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LED Highway Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying LED Highway Lighting. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.

Looking for more information? Check our Guide to Highway Lighting here.


What’s LED Highway Lighting?

LED Highway lighting includes all forms of lighting that you can find on a highway. Overpass, underpass, interchanges, exits, and merge lanes lighting. Its purpose is to improve the driving experience in dark or night conditions.

What Are the Different Types of LED Highway Lighting?

There are many types of highway lighting. General street lighting, interchange high mast lights, underpass lights, and overpass lighting. LED Lighting Supply specializes in interchange high mast lighting.

How Does NAICS Code 237310 Relate to Lighting?

This code relates to construction and maintenance work performed on highways. For a complete reference, click here.

Bridge Lighting


What Is the Typical Cost of LED Highway Lighting?

That depends on the light you’re replacing. An underpass light is inexpensive. A DOT high mast interchange cluster is more expensive. These are high-power lights and there are many lights per pole.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can supply a product recommendation and quote.

Is It Best to Retrofit Highway Lighting? Or Use New Fixtures When Upgrading Highway Lights?

It’s best to replace the fixtures. While we offer retrofit options, they require optics to ensure proper light distribution. We do offer both, so contact us and we can work through the best option for your application.

Does It Make Sense to Use a Solar Highway Lighting System?

The issue with solar lighting is that it is somewhat limited in the number of lumens it produces. The second issue is that it has limited battery power. In case there are a few dark days, the lights may not operate at night.

What Is the Best Lighting to Use in a Highway Underpass?

Usually, we recommend wall packs or canopies for underpasses. The fixture used will depend on the mounting required and the needed amount of light.

What Highway Lights Are Best for Piercing Fog?

Lower color temperatures work best. So if that is a major criterion, we would recommend 3000K – 4000K for foggy conditions.

What Are the Best Lights for Highway Construction?

Floodlights produce focussed light so that you can illuminate the work area.

What Is the Best Lighting to Use on a Highway Overpass?

We would recommend pole-mounted streetlights for this application.

Do You Have a Retrofit to Replace Our Portable Lighting System Used on the Highway?

Yes, we can replace metal halide with LED flood lights on your portable lighting systems. They can be very compact and provide great light output.

What is the lumen output of highway high mast lighting?

Our most powerful fixture produces around 125,000 lumens – this may be way more than you need. You can easily replace 1000 Watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium with much less. Also, optics are very important for highway lighting. It allows you to control the spread of light and to put more light on the ground. When you use the right optics, you will usually need fewer lumens.

750W DOT LED High Mast

What Is the Best Highway Tunnel Lighting?

Wall-mounted / ceiling-mounted linear fixtures are a good choice. They should also be able to withstand the environment of handling car exhaust.

What Optics Are Appropriate to Use on a Highway Application?

That all depends on the type of light. We have found that, for highway interchanges, high mast lights and a wide beam optic work best.

What Is the Best Mounting Height for Lighting on a Highway?

For highway interchanges, 60 to 80 feet or higher is desirable.

Are Your Fixtures Impact Resistant?

Yes, many of our fixtures have a high impact rating. Look for the IK01-IK10 icons on the product pages. IK10 is the strongest.


What Is the Best Height to Mount Highway Lights At?

That depends on the type of light and its purpose. But we usually see 30 feet plus.

What Is the Ideal Spacing for LED Highway Lighting?

We’d be happy to create a free lighting plan for you, to help you find the right answer. Every location, situation, and roadway is different. A lighting plan will sort out the spacing criteria.

Should You Put Highway Lights on a Timer or an Intelligent Control System?

We always recommend simple controls (photocells) over complicated ones. But there are reasons you would want to use intelligent lighting controls.