Finding the right lighting distributor for your lighting projects can be challenging. There are many to choose from. And they all come with varying levels of products, services, and industry expertise. You, the customer, also have your own particular needs and requirements based on what you hope to do.

LED Lighting Supply is here to help. We specialize in commercial, industrial and sports lighting projects from start to finish. Some customers buy online. While many more work with our team of lighting specialists to assist with their projects.

Many of the companies listed below are customers of LED Lighting Supply. Yet, a savvy consumer knows that all lighting distributors are not the same. It’s always best to be knowledgeable about your options. For this reason, we’ve assembled a list to help you decide what’s best for you and your clients/company.


Led Lighting Supply

LED Lighting Supply

Headquarters: Nashua, NH

Estimated Number of Employees: 15-25

Number of Locations: HQ Services the Entire USA

Industry Focus: Commercial, Industrial & Sport LED Lighting

LED Lighting Supply is a commercial, industrial, and sports LED lighting company. They provide solutions for lighting projects by offering free lighting plans, consultation for new and retrofit LED lighting products and rebate analysis.

Specialties: commercial LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, sports LED lighting, LED high bay lighting, LED parking lot lighting, shoebox lighting, LED warehouse lighting, NSF lighting, explosion proof lighting, lighting plans, LED retrofit kits,



Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Estimated Number of Employees: 10000+/-

Number of Locations: 500+/-

Industry Focus: Global supply chain solutions provider

WESCO is one of the five largest full-line electrical distributors in North America. They are a provider of electrical, industrial, communications, maintenance, repair and operating (MRO), and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. They also provide construction materials and advanced supply chain management/logistic services.

Specialties: Supply chain solutions, electrical supply and distribution, construction, utility, industrial, healthcare, government, international, manufactured structures, integrated supply, OEM, MRO, DataComm, communications, electrical, lighting, power generation, safety, security, automation, sustainability, and renewable energy

Graybar Electric

Graybar Electric

Headquarters: Clayton, MO

Estimated Number of Employees: 5000+/-

Number of Locations: 250+/-

Industry Focus: Supply chain management and logistics services

Graybar Electric is one of the five largest full-line electrical distributors in North America. They are one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America. They operate a wholesale distribution business for electrical, communications, and data networking products. Graybar stocks and sells products from thousands of manufacturers. They are also a provider of associated supply chain management and logistics services.

Specialties: DataComm, electrical distribution equipment, HVAC, lighting, supply chain management, logistics, wiring, conduit, construction, industrial, healthcare, government, data centers

Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc

Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc.

Headquarters: Irving, TX

Estimated Number of Employees: 10000+

Number of Locations: 700+/-

Industry Focus: Electric equipment wholesale

Consolidated Electrical Distributors is one of the five largest full-line electrical distributors in North America. They specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, and solar projects. CED has over 500 independently operated locations distributing electrical products throughout the U.S.

Specialties: Industrial, commercial, residential, solar energy, renewables, manufacturing, wiring, OEM, automation, electrical distribution, construction

Rexel Holdings Usa

Rexel Holdings Usa

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Estimated Number of Employees: 8000+/-

Number of Locations: 500+/-

Industry Focus: Electrical equipment distribution

Rexel Holdings USA is one of the five largest full-line electrical distributors in North America. They are an electrical supply distributor that provides a broad range of electrical parts and components for electricians and contractors. They serve three markets: industrial, commercial, and residential.

Specialties: Electrical supplies, electrical distribution, lighting retrofits, alternative energy solutions and services, energy audits, customer training, solar energy, power distribution

Border States Industries Inc

Border States Industries Inc.

Headquarters: Fargo, ND

Estimated Number of Employees: 2000+/-

Number of Locations: 95+/-

Industry Focus: Construction, industrial and utility market

Border States Industries is the seventh-largest electrical distributor in the United States. They are one hundred percent employee-owned. They provide modern supply chain products and services to the construction, industrial, and utility markets.

