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Ski Mountain LED Lights

Need a Free Ski Mountain Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Ski Mountain Lighting Plan?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ski mountain lights are specific and unique to each customer. To help you with your decision, we spoke to first time buyers and created a list (below) of their most frequently asked questions. Call us today at (888) 423-3191 and an LED lighting expert will help you find the best ski mountain light for your needs.


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What Are Ski Mountain Lights?

Ski Mountain lights are pole mounted flood lights designed to light up ski hills. They allow the resort to offer night skiing or light up the slopes so that maintenance crews can groom the slopes. They also provide improved and cost effective lighting for ski areas.


What Types of Light Fixtures Can You Use at a Ski Resort?

The best and most common fixtures would be high power flood lights. They provide powerful pole mounted lights and light up large areas. They can also come with visors to reduce glare and optics to allow light to be spread over a far out area.


Ski Mountain Lights


What Color Temperature Lights Are Best to Use at a Ski Resort?

We would recommend both 4000K or 5000K as the best color temperatures for this task.



Can Ski Mountain Lights Withstand Sub-Zero Temperatures?

Yes, they can. The lights we would recommend are designed to work in temperatures up to -22F.


Can Ski Mountain Lights Run off of a Generator When Needed?

Yes, they can. Our lights are designed to run off a supplied voltage of 100V-277V. The voltage supplied to the lights should be reliable and consistent. A bad power supply with severe voltage fluctuations below 100V and above 277V could affect the life of the light.

Get a Ski Mountain Lighting Plan

A lighting plan is a great way to visualize a proposed lighting solution. As well as the lumen output over a given area before purchasing LEDs.

We use photometric software to input the design and adjust accordingly. We add and change fixtures, power and beam angles to get the best and most balanced lighting.

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