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LED Mine Lighting

What is LED Lighting for Mining Operations?

LED Lighting for mining operations are high-power industrial grade fixtures designed for the harsh and hazardous environments of mines. These lights have high impact ratings and can operate maintenance-free for years without the need to replace bulbs and ballasts.

What Types of LED Lights Can You Use in a Mine?

We recommend lights that can withstand high temperatures, wet environments, and explosive atmospheres. We can provide high-temperature and/or explosion-proof lighting that meets all these requirements.

What are Mine Lighting Standards to Follow?

The local government will be able to better answer this question for you. They vary from state to state, and country to country. It is important to communicate with them if you are not clear on the local requirements. This will dictate in part which mine lighting system makes the most sense for your project.

Do Underground Mine Lights Need to Be Explosion Proof?

Not always, as there are mining operations that are not explosive environments. However, in areas with dust and explosive gases, explosion proof lighting is necessary.

Above ground in open pit mines, explosion-proof lighting is less likely to be required.

How Bright Should It Be in a Mine?

The best place to look for Mine Lighting Standards is here. The “Luminance Measurement for Underground Mine Lighting” provides a lot of the essential information you’ll need to determine how much light you’ll need.

Ideal Lux Levels for an Underground Drift Mine

At a minimum, consider 5-foot candles, or 50 lux. When drilling, mucking, and scaling, those areas should be at least 10-foot candles or 100 lux.

Considerations for LED Lighting in a Mining Operation

MSHA-Approved LED Mine Lighting: Talk with your local government if there are any requirements for MSHA-approved fixtures. We have found in most cases that MSHA covers emergency lighting or battery operated. Your best approach is to check what’s required in your area.

IP Rating (Wet Location LED Lights) for Mines: If you need a wet location / all-weather light that needs to stand up to water, then you need at least IP65 or above. The highest rating is IP69K.

High Temperatures Mining Lights: We offer high-temperature lights that are good for up to 302F. Our explosion-proof fixtures are rated for 140F. Identify what your requirements are and we will recommend the right options.

Explosion-Proof Rated Lights: We have both C1D1 and C1D2 lighting (as well as C2D1 and C2D2) for underground mining operations

Impact Resistant LED Lights: We have lights rated up to IK10, the highest rating there is.

LED Coal Mining Lights: We have these lights, and that includes both explosion-proof and high-temperature lights.

Can LED Mine Lighting Run 24/7?

Yes, but you have to concern yourself about the heat. Make sure the fixture’s designed to handle the high temperatures of the mine.

Can LED Lights Withstand Vibration from Blasting?

They can, but that all depends on how close they are to the blast zone. Our explosion-proof lights are all IK10 impact-rated. This is the highest rating available.

How Much Heat Do the LED Mining Lights Produce?

Very little, and when compared to metal halide or high-pressure sodium, they produce less heat.

Underground Mining Led Lights

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