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Batting Cage Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers what questions they had about indoor batting cage lighting and outdoor LED Batting Cage Lighting. Here’s the list below. If you couldn’t find the answer, contact us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

General Information About Batting Cage Lights

How Do I Get Good Lighting for Outdoor Batting Cages at Night?

The best way to start is to have us create a lighting plan based on your needs and requirements. This lighting plan will allow us to design and set the LED Batting Cage Lights to achieve the right amount of foot candles.

The same goes for Indoor Batting Cages. Our lighting designer can create a lighting plan to light up your indoor facility so you can see how well the lighting fixtures will be before you purchase.

Can LED Lights Replace Metal Halide in a Batting Cage Facility?

Yes. The lights are powerful enough to replace these lights 1 for 1. We have powerful LED Batting Cage Lights that can replace 400 Watts and 1000 Watts HID / Metal Halide. And your existing lighting infrastructure should be good for LED lights. It will also use a lot less electricity than these older fixtures do.

Is LED Lighting for Batting Cage Facilities Better Than Metal Halide?

Yes, on many levels. First, you can expect energy savings of at least 50% (or more). Your maintenance cost will also drop. There will be no bulbs to change.

It’s well known that HID / Metal Halide lumens drop quickly over a short period of time. That’s not an issue with LED Lighting.

Plus, LED Batting Cage Lights are instant on, and instant off. So, you can use the lighting right away. There’s no need to turn on the lights 30 minutes before they’re needed.

What are the benefits of using LED lights?

There are many. By far the biggest benefits of batting cage facilities are:

Instant on / Instant off
Savings on your lighting bill
High quality lighting that will last for many years.

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Before You Buy: Batting Cage Lights

How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Batting Cage Facility over to LED?

This depends on what light levels you are trying to achieve. We do many lighting plans for baseball fields, softball fields, and batting cage facilities.

The cost of converting to LED can quickly be recouped with lower energy bills and near-zero maintenance costs.

How do you Select the Best Light for Your Batting Cage Facility?

The best way to start is to discover how many foot candles you need in the facility. Can you use existing light locations? Guessing is never a good approach. Lumens, the number of fixtures, and beam angles play a big part in finding the best lighting solution.

What type of lights would you recommend for an indoor batting cage facility?

We would recommend UFO High Bays, mounted from the ceiling. These lights will not only provide great, high-quality light for a very long time, but they are also high-impact rated, so they can survive a ball hit. Models can replace 400 Watt, 1000 Watt, and even 2000 Watt Metal Halides.

What type of lights would you recommend for an outdoor batting cage facility?

We would recommend High Power Flood Lights. Floodlight is a bit misleading, but these pole or wall-mounted lights can be equipped with various optics, from a narrow beam to a wide beam, that allows them to place the light where they are needed. They are also high-impact rated.

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How can I calculate the number of fixtures I need for an indoor or outdoor batting cage facility?

You don’t have to worry about that. The lighting plan layout that we do for you will do the calculations and tell you the number of fixtures you’ll need to meet your lighting requirements.

What Is the Ideal Color Temperature to Use for LED Batting Cage Lighting?

We suggest that the best color temperature is 5000K. 4000K would be a second choice if you’re looking for a warmer light.

What Optics Should I Choose for LED Batting Cage Lights?

There is no one optic or beam pattern that meets all needs and requirements. It depends on your fixture locations or where your lights are currently mounted. A batting cage lighting plan will sort that all out for you. Your lighting solution will include fixture, wattage, lumens, optics, number of fixtures, lighting performance and where to point them or beam angle. This is all part of what lighting solutions provides.

Installation Information On Batting Cage Lights

What types of mounts are available for Indoor lights for batting cage?

The four main types of high bay mounts are:

eye hooks
pendant mount
cable mount
chain mount

What types of mounts can I get for LED lights for outdoor batting cage?

The two main types of Outdoor Mounts are:

Trunnion Mount
Pole Mount

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