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LED Supermarket Lights

Need a Free Supermarket Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Supermarket Lighting Plan?

Converting an existing Supermarket or Big Box store over to LED provides a cost saving alternative to metal halide and fluorescent lighting while providing bright, powerful, and high quality lighting for your customers. We offer Supermarket Lighting Plans so you can see how well our lights perform before you have to spend any money!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to new customers and asked them their biggest questions relating to supermarket lighting. Can’t find an answer below? Call us on (888) 423-3191 and a lighting expert will support you in this process.

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What Types of Lights Are Typically Used in a Supermarket?

In supermarkets, the most commonly used types of lights are high bay lights, either round or panel style, and linear strip fixtures.

Is It Best to Use Fluorescent or LED Lights in a Supermarket?

There are several reasons why LEDs provide a better shopping experience compared to fluorescent lighting. The lights do not flicker and hum. They reduce energy consumption by at least 50% or more. They dramatically reduce light maintenance costs. And, they have great light quality specs, making the products on the shelves look good.

Should You Have Emergency Lighting in a Grocery Store?

You should consider adding emergency lighting if you don’t have it already. It provides enough light so your customers can safely find their way out of the store if the power fails.

How Much Money Can You Save on Your Electricity Bill in a Grocery Store by Switching to LED?

At least 50% or more, depending on the lights used.

Super Market Lighting


What Type of Lights Work Best for Walk in Coolers?

We suggest a vapor type linear fixture. They are protected from cooler environments and can withstand washdowns.

What Are Common Supermarket Lighting Standards to Follow?

Light levels can vary greatly in a store, depending on the prominence of the location. Highly valued prominent locations could see as much as 100 foot candles. Less prominent but still important locations could see between 50 to 70 foot candles. And less prominent areas could be satisfied with 30-50 foot candles. Besides light levels, high CRI, 80 or above, is recommended.

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Is It Better to Use a UFO or Linear Fixture in a Supermarket?

We like the look and performance of UFO fixtures, and also can offer acrylic lenses to further reduce glare and increase some uplighting onto the ceiling. We can also see 8 foot strip lights and linear fixtures being used. The height of the mounting can also impact the type of the fixture being used. However, in the end, it all comes down to your preferences.

Do You Offer Fixtures That Are Made for Use in a Freezer or Cooler?

We have many lights, linear style vapor proof fixtures, that work exceptionally well inside coolers.

What Color Temperature Is Best for a Supermarket?

We would suggest 4000K as a good benchmark for interior supermarket lighting.

What Type of Lights Work Best in Supermarket Aisles?

Nowadays, we are seeing a lot more high bay lights with acrylic lenses being used inside shopping centers. The acrylic lenses provide a little bit of up-light. You can consider linear high bay and low bay panel style lights as well.

Warehouse Light Led Linear High Bay Ip66 4

 UFO High Bay

 Led Linear

Do You Offer Dark Sky Compliant Parking Lot Lights?

We do, all our parking lot lights as well as some wall packs are dark sky compliant.

150 Watt LED Shoebox 300 Watt LED Shoebox

150 Watt LED Shoebox

300 Watt LED Shoebox

What Are the Ideal Lighting Levels for a Grocery Store Parking Lot?

We recommend between 3 and 5 foot candles for parking lot lighting.


Will Your Light Fixtures Die Faster in a Freezer?

No, in fact, LEDs love the cold. So, there’s a good chance they will last longer.

No, in fact, LEDs love the cold. So, there’s a good chance they will last longer.

We do, but they are not powerful enough to replace 400W or 1000W metal halide options.

Do Your Products Qualify for Rebate Incentives?

They do, please check with your local utility as every utility offers different types of rebates.

Can I Retrofit Existing Fixtures or Do I Need to Buy All New Lights?

We offer both retrofit and new fixture options, and we can help you decide which ones are best.

Cold Storage LED Lighting


My Customers Say That the New Lights Are Too Bright. Can I Dim Them Down?

Many of our lights are dimmable, and include a 0-10 or 1-10V dimmable driver.

How Do You Mount the New Light Fixtures?

There are no special considerations required to mount our fixtures. All the same mounting options you are familiar with are available with our lines of LED lights.

Get Your Free Super Market Lighting Plan

Founded in 2008, LED Lighting Supply has been providing lighting solutions to commercial buildings across the country for more than a decade.

Whether you need a free lighting plan or have questions about LEDs, our expert lighting team will help you make the right choice – whether that’s for a small local supermarket or a large box store.

Contact us for a free lighting plan or to discuss your LED lighting goals.

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