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LED Brewery Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers their biggest questions when purchasing brewery lights. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call us at (888) 423-3191. A lighting expert will assist you.

General Information About LED Brewery Lighting

What Are the Ideal Light Levels for a Brewery?

The ideal light level for brewers is around 50-foot candles and more for cleaning.

Do Breweries Need NSF Light Fixtures?

It all depends on your local health departments and the rules they have in place. Drinks made in a brewery are consumable, so certainly it would not hurt to use NSF-certified fixtures.

Are There Any Special Requirements for Distillery Lights?

There are no special requirements. Other than they might need to be NSF certified, and definitely waterproof so you can wash them down. Many of our NSF-certified fixtures are IP69K rated. Which is the highest rating for washdown available.

Can You Run a Lighting Plan for My New Brewery?

Yes, we can create a free lighting plan for you. A lighting plan will allow us to model your area using our lights and generate a report that shows you how well our lights will work.

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Before You Buy: LED Brewery Lighting

How Much Do Brewery Lights Cost?

We have lighting fixtures starting below $200, so there are options for everyone.

What Are the Best Lights for a Brewery Parking Lot?

We would recommend using LED Shoebox Lights for any parking lot.

What Are the Best Lights for Above the Fermenter Tanks?

We would recommend using waterproof bay fixtures or NSF fixtures. We would also recommend a 5000K color temperature.

What Is the Best Color Temp to Use in Our Distillery? We Also Have a Mezzanine Area, Should It Be Different Lighting?

We would recommend 5000K inside the brewery, and 4000K in the mezzanine area. This will provide a warmer lighting experience for your customers.

Do You Have Uplight Options as We Have a Decorative Ceiling?

We can provide up-lighting by pointing some of our LED Flood Lights toward the ceiling. This is an efficient and cheaper way of providing uplight.

Do I Need to Use Explosion Proof Fixtures in My Still / Brewery?

If there are alcohol vapors present, then you should use explosion-proof lighting.

Choose Class 1 Division 1 lighting if vapors are always present. Or a Class 1 Division 2 light if vapors are sometimes present. The best way to answer this is to check with your local health department and the rules they have in place.

Are Your LED Brewery Lighting Fixtures Waterproof?

Some are, and many of our LED Brewery Lighting Fixtures are NSF certified. We have a full line of LED UFO Lights that are also waterproof.

Will the Chemicals in the Brew Damage My Fixtures?

They shouldn’t. We have our fixtures installed in many harsh environments, like indoor swimming pools. They’re exposed to tough vapor conditions all day long without any problems.

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How Many Foot Candles Do You Need for a Brewery?

We would recommend at least 50-foot candles on the brewery floor.

Do You Have Outdoor Fixtures to Light Up My Parking Lot?

We do- check out our LED Parking Lot Lights here.

Do You Sell Domes to Shield the Lights from the Side View?

We do sell acrylic domes that fit on some of our UFO high bay fixtures to support side glare reduction.

Installation Information On LED Brewery Lighting

Are There Any Special Installation Instructions When Working with a Brewery or Distillery?

Nothing special, other than your qualified electrician should be familiar with your environment. Our LED Brewery fixtures install easily and there are only 3 wires to connect to your lighting circuit.

How Do I Ensure That Alcohol Vapors Do Not Get Inside of the Lighting Above the Still?

If the area is an explosive hazardous location, always use Explosion Proof Lights. They will keep your area safe and can handle alcohol vapors. Check with your local health department and the rules they have in place.