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LED Lights for Power Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out questions they have about LED Lights for Power Plants. If it’s your first time making a purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191. A dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best light for your needs.

We also can do lighting designs for electrical substations.


Where can you use LED Lights for Power Plants?

Power plant lighting is a combination of indoor and outdoor lighting. Outdoors, power plants need both security lighting and general lighting. It’s common to find LED Parking Lot lights used to light up large parking areas. Indoors, there is a special need for high-temperature lighting for areas of steam generation. As well as another general lighting for non-high temperature areas.

What Makes a Light Industrial “Tough” Enough?

There are three categories of industrial lighting we can talk about.

The first is toughness and wet rated – look for high impact rating (IKxx) and wet location rating (IPxx).

The second category is for high-temperature applications. In this category, we offer lights rated to 212F.

The third category is hazardous location rating. We offer both Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2 fixtures.


How Do You Design a Power Plant Lighting System?

Creating lighting plans for existing power plants is relatively straightforward. There are times when retrofitting existing fixtures makes sense. It avoids costly engineering processes to design new lights. We can offer both metal halide and fluorescent retrofits. So you can keep your existing lighting.

What Type of LED Lights for Power Plants Should You Use in a Nuclear Facility?

If we talk about indoor lighting, in the reactor building, we have lights installed in several nuclear facilities. The process starts with testing to make sure they will not affect the operation of the reactors.

And then it’s about being able to handle the heat. We have supplied high-temperature lighting solutions. They’re mounted on the refueling floor above the reactors. They have worked well. The lights also use safety wires to ensure there is no chance they come loose.

What Lights Should You Use for Power Plant Control Room Lighting?

We have installed fluorescent lighting LED replacements inside control rooms. They provide high-quality flicker free lighting improving the work conditions for the workers in this room. In many instances, we were also able to de-lamp (replacing 2 fluorescent tubes with 1 LED tube). The LED tubes were much brighter than the fluorescent tubes they replaced.

What Lights Do You Recommend for Emergency Lighting in a Power Plant?

We have many lights that offer EMBs as an option. This includes High Bay LED Lights (UFO LED Lights and linear), panel lights for offices, rooms, and hallways, and exit signs.

What Safety Features Make This Acceptable Lighting for a Power Plant?

We have worked with several power plant operators in several countries, and have met their safety requirements. A lot of times we provide extra safety cables to ensure the lights stay mounted on the ceiling.

Do You Have Certificates to Prove These Lights Meet Power Plant Application Ratings?

There is no certification per se like UL approved. We have all the UL and ETL certifications, and supply our lights to operators to perform their own tests. Our experience has shown that this is the testing power plant operators prefer.

Converting Nuclear Power Plant To Led

What Options Are Available for High-Temperature Areas at a Power Plant?

We offer a full line of powerful high-temperature fixtures that are rated from 140F all the way to 212F.

Can We Buy a Demo Unit First to Test?

Yes, of course, that is an option for you.

Do You Have EMB Options and Will Your Lights Run on a Battery Back-Up System?

We offer both internal and external EMB options on many of our fixture options.

Are Your Lights Made of Steel?

All our lights have aluminum casings and not steel.

What Mounting Bracket Options Do You Have for Ceilings and Walls?

We offer eye hooks, pendants, and wire/chain ceiling mount options. For walls, we have trunnion/yoke mounts.


Are There Special Installation Considerations for LED Lights for Power Plants?

Being able to withstand high temperatures and of course, safety. , The ability to retrofit an existing fixture to cut down on engineering costs.

How Do You Wire into the Fixtures? Do You Use the Cord?

Some of our fixtures include cords/whips that wire into junction boxes.

Do I Need to Worry About the Cord Melting in High-Temperature Environments?

No. Even at 212 F, the cord should not melt.