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Service Pit Lighting

What is a Service Pits Lighting System?

Automotive service and repair pits are below-ground wells that allow mechanics to work on cars, buses, or trucks without the need for a lift system. The vehicle is parked above the pit, so an inspector or mechanic has easy access to it. They are commonly found in garages, auto dealerships, oil change businesses, major repair garages, minor repair garages and fleet service facilities. These areas require durable and safe lighting that provides high-quality illumination for the tasks at hand. Service pit lighting is specifically designed for this type of work area.

The type of work performed in service pits includes vehicle inspections, oil changes, repairs, fluid replacement, patching, and routine maintenance tasks. Because the pit area is closed in and confined, its lighting needs to be small and compact, so it is not in the way.

Depending on the type of work performed, there may be safety issues to consider due to the presence of fumes and chemicals. Inspection pit lighting will have different safety requirements than oil change pit lighting, for example. Vehicle inspection pit lighting will not have as many safety requirements. Oil, fuel, and hydraulic fluid are examples of the types of fumes and chemicals that can be present in a service pit. They can be combustible and require lighting fixtures that prevent potential hazards.

At the very least, service pit light fixtures must be rated well enough to protect their internal components from dust and moisture. Fixtures should be sealed and gasketed to keep out materials that can compromise their primary function. An IP68 rating is recommended. These fixtures are commonly referred to as vapor-proof lights.

For areas that may contain flammable vapors or liquids, you’ll need to have light fixtures that not only keep materials out, but you’ll also need ones that prevent combustible materials from igniting. These pit lights are called Hazardous Area and Explosion Proof lights and have C1D1 and C1D2 explosion proof ratings.

As far as the quality of light is concerned, LED lighting is highly recommended for these areas. LED inspection pit lighting and LED service pit lighting provide the best illumination for these tasks due to their high CRI and color temperature characteristics. They also demonstrate superior

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