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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers questions they had about LED Lighting for Polo Fields. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions. Or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert.


How Do I Light a Pole Field at Night so its bright and safe?

We have lit hundreds of large outdoor sports fields across the country. The first step is to create a lighting plan and make sure the light levels are bright and balanced. We can suggest pole locations or use your existing poles to find the ideal lighting for your polo field.

What Are the Benefits of LED Pole Field Lights?

The main benefits are high-quality lighting and energy savings. It’s important to create well-lit and balanced lighting across the entire polo field for polo athletes. And it’s well known than LED lights are a reliable, dependable, and energy-saving solution. LEDs are instant on and instant off. So when you need lighting, turn on the switch. And you can expect 10-20 years of trouble-free, bright, and high-quality lighting.


How Do You Light Up a Polo Field?

Outdoor polo fields are typically large areas with poles mounted on the perimeter.  It’s very similar to lighting a football field. Using high-power sports field lights with varying degrees of optics, light can be distributed throughout the polo field. Determining the right power and optics to choose can be done within the free lighting plan we provide. With a lighting plan, you can choose the right flood or area light to provide the best light levels and balance.

Outdoor Area with Flood Lights

200 Watt Flood Lights lighting up the outdoor arena


How Many LED Lights Do I Need to Properly Light up a Polo Field?

It depends on your requirements and needs. A good place to start is to determine how many foot candles you need. A good start is 20-35 foot candles for recreational fields and 35-50 foot candles for competitive-level fields

How High Should You Mount LED Lights for Polo Fields?

There is no set rule. We will work with your existing lights and poles – or – suggest locations and mounting heights. That’s the benefit of lighting plans – we can find solutions no matter what the heights are and where the poles are located.

Do You Have LED Polo Field Lights in Stock?

Yes, we do. We stock high-power sports field flood lights in our USA warehouses. Our main warehouse in Nashua, New Hampshire stocks thousands of lights. And we have other warehouses in the USA where we can access even more lights.

We can usually ship within 1-3 days of receiving an order. This depends on where you are and the warehouse we ship the lights from. We use UPS ground to ship our lights.

Covered Horse Arena

Horse Arena Lighting

How Can You Ensure the Light’s Balanced with Few Shadows?

Always start with creating a lighting plan for the polo field. It will show you exactly what kind of lights you need, where to install them, and what heights you have to install them at.

That is why we offer lighting plans for free.

They allow us to design a lighting solution so you can see the light levels and how balanced the light is across the polo field before you buy.

How Much Glare Will There Be and How Can I Reduce Glare?

You can reduce glare with a few techniques. Mounting angles and higher mounting heights help a lot. The type of glare reduction techniques will depend on your specific location.


How Do I Install LED Lights on a Polo Field?

Our lights are easy to install. Any qualified professional with access to a lift can install them. We have many different mounting options available. So it’s best to consult with our lighting experts at LED Lighting Supply. This way, we can make sure what we send is the best option for you.

How Do I Wire Polo Field Lights? What Voltages are available?

All our polo field lights have 3 wires – line, neutral, and ground. This is easy for any qualified electrician to wire up. And we can support 100V to 480V if you need. Everything between 100V and 277V is standard with all our polo field lights, and high-voltage options are available