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Shipping Container Lighting

What are the best type of storage container lighting to install in a shipping container?

Because shipping containers are long, narrow, and have relatively short ceilings, we recommend a surface mount fixture. Linear strip fixtures are ideal as they will lighten up a larger area and the light will be generally more balanced.

A good secondary option would be a ceiling-mounted canopy light or low bay fixture.

We also offer vapor-tight and explosion-proof led container lights.

How powerful of lights for shipping containers should I place inside to light them up?

Shipping containers are not very large, and the ceiling height is relatively short. So you do not have to overpower the space with powerful lights. Anything above 100 watts or 15000 lumens per light would be overkill.

How many lights should I purchase for a shipping container?

That really depends on how bright you want it. Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

for a 20 ft container – 2 to 3 lights

for a 40 ft container – 4 to 6 lights

Do you have wet location lighting for inside a shipping container?

We do, and the specification you should look at is the fixture’s IP Rating. Look for IP65 or better, and your fixtures should be able to withstand any moisture issues.

Shipping Container Lighting

We store hazardous materials inside shipping containers. What would you recommend?

If the products produce an explosive vapor environment, then you should use explosion-proof lighting. If the vapors are corrosive but not explosive, then vapor-proof fixtures should be considered.