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Hospital Lights

Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers about questions they had about LED Lights for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities. Feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 to speak with one of our lighting experts.

General Information About Hospital Lights

What Types of Lights Will You Find in a Hospital and Healthcare Facility?

Hospital lights vary by application and location. The outdoor lights used outside are typical of any commercial establishment. Many of the lights in hospitals and healthcare facilities’ interiors are general lighting that you can find in schools and other commercial offices. These include panel lights, sconces, and stairwell lighting.

What Should You Look for in a Hospital Lighting Supplier?

The quality of the products they sell. Their ability to assist you pre and post-sales. And their willingness to support you if there is a problem with a light.

Inside Hospital Lobby Area

What Type of LED Lights for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Should You Use in the Lobby?

LED panel lights or retrofit solutions with LED tubes or magnetic retrofit strips.

Is It Better to Use Fluorescent or LED Lights for Healthcare Lighting Solutions?

LED, without a doubt for proper lighting. Fluorescent lights strobe, flicker, and hum, cause eye strain and headaches, and have mercury.

What Are the Benefits of Using LED Lights for Health Care Facilities?

With LED, there’s no humming, no strobing, no flickering, and no mercury. Plus, with LED, you get significant energy and maintenance savings.

How Much Money Can You Save by Using a Lighting Control System along with LED Lights?

A considerable amount, especially if the system can dim and control light levels around the patient care, patient room and medical staff areas. A dimmed lighting system will save energy and money, over and above the savings, you see when you convert to LED.

Outdoor Medical Center Entrance

What Type of LED Lights Can You Use for  Patient Rooms?

For good lighting and visual comfort, we recommend LED panels and over-bed linear fixtures.

What Type of Fixtures Can You Use for Health Care Facility Corridor Lighting?

LED panel lights, or retrofit solutions with LED tubes or magnetic retrofit strips.

What Type of LED Lights for Hospitals Can You Use for Ward Lighting?

LED panels mounted in the ceilings.

LED Hospital Lighting

Before You Buy: Hospital Lights

What Are the Ideal Lighting Levels for a Hospital and Health Care e?

That depends on the function and area, but here are some general guidelines:

Lobby Area 15-20 fc
Waiting Area (General) 20-30 fc
Patient Ward Rooms (Observation) 30 fc
Medical Laboratory 50 fc
Operating Room 300 – 1000 fc
Critical Care Areas (Examination) 50 fc

Is It Better to Retrofit or Use New Fixtures for Hospital Lighting?

It depends on the light itself. If it is a light that is hard to find, but you’d like to convert it to LED, retrofitting makes sense. Otherwise, we would recommend new fixtures.

Do You Offer Color Changing Products That Can Mimic Daylight?

We do have a series of color-changing LED panels and flush-mounted ceiling lights. They allow you to set the desired color temperature.

Do You Know of Any Rebates That I Can Receive If I Buy Your LED Lights for Hospitals?

Many of our lights are DLC listed / rebate eligible / Energy Star rated. Utility companies control the products eligible for a rebate and the amount of rebate. Contact yours to see if there are any rebates available.

What Is the Best Color Temperature to Use in a Hospital?

It depends on the purpose of the room and the activity performed in it. For patient rooms and waiting rooms, we would recommend a warmer color temperature, 3000K or 4000K. For commercial kitchens and engineering rooms, we would recommend 5000K.

Color Temperature Bulbs

Are Your Fixtures NSF Rated?

We do have a line of LED NSF fixtures.

I Have Patients with Severe UV Allergies. Do Your LED Lights Give Off Any UV Rays?

They do not. LED lights do not produce UV or IR spectrums (some do, but they are specifically designed to do so).

Are Your Fixtures Able to Work with the Lighting Controls We Have in the Hospital?

Yes, we assume your control system talks to 0-10V low voltage dimming wires as most control systems do.

Installation Information On Hospital Lights

Are There Any Special Considerations When Installing Lighting in a Hospital?

Any qualified electrician familiar with installing fixtures in a hospital will have no issue with our lights. They install easily and every fixture comes complete with installation instructions.

What Can I Do to Avoid the Build-Up of Germs on My Hospital Lighting Fixtures?

Like any surface in a hospital, you should clean the light surface to avoid the build-up of germs.