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LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

Are Street Lights Needed in Front of Auto Dealerships?

While you can use street light fixtures (Cobra Heads), a better option is to use parking lot shoebox lights. These lights are capable of replacing up to 1000-watt metal halide, which is something that would be hard to do in a street light format.

Best Strategy for Outdoor Lighting of a Car Dealership

Lighting up the cars closest to the street means drivers will always see well-lit cars. The poles further away from the street should include motion sensors so they dim when no one is around. This strategy provides good appeal but also saves the dealership money. Also, many dealerships use photocells or centralized timers for lighting control.

Why LED Lights for Car Dealerships Better than Metal Halides

There are quite a few reasons – over and above the lower lighting bills and maintenance costs. A car dealership needs great high-quality lights to highlight the cars. And LEDs can deliver high-quality lights. The spec you need to pay attention to is the Color Rendering Index – or CRI, which is a standard on the quality of light. LEDs start at 70+. Plus, it’s easy to add motion sensors and dim LED lights – which could reduce your light bills even further.

How to Avoid Glare from Lighting in a Car Dealership

One technique is to add back shields and side shields. But this strategy also limits light distribution and the fixtures available. Not all have these options. Adding motion sensor dimming could reduce the light output on the lot. There is no need for 100% brightness at 3 AM. But for security reasons, having lights turn on or up right away when motion is detected is also ideal. LEDs perform well handling this.

Any Restrictions on Types and Amount of Lighting in a Car Dealership?

This is more of a city or town bylaw question and will vary depending on where you’re located.

Fixtures Required for Adequate Car Dealership Lighting

The best way to answer this question is to create a lighting plan. A lighting plan will model your indoor or outdoor spaces. It will place lights in your existing light locations (or new locations). It will present you with a report detailing light levels and show you how well-balanced the lighting is. There is no need to guesstimate what might work. We have done hundreds of indoor and outdoor lighting plans for car dealerships.

Best Color Temperature for New Car Dealership Parking Lot Lighting

Use either 5000K but sometimes we also get requests for 4000K. We also suggest a higher CRI – it will help red cars especially.

LED Wattage to Replace 1000-watt Metal Halide Fixtures in a Car Dealership

We have several options. Indoors, we offer many UFO lights and linear high bays that can replace 1000-watt metal halide. Outdoors we offer powerful parking lit fixtures that can also replace 1000 Watt metal halide – 1 for 1.

Different Types of Car Dealership Lights

For outdoors, we suggest either wall-mounted wall packs, poles, or wall-mounted flood lights. Use pole-mounted parking lot lights for the car lot.

For interior showroom lights, we have color-changing 2X2 or 2X4 panels or powerful retrofit kits.

In the service bay, we offer low bay, high bay, and shop lighting.

Install Guide for LED Lighting for Car Dealerships

Every product that we sell comes with a set of instructions that are clear and easy to follow.

Before Car Dealership LED Conversion
After Car Dealership LED Conversion

Car Dealerships Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions

We have both outdoor lighting and indoor lighting options. We can handle showroom LED lighting, service bays, security lighting, and car lot lighting fixtures. We can provide lighting plans for all your auto dealers’ needs.

Do Car Dealerships Need 50 Foot Candles?

50-foot candles, indoors, is a lot of light. Just as important as brightness, is a balance of light. A bright room with a lot of shadows is not good.

Outdoors, and 50-foot candles may be overkill. 50-foot candles are a target we try to achieve when creating lighting plans for infield lighting for baseball fields, and what we target for the infield. While you want the outdoor car lot to be bright, 50-foot candles outdoors are probably too much.

Best Color Temperature to Use in a Car Dealership Showroom

The same as outdoors, 4000K or 5000K. We offer color-changing LED panels that can do 3000K to 5000K. So you can adjust the lighting in the room to match or meet your needs.

Best Types of Light to Use in the Service Department

Use either high bays or low bays, and for lower ceilings (< 10 ft), shop lights.

Color Temperature Adjustable Lights are Good for Car Dealerships

You may not be sure what color temperature you or your customer find best. It may be 4000K or 5000K. By using a color-changing panel, you can decide after you install it. These panels are also dimmable. So you can dial in the right lighting – and not worry about what you should choose before you buy.

Bullhorns and Other Mounting Options

We can offer bullhorns and other mounting options if that is what you need.

Choose The Right Led Parking Lot Lights

Low Bay Vs High Bay