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Walk In LED Cooler Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked new and existing customers what questions they wished they had asked before buying walk-in cooler lighting. Here’s the list below. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, contact us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

General Information About Walk In LED Cooler Lights

Do I Need NSF Fixtures for My Cooler?

You do if food preparation work is being done inside the cooler area. Your local health department will be able to tell you if areas in your facility need NSF fixtures.

What Amount of Light’s Needed for a Walk-in Cooler?

Walk-in cooler lighting requirements depend on the purpose of the cooler. Coolers used as storage areas need a lot less light than coolers that are used for work processes, but light sources shouldn’t have an efficacy of fewer than 40 lumens per watt or should turn off within 15 minutes of last use.

In general, 50-foot candles should be the target for food preparation areas. 20-foot candles for support rooms (wash areas) and 10-foot candles for storage areas.

Can You Retrofit Existing Walk-in Cooler Lights?

You can. We offer both fluorescent and metal halide retrofit solutions. If retrofitting is something you think you need to do. Otherwise, we also offer new NSF and vapor-proof fixtures.

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Before You Buy: Walk In LED Cooler Lights

Do You Need Wet Location Lighting for a Walk-in Cooler?

Yes, we would recommend this, since coolers also tend to be damp and subject to wash downs. All our NSF Walk In LED Cooler Lights including vapor proof, low bay, and high bay fixtures are IP65+ rated.

Do Walk-in Cooler Lights Need to Be Vapor Tight to Protect Against Water Vapors?

Water vapors are not particularly harmful. So if that is what you are protecting against, then look for an IP-rated fixture. A lot of lights in cooler and refrigerated areas are exposed to harmful vapors would shorten the life of the fixture.

How Low Can the Temperature Get Before the Fixtures Stop Working?

We offer some vapor-proof fixtures rated to -22F and -40F. We also have NSF fixtures rated to -40F. But, in general, LEDs love the cold and they actually last longer.

Do These Fixtures Come with a Motion Sensor That Will Turn the Lights on When We Open the Door?

We offer Walk-In LED Cooler Lights with motion sensor options. So if this is a need, let us know and we can find the right option for your needs.

Will I Need to Replace Walk-In LED Cooler Lights More Often?

Not if you choose the right light for the right application. There is no reason to expect premature failure or replacement. LEDs actually will last long in cold locations. The warranty on all our lights is at least 5 years.

What Mounting Options Are Available When Using Lights in a Walk-in Cooler?

We offer hook mount, pendant mount, and surface mount options.

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What Are the Best Fixtures for Walk-in Cooler Lighting?

There is no best fixture for walk-in coolers as every fixture is different and has specific uses. Let us know what your requirements are, and we will offer you several options that might work best for you.

What Is the Best Color Temperature for Walk-in Cooler Lighting?

We recommend either 4000K or 5000K. 5000K is the most popular option for walk-in coolers.

Installation Information On Walk In LED Cooler Lights

How Do You Install Walk-In LED Cooler Lights?

There is nothing difficult about installing an LED light inside a cooler. Any qualified installer can follow the instructions provided with each fixture.

How Much Heat Do Walk-In LED Cooler Lights Emit?

Very little, and far less than fluorescent lights and metal halide lights.

How Do You Wire Walk-in Cooler Lights?

There are only 3 wires to connect to the electrical circuit – line, neutral, and ground.