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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying crane lights. Browse the list below or us at (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.

General Information About Crane Lights

What Are Overhead Crane Lights?

LED Overhead Crane lights are high-power LED Flood Lights mounted to the bottom of an overhead crane. They light up the area below the crane as it moves locations. They provide constant lighting for the crane operator.

What Are the Best Applications of LED Crane Lighting Fixtures?

LED Crane lights are most commonly used at ports, container ports, and industrial facilities. These places use cranes to move products or raw materials within the facility.

What Types of Lights Can You Use on Cranes?

High-power flood lights offer the best lighting for crane lighting. They are powerful LED lighting solutions that offer many beam/optic patterns. You may need a narrow beam pattern if the crane boom is high above the ground.

Will the Lights on a Crane Blind You If You Look Up into It?

These lights can be powerful and bright. And like any powerful light used in any application, looking into them is not advisable.

Are There Any Crane Lighting Regulations?

There are regulations when it comes to overhead cranes. This ensures construction cranes are visible to aircraft at night. There may also be OSHA requirements mandating lighting requirements for areas under the crane. These requirements may change from industry to industry.

Led Crane Lighting

Before You Buy: Crane Lights

Can You Use LED Lights on a Gantry Crane?

Yes, they can, but the crane needs to be able to provide a solid and secure mounting point and power to the fixture.

What Lights Will Be the Best Replacement for My Existing Crane Lights?

If you use metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights, LED flood lights make a great option. We can replace multiple lights one for one. And even provide brighter lighting options than you are currently using.

Will the Light Fixtures Hold Up to Extreme Vibration?

They can if you get lights that are vibration tested. There is a standard testing certification for vibration. And you should make sure the lights you buy are 3G, 4G, or 5G vibration tested. Otherwise, the vibration could damage the fixture.

How Many Areas Will Crane Lights Cover at 30 Feet?

Optics range from about 5 degrees to 150 degrees, and that doesn’t include non-symmetrical beam patterns. The best way to determine this is to create a lighting plan. Using your crane height, we can create a plan to ensure the coverage is perfect for your needs. But, on average, a flood with a 120-degree optic will produce a 70 to 80-foot spread at a mounting height of 30 feet.

Is It Safe to Use Crane Lights in and Around Salty Environments?

Yes, but make sure you look for a marine-grade finish on the fixture. These finishes are tough durable powder coats or epoxy-based finishes. These fixtures also include stainless steel screws and bolts. There is a big difference between marine grade and fixtures that are saltwater tested. The former of the two is significantly more durable for saltwater applications and industrial lighting solutions.

Are LED Crane Lights Waterproof?

The floodlights we sell are IP65 or high waterproof certified. Make sure the light you buy has this specification.

What Mounting Options Are Available?

We offer trunnion/yoke or slip fitter mounts. We also offer safety cables when needed.

Will the Lights Still Work If They Fall Off the Crane?

There is no predicting how well a light will work after it falls from a high distance. We offer high-impact resistance options, but there is no guarantee it will work after it hits the ground.

Do You Offer a Lens So That the Light Is Not So Intense?

The trade-off here is a wide angle frosted lens versus a beam optic to focus the light. Unfortunately, if you need an optic, a frosted option is not available.

Surface Temperature Can Get Over 150 Degrees in the Summer. Will the Lights Hold Up?

They can if you get the right light. We have many High-Temperature LED Lights that can handle up to 212F. So we can easily supply a light that can handle hot temperatures.


300 Watt High Temperature

300 Watt High Temperature

300 Watt High Temp

450 Watt High Temp


Do You Have Crane Boom Lights?

We do have high-power crane boom tip lights that can project from a narrow beam to a wide beam from the boom tip

What Color Temperature Fixtures Are Best for Crane Lights?

We recommend either 4000K or 5000K. 5000K is a bright light that is great for metal halide replacement and is the most used option.

led crane lights

Installation Information On Crane Lights

Can We Mount the Lights to the Crane?

Yes, you can. And if you are replacing your existing lights, our mounting options should match what you’re using.

What Is the Best Way to Mount LED Crane Lights?

We have found that the best way to mount crane lights is by using a trunnion mount attached directly to the crane.

Do I Need to Use a Surge Protector with Crane Lights?

It’s a good idea, especially if you think there is a chance of a lightning strike. A lighting strike’s considered an act of God. And a direct hit or close hit may cause the light to fail, a surge protector will mitigate damage from nearby hits. We can offer some strong surge protection options if that is what you need. Most crane lighting fixtures come with some level of surge protection built into the base unit.