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Frequently Asked Questions

LED Ski Mountain Lights are specific and unique to each customer. To help you with your decision, we spoke to our customers. And we created a list (below) of their most frequently asked questions. Call us today at (888) 423-3191.  A LED lighting expert will help you find the best ski mountain light for your needs.


What Is Ski Mountain Lighting?

LED Ski Mountain lights are pole-mounted designed flood lights that light up ski hills. They allow the ski resort to offer night skiing. They can also light up the slopes so that maintenance crews can groom the slopes. Ski Area Lighting provides improved and cost-effective lighting solutions for ski areas, ski resorts and terrain parks.

What Types of Light Fixtures Can You Use at a Ski Resort?

The best and most common ski slope lighting fixtures would be high-power flood lights. These night skiing LED lights provide powerful pole-mounted light for large areas. They can also come with visors to reduce glare and optics to allow light to be spread over a far-out area.

Ski Mountain Lights


What Color Temperature Lights Are Best to Use at a Ski Resort?

We would recommend both 4000K and 5000K as the best color temperatures for this task.

They really help in providing great night visibility.

Color Temperature Bulbs

Can LED Ski Resort Lights Withstand Sub-Zero Temperatures?

Yes, they can. The lights we would recommend are designed to work in temperatures up to -22F. You can also expect them to turn on instantly when you turn them on. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions like freezing rain and snow.

We have supplied lights that are installed in Alaska and used throughout the winters.

What options are available for Ski Mountain Parking Lot Lighting?

We specialize in outdoor parking lot lights. We can replace any metal halide light between 150 Watts to 2000 Watts, 1 for 1, with our LED Parking lot lights. We also offer Type 3 and Type 5 Optic Packages and can do lighting plans so you can see how well-lit your Ski Mountain Parking Lot Lighting can be.

Can LED Lights Mount to Poles?

Easily. We have many pole-mounted outdoor fixtures with many different mounting options. We can easily use your existing mounts and convert your lights over to LED.

Can LED Ski Mountain Lighting Fixtures Run off of a Generator When Needed?

Yes, they can. Our LED Ski Mountain Lights can run off a supplied voltage of 100V-277V. The voltage supplied to the lights should be reliable and consistent. A bad power supply with severe voltage fluctuations below 100V and above 277V could affect the life of the light.


How Difficult is it to Install Your LED Lights?

Not difficult at all. Any qualified electrician can easily install our lights at your ski location. Instructions are simple and easy to follow.