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LED Mining Lights

Need a Free Mining Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Mining Lighting Plan?

Mining lights can mean lighting for in ground mining shafts or surface mining operations. Both require lights that can handle their unique environments. We offer both high temperature and explosion proof rated LED Lights for in ground mining operations, as well as power surface flood lighting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out what questions they had when buying mining lights. If it’s your first time making a purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us on (888) 423-3191 to speak directly with one of our lighting experts.

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What Type of Lights Can You Use in a Mine?

We recommend lights that can withstand high temperatures, wet environments and explosive atmospheres. We can provide lights that meet all these requirements.

What Mine Lighting Standards Should You Follow?

The local government will be able to better answer this question for you. They vary from state to state, and country to country. It is important to communicate with them if you are not clear on the local requirements.

Do All Mining Lights Need to Be Explosion Proof?

Not all, there are mining operations that are not explosive environments. Open pit mines, for example, just need strong flood lights and they don’t need to be explosion proof rated.

underground lighting in a mine


Are Your Lights MSHA Approved?

Communicate with your local government offices if there are any requirements for MSHA approved fixtures. We have found in most cases that MSHA covers emergency lighting or battery operated. Your best approach is to check what is required in your area.

What IP Rating Should Be Used in a Mine?

At least IP65 or above. The highest rating is IP69K.

What Is the Best Fixture to Use for Lighting Up a Mine Shaft?

Assuming you need explosion rated fixtures, we recommend our C1D1 or C1D2 low bays and high bay lights. If explosion proof is not required, then a high powered flood light or high bay might also be a good option. It all depends on the mounting and light level requirements.

What Lights Should Be Used in Areas of the Mine That Reach High Temperatures?

We offer high temperature lights that are good for up to 212F and our explosion proof fixtures are rated for 140F. Identify what your requirements are and we will recommend the right options.

What Is the Minimum Lux Level Requirement for an Underground Drift Mine?

At least 5 foot candles, or 50 lux. When drilling, mucking and scaling, those areas should be at least 10 foot candles, or 100 lux.

Led Flood Light 200 Watt With Pole Mount

200 Watt LED

Led Flood Light 400 Watt With Pole Mount

400 Watt LED


High Temperature 176F

High Temperature 176F

High Temperature 212F

High Temperature 212F


Can the Fixtures Be Run 24/7 in the Mine?

Yes, but you have to be concerned about heat. Make sure the fixture is designed to handle the high temperatures of the mine.

Can the Lights Withstand Constant Vibration from Blasts?

They can, but that all depends on how close they are to the blast zone. Our explosion proof lights are all IK10 impact rated, which is the highest rating available.

How Much Heat Do the Light Fixtures Produce?

Very little, and when compared to metal halide or high pressure sodium, they produce significantly less heat.

Are the Lights Impact Resistant?

Yes, they are. We have lights rated up to IK10, the highest rating there is.

underground lighting in a mine


How Should Lights Be Mounted in a Mine?

Our lights come with all the standard mounting options you are looking for. Contact us and we will make sure the light and mounting requirements match.

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