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LED Distillery Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers their biggest questions when purchasing LED Lights for distilleries. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call us at (888) 423-3191. A lighting expert will assist you.

General Information About LED Distillery Lighting

What Are the Ideal Light Levels for a Distillery?

The ideal light levels range between 20-foot candles and 100-foot candles (inspection of the final product).

Do Distilleries Need Explosion-Proof Light Fixtures?

In some areas, yes. If there are alcohol vapors always or sometimes present, then Class 1 Division 1 or Class 1 Division 2 LED Lights are the safest option.

Are There Any Special Requirements for Distillery Lights?

There are no special requirements, other than the ones we discussed already. If you need NSF-certified lighting, we can provide that as well. Many of our NSF-certified fixtures are IP69K rated. Which is the highest rating for washdown available.

What if we have areas of high ambient temperatures?

If you have areas where the room rises above 130 F, we have a full line of high-temperature LED Lights that we can supply. These lights are rated from 140F to 212F and are designed specifically to provide high-quality, long-lasting LED Lights in high-temperature rooms.

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Before You Buy: LED Distillery Lighting

How Much Do Brewery Lights Cost?

We have commercial lighting fixtures starting under $200. Other lights, like explosion-proof light and high-temperature lights are more expensive as these are an Industrial LED Lighting Solutions.

What Are the Best Lights for Above the Fermenter Tanks?

We would recommend using waterproof bay fixtures or NSF fixtures. We would also recommend a 5000K color temperature. If the area has alcohol vapors, then we recommend explosion-proof fixtures.

What Is the Best Color Temp to Use in Our Distillery?

We would recommend 5000K inside the distillery. A slightly warmer option would be 4000K.

Can You Provide a Lighting Plan for a Distillery?

Yes, we can, click here and we will create a free lighting plan for you.

Are Your LED Lighting Fixtures Waterproof?

Some are, and many of our LED Lights we would recommend for a Distillery are IP Rated for wet locations. We have a full line of LED UFO High Bays that are also IP rated, as well as our NSF Fixtures, Explosion Proof, and High-Temperature fixtures.

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What Mounting Options do you offer for your Indoor Lights?

We offer many of the standard mounts you are used to – Eye Hook, Pendant Mount, and Surface / Ceiling Mount.

Installation Information On LED Distillery Lighting

Are There Any Special Installation Instructions for lights installed in a Distillery?

Nothing special, other than your qualified electrician should be familiar with your environment. Our LED Distillery fixtures install easily and there are only 3 wires to connect to your lighting circuit. If you are installing explosion-proof lights, then we suggest you have a qualified electrician that understands how to install lights in these environments.

How Do I Ensure That Alcohol Vapors Do Not Get Inside the Lighting Above the Still?

If the area is an explosive hazardous location, always use Explosion Proof Lights. They will keep your area safe and can handle alcohol vapors. If the area is not an explosion risk, then vapor-tight fixtures are a great option if this is a concern.