected by using additional fixtures and narrower beam spreads, respectively.

What Distance Should Light Poles Be from Beach Volleyball Courts?

This will depend on how many courts that you are illuminating at a time. For single courts, the poles can be placed just outside the sidelines.
Another consideration for beach volleyball courts is pole installation in the sand. The recommended depth of pole burial should be at least 2-3 feet.

A 2-foot burial depth is recommended in compact soil.

A 3-foot burial depth is recommended where drainage is not ideal.

Sometimes a 5-foot burial depth is recommended to withstand harsh wind conditions. You need to account for wind so that the pole does not shift in the sand and/or become tilted.

It’s important to have a stable footing for each pole. A concrete footing could be used. Other options that will stabilize the pole are gravel, masonry sand, and artificial turf.