Specialties: Inventory management, supply chain solutions, logistics, automation & control, product application expertise, cost savings, DataComm, wiring, application of technology, HVAC, automation, construction, industrial, utility

City Electric Supply

City Electric Supply

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Estimated Number of Employees: 3750+/-

Number of Locations: 537+/-

Industry Focus: Residential, commercial, and industrial market

City Electric Supply is an electrical distributor that serves electrical contractors across all market segments. This includes industrial, commercial, residential, government, leisure, and manufacturing. It is a family-owned company that began in the United Kingdom and expanded into the U.S. in 1983. Their U.S. network covers 30 states and has over 537 locations.

Specialties: Renewable energy, government services, marine solutions, lighting, wiring, EV charging stations, automation & control, DataComm, residential, commercial

Mcnaughton Mckay Electric Co

Mcnaughton Mckay Electric Co.

Headquarters: Madison Heights, MI

Estimated Number of Employees: 1250+/-

Number of Locations: 40+/-

Industry Focus: Industrial automation distribution

McNaughton McKay Electric Company is focused on key markets like industrial automation, solar energy, and construction. They offer a full line of products ranging from pipe and wire to complex automation control systems. Their customers include everyone from small electrical contractors to large-scale manufacturers. They serve markets in Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Specialties: Industrial, commercial, construction, electrical distributor, electrical supply, automation, inventory management, mechatronics, renewable energy, predictive & preventative maintenance, lighting

Motion Industries

Motion Industries

Headquarters: Birmingham, AL

Estimated Number of Employees: 10000+/-

Number of Locations: 550+/-

Industry Focus: Automation Machinery Manufacturing

Motion Industries serves the industrial market with MRO (maintenance, repair, and operation) replacement parts and services. They also operate in the OEM market (original equipment manufacturer / original equipment and machinery). They have a network of over 550 locations in North America.

Specialties: Industrial parts, industrial marketplace, industrial supplies, MRO, electrical & industrial automation, mechanical power transmission, bearings, hydraulic & pneumatic components, hydraulic & industrial hose, and material handling

Crescent Electric Supply

Crescent Electric Supply

Headquarters: East Dubuque, IL

Estimated Number of Employees: 1800+/-

Number of Locations: 140+/-

Industry Focus: Broad electrical distribution capabilities

Crescent Electric Supply is one of the ten largest electrical suppliers in the United States. They serve contractors, utilities, and institutional and industrial customers with a wide-ranging line of electrical, lighting, automation, and datacom products.

Specialties: Electrical construction materials, project quotations and management, DataComm, LED Lighting, energy, power distribution equipment, construction, industrial, automation & control, jobsite & project services

Mayer Electric Supply

Mayer Electric Supply

Headquarters: Birmingham, AL

Estimated Number of Employees: 1200+/-

Number of Locations: 80+/-

Industry Focus: Broad electrical distribution capabilities

Mayer Electric Supply is a wholesale distributor of electrical products and equipment, connected solutions, lighting, digital tools, Datacom technologies, power distribution, and automation and control systems. They serve contractors, industries, OEMs, integrators, institutions, government entities, utility providers, commercial businesses, and residential customers. Mayer Electric Supply became a Rexel USA banner company in 2021.

Specialties: Electrical products, power distribution, DataComm products, connected solutions, lighting, digital tools, automation & control systems, industrial, commercial, lighting, water/wastewater, OEM, Oil/Gas, healthcare, manufacturing

Elliot Electric Supply Inc

Elliot Electric Supply Inc.

Headquarters: Nacogdoches, TX

Estimated Number of Employees: 2000+/-

Number of Locations: 150+/-

Industry Focus: Electrical supply and inventory

Elliot Electric Supply is a full-service electrical supply distributor. It has locations in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia, Kansas, Arizona, and Tennessee.

Specialties: On-site inventory solutions, automated inventory, custom wire solutions, and scheduled deliveries. Their app, web, and e-commerce services include digital invoices & statements, ordering tools & tracking, and