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LED Lights for Convenience Stores

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers their biggest questions about LED Lights for Convenience Stores. If you cannot find the answer below, please call (888) 423-3191 and one of our lighting experts will assist you.

General Information About LED Lights for Convenience Stores

What Is the Best LED Lights for Convenience Stores?

It’s hard to say one light is the best light for convenience stores as there is no one light that meets all needs. A store that uses ceiling panels will need a different solution than one that uses surface-mount ceiling lights. Feel free to contact us and we will help you find the best light for your store.

Are Wall Packs or Flood Lights on the Building Better for Lighting Up the Outside?

Both have different purposes, so it depends on what you’re trying to do. Trying to light up a dark corner is hard to do with a wall pack. Wall packs added around the perimeter of the building is a good way to add general lighting.

What Does NSF Mean?

NSF is the National Science Foundation. It’s an organization that, certifies lights for food service and preparation. We do have food-safe NSF-certified lighting.

Do Lights in a Convenience Store Need to Be Food Safe?

No, but your health inspector will be able to answer this better since they are the ones who set the code in your area.

How Much Money Can We Save Switching to LED Lights for Convenience Stores?

Across the board, you can expect savings of 50%-75% when converting to LED lights.

LED Convenience Store Lighting

My Lights Are on 7×24. How Long Will New Fixtures Last?

Quite long actually. You should expect 5-7+ years of life.

Before You Buy: LED Lights for Convenience Stores

Can I Retrofit the Existing Fixtures I Have or Do I Need New Fixtures?

You can retrofit the fixtures. For example, change out fluorescent tubes with LED tubes. If you want a cleaner look, you may want to install new LED panels. For the outdoors it’s the same, we have parking lot light retrofit kits but also offer new shoebox lights. This is more of a preference than a rule.

What Light Level Is Best for a Convenience Store?

Brighter is better than dimmer. Indoors, you should try to achieve a foot candle reading of 20-50 foot candles. Outdoors, lighting up the parking area with 2 – 5 foot candles is ideal.

Do You Sell Refrigerator Lights?

We sell LED tubes that you can use inside refrigerator display units. And we also sell cold storage lighting.

Can I Flood My Parking Lot or Do I Need the Lights to Shine Down at the Ground?

That question has more to do with local codes. If you need dark sky-compliant lights, use shoebox lights instead of flood lights.

Can I Use Fewer Fixtures and Get the Same Amount of Light?

Yes, but it depends on the space. We’d be happy to create a lighting plan and help determine if we can reduce fixtures in the space.

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Installation Information On LED Lights for Convenience Stores

Can I Use the Ballast with My Existing Fixtures or Do I Need to Rewire it?

Some of our tubes are ballast compatible. But we do not have any LED kits that can work from a metal halide or high-pressure sodium ballast.