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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customer to find out what questions they have about LED Shooting Range Lights. Feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.

General Information About LED Shooting Range Lights

What are LED Shooting Range Lights?

LED Shooting Range Lights are lighting designed to light down-range targets. And the areas where the participants are shooting. It’s very specialized lighting. It’s tricky. It must light up a target down range without distracting the shooter. And placed in positions where lights are not in danger from bullets.

What is Trap Field Lighting?

Trap Lighting is lights installed on a shooting trap field to light up clay pigeons for evening shooting. The lights are typically mounted on poles behind the shooters lighting up the area where the targets fly. Our recommendations for skeet field lighting will be the same as for trap fields.

The best way to determine the best type of lights to use for trap shooting is to create a trap shooting lighting layout. This lighting plan will show you how well-lit the area is for nighttime trap shooting.

How many foot candles do I need for Outdoor Trap Shooting?

The range tends to be between 20 and 50 foot candles across the entire area. More specifically, you should also check the footcandles vertically, at typical heights that the traps fly at to make sure they are properly lit up.


Shooting Range Lighting

Before You Buy: LED Shooting Range Lights

What Type of Fixtures Should You Use for an Indoor Shooting Range Lighting?

One of the best types of lights is floodlighting. Powerful flood lighting mounts behind the shooter. And by using special, narrow-focus optics. It can point down range and light up the target. The lights can mount behind the shooters to avoid any chance of being hit by bullets or shrapnel.

What Type of Fixtures Should You Use for Trap Shooting Range Lighting?

Trap shooting is another type of lighting that could improve using flood lights. We calculate light levels in the vertical space at a specific distance from the shooter. As the trap flies through the air, it should be lit by the lighting behind the shooter. Trap shooting occurs at distances closer to the shooter than range shooting. Choosing flood lights with broader beam angles to lighten up a larger space is your best option.

What Type of Fixtures Should You Use for Outdoor LED Shooting Range Lights?

The same type of powerful flood lighting fixtures is used in an outdoor shooting range. Floodlighting is mounted behind the shooter with the appropriate amount of light. And with the proper narrow focus optics will provide adequate down-range lighting.

Other alternatives would be to bury lights in the ground near the target so the targets are lit. Take care to bulletproof the enclosure containing the lights.

What Color Temperature’s Best to Use for LED Shooting Range Lights?

We recommend either 4000K or 5000K lighting to light up a shooting range. It’s a bright, high-quality light source that resembles sunlight. 4000K is warmer than 5000K.

Can Your Wash Down you LED Shooting Range Lights?

The LED Shooting Range Lights we’ve installed in shooting ranges are all IP rated. Which means they are waterproof and can withstand rain, snow, and wash downs. High-pressure washdowns are not needed, but if they are, consider a higher IP rating (IP68 or IP69K).

Shooting Range

What Will Happen if a LED Light Fixture’s Hit by a Stray Bullet Or Debris?

This could damage the light fixture. Many of our lights are high-impact rated. But surviving a drop from a large heavy object and a bullet strike are two different things.

Is It Best to Light Up the Entire Shooting Range or Just the Targets?

For trap shooting, a broader, wide range is necessary. For target shooting, lighting up the targets is the main goal.

Installation Information On LED Shooting Range Lights

Where Is the Best Location to Install LED Shooting Range Lights to Avoid Damage?

If possible, install the lights behind the shooter. And point the lights out into the range.