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LED Supermarket Lights

Types of Lights Typically Used in a Supermarket

The most used types of lights are high bays, like round-style UFO lights or panels for grid ceilings, and linear strip fixtures.

Outdoors, you will find shoebox lights, wall packs, and flood lights.

What are the Best Types of LED Lights for Walk-in Coolers and Freezers?

Use vapor-type fixtures. They’re protected from cooler environments and can withstand washdowns.

LEDs love the cold. So, there’s a good chance they will last longer.

Is it Better to Use UFO or Linear Fixtures in a Supermarket?

We like the look and performance of UFO fixtures. Use acrylic lenses to further reduce glare and increase up-lighting on the ceiling. We can also see 8-foot strip lights and linear fixtures being used. The height of the mounting can also impact the type of fixture used. In the end, it all comes down to your preferences.

What are the Best Types of LED Supermarket Lights for Shopping Aisles?

We are seeing a lot more high bay lights with acrylic lenses used inside shopping centers. The acrylic lenses provide a little bit of up-light. You can consider linear high bays and low bays as well.

What are the Benefits of LED Shop Lights over traditional Fluorescent and Metal Halide Lighting?

  • Energy Efficiency: significantly reduced energy used to produce the same amount (if not more) of lumens and light. This creates a safer and more welcoming work environment.
  • Reduced Lighting Bills: you should expect your lighting bills to be 50% or more lower
  • You can dim LED lights providing a better customer experience
  • Reduce Maintenance: Long life and no bulb or ballast changes, or recycling charges
  • Controls Ready: works well with motion sensors
  • Instant on - instant off: no long strike times and cold weather does not affect the light like it does fluorescent lights
  • No humming or strobing: a common issue with fluorescent lights as bulbs and ballasts get near end-of-life
  • Emergency Lighting with EMBs makes sure lights stay on when the power is cut off unexpectedly.

Common Supermarket Lighting Standards to Follow

Light levels can vary in a store, depending on the prominence of the location. Prominent locations could see as many as 100-foot candles. Less prominent but still important locations could see between 50 to 70-foot candles. For less prominent areas, shoot for 30-50 foot candles. Besides light levels and high CRI, we recommend 80 or above.

What is the Best Color Temperature for a Supermarket?

We would suggest 4000K as a good benchmark for interior supermarket lighting. We offer a wide range of color-adjustable LED commercial lights, so you can select the color temperature you think best suits your needs.

Are there any Special Considerations for Mounting LED Supermarket Lights?

There are no special considerations required to mount our fixtures. All the mounting options you’re familiar with are available with our LED Supermarket Lights.

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