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Airport Lighting

Ideal Airport Apron Lighting Standards

We recommend you consult the appropriate FAA airport lighting guidelines.

Ideal Color Temperature to Use at an Airport

Either 4000K or 5000K. These are the best all-purpose color temperatures.

Good Solution for Airport Security and Perimeter Lighting

We recommend flood lighting using powerful LED Airport Flood Lights. These lights, with the proper beam angles, can provide ‘flood’ or ‘highly focused narrow’ beams of light into an area.

Best Fixtures to Use for Airport Hanger Lighting

We recommend bay lights to light these areas. We can replace metal halide and fluorescent fixtures 1 for 1. And provide high-quality, bright lighting for plane maintenance.

Best Fixtures to Use for Airport Apron Lighting

We offer specialized apron airports. This allows each bank of light to be aimed to avoid glare issues for pilots.

Best Fixtures to Use for Airport Terminal Lighting

For general open areas, we would recommend LED high bays. They are perfect for illuminating large open spaces with tall ceilings.

Best Fixtures to Use for Airport Parking Lot Lighting

We offer many shoebox lights that can easily replace 400W and 1000W Metal Halide.  They can also replace High-Pressure Sodium lights.

Best Fixtures to Upgrade Can Lights in an Airport Terminal

We have installed metal halide recessed can conversion kits in many airports. They run 24/7.

LED Airport Lighting Surviving Lightning Strikes

We can install very large surge protectors onto our lights. But a direct strike from lightning is high voltage and the fixture will not survive this event. But, it should survive a nearby strike.

How to Replace a Metal Halide Fixture Inside a Plane Hangar

It’s very simple, the mounting hardware is like your existing lights. There are only three wires to connect – hot, neutral, and ground.

LED lights in airport hangar

high power led recessed lights installed at airport