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Shooting Range Lighting Design

The first question when working on a project is often: How Many LED Lights Do I Need to properly light an indoor or outdoor shooting range? How bright does it need to be? How can I make this a successful lighting upgrade? A sports lighting layout for shooting ranges is the ideal first step to ensure your LED lighting gives the desired foot candle level and bright, balanced light providing the best experience for shooters and gun enthusiats.

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The most important criterion in a shooting range is lighting up the target. Lighting anything else could distract the shooter from accurately hitting the target. Lighting up the area where the participants stand is also important as long as the lighting is not distracting. All glare issues should be reduced, if not eliminated.

There is no mandatory amount of lumens required in a driving range, but we suggest between 30 and 100 foot candles, or 30 to 100 lumens per square foot, depending on the area of the shooting range.

Firing Line and Shooting Stalls 50-100 fc
Target Area 50-100 fc
Instruction Areas 30-50 fc
Ammunition and Equipment Handling 50-75 fc

It all starts with creating a lighting plan. By using specialized lighting plan software, a lighting designer creates a model of the indoor or outdoor shooting range, and then adds lights so that the light levels and light balance can be calculated. The plan is adjusted inside the software so that the customers’ lighting requirements are met – all before any purchase is made.

Minimizing glare is vital in shooting range lighting design. Glare can hinder and affect visibility and shooting accuracy. Fixtures should be strategically positioned. For example, it’s a good idea to mount the fixtures behind the shooter. If that is not possible, the design should light up the target and the light source should not be visible to the shooter.

Yes, outdoor ranges rely heavily on natural light. Lighting is only really required for night activities. Indoor ranges rely almost completely on an LED lighting system to light up the target and all areas around the indoor facility.

There are no universal standards for lighting in a shooting range. It is important to provide good lighting for safety and for those who are shooting. Local government ordinances regarding outdoor lighting and light pollution should be considered.