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LED Tunnel Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying LED tunnel lights. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.

General Information About LED Tunnel Lights

What are LED Tunnel Lights?

LED Tunnel lights install on the walls and ceilings of tunnels. They provide light in what would otherwise be a very dark space.

Do I Need Corrosive Resistant LED Tunnel Lights Fixtures?

Not in all cases, it will depend on the ventilation in the tunnels and the size of the tunnels. You will need corrosive-resistant fixtures if there is a high concentration of carbon dioxide. This can eat away at the fixture inside and out over time. To stop that from happening, you need a corrosive-resistant or vapor-tight fixture.

Where concentrations of CO2 are not high, powder-coated or polycarbonate fixtures work fine. Send us your requirements and we can recommend the right solution for your needs.

I Have Both 400 Watt and 1000 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures in a Tunnel. What’s a comparable LED Wattage?

LED Tunnel Lights vary on lumen per watt output. Many fixtures are 100 to 130 lumens per watt. Others are 130 to 150 lumens per watt. And there are some over 150 lumens per watt. The more lumens per watt, you’ll need fewer watts to produce the same amount of light.

To replace a 400 Watts metal halide you need 15000 to 25000 lumens. To replace a 1000 Watt metal halide you need 39000 to 50000 LED lumens. The best way to determine the exact amount of watts/lumens you need is to create a lighting plan.

Tunnel Lighting


What Type of Fixtures Should You Use for Road Tunnel Lighting?

It depends on where the fixtures are mounted and the type of tunnel. We’ve got corrosive-resistant LED Canopy Lights, LED Flood Lights, linear fixtures, and vapor-proof fixtures. They’re designed to handle exhaust gases. With optics to provide proper illumination on the roadway below.

We’ve also found you might need explosion-proof fixtures (C1D1 / C1D2).

Before You Buy: LED Tunnel Lights

How Do You Design a Lighting System in a Tunnel?

If you have a tunnel lighting project, we can recommend the right solution based on your requirements. We can supply you with the IES file for the fixtures. Or we can create a lighting plan for you.

Do You Offer LED Tunnels Lights That Can Operate in Wet Environments?

Yes, our LED Tunnel Lights will work in wet environments. Any lighting solutions we will recommend are with IP65, IP66, IP67 or IP68.

Can You Do a Lighting Plan for a Tunnel?

We will need the information and requirements for your tunnel project. From that, we can create a tunnel lighting plan for you.

What Is the Best Lighting for a High Ceiling Tunnel?

We offer some high-power LED solutions, but it depends on the tunnel usage. A lighting plan will show how well a certain light will work within your tunnel. And we can recommend the right combination of power, lumens, and optics.

What Mounting Options Are Available for LED Tunnel Lights?

Tunnel lighting will mount with a surface, wall, ceiling, or a trunnion/yoke bracket. We will match the right fixture and mount based on your specific requirements.

Are These Fixtures Vibration Proof?

Yes, many of our solutions are vibration-proof.

We Do Not Want to Blind Traffic in Tunnels. Is There a Way to Reduce Glare or Dim the Lights?

You can do this by selecting the right fixture for your applications. The right fixture will depend on the needed wattage, optic, and mounting. Creating a lighting plan will help you find the right LED tunnel lights to reduce any glare.

IP65 IP66 IP68
IP65 IP66 IP68

Do You Have a Certificate to Show These Lights Are Certified for Tunnel Use?

There is no tunnel certification standard. There are key features you want to make sure your tunnel lighting has. IP65 + rated if the tunnels are wet. They have the mounting you need. They’re corrosive resistant and provide the right level and optic for your application.

The other important aspect is the direction you install the lights. You want to make sure your lighting plan keeps the light out of the drivers’ eyes. As that can create an unsafe environment. We can help you determine this.

Do You Have Units in Stock, We Want to Install and Test a Sample Right Away?

Many of our solutions are in stock. If it is not in stock, it can take up to 4 weeks to deliver. When you contact us, make sure you identify there is a timing requirement and we will recommend an in-stock solution that meets your requirements.

Installation Information On LED Tunnel Lights

How easy is it to install your lights inside a tunnel?

For a qualified electrician, there’s nothing difficult. It’s no more difficult than installing normal types of lighting in this environment.

What Is the Warranty on Your LED Tunnel Lights?

All our tunnel lights carry a 5-year warranty. If you ever have a failure, contact us and we will resolve your failure.