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LED Bridge Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to LED bridge lighting purchases. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.

General Information About LED Bridge Lighting

What’s Bridge Lighting?

Bridge lighting ranges from street lights, pole top lights, and Shoebox Lights to light up highways. It can also include Flood Lights highlighting architectural aspects of the bridge itself.

Why Do I Need LED Lighting for a Bridge?

LED Lighting provides bright, high-quality lighting. Its lumen depreciation is very slow compared to other types of lighting and should operate for years without the need for maintenance, bulb, or ballast replacement.


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Before You Buy: LED Bridge Lighting

What Are the Best Lights to Use on a Bridge?

There is no single best light for all applications. We recommend you start by creating a lighting plan. It will help you determine the best lighting option for your project.

Is It Better to Retrofit or Use New Fixtures When Lighting Up a Bridge?

If you have a particular style of light fixture that you’d like to keep, then retrofitting is a great choice. If your fixtures are old, then installing new fixtures makes the most sense.

What Color Options Are Available for the Fixtures?

Bronze is the most common choice, but we also have grey, white, and black finishes.

Do I Need Marine Grade Fixtures for a Bridge near the Ocean?

That would be a good idea if you are near salt water. Saltwater can shorten the lifespan of lighting fixtures. Adding a marine-grade finish will extend their lifespan.

The Bridge Is near the Ocean. Can Your Fixtures Withstand Salt Spray?

Yes, we offer marine-grade finishes on some of our outdoor lighting options.

What Optic Options Are Available?

We have a lot of optic options available. All the standard street optics, T3, T5, and narrow and wide beam angles, from 10 degrees to 150 degrees.

Installation Information On LED Bridge Lighting

What Is the Best Way to Mount a Fixture to a Bridge?

We offer many of the same mounting options you are currently using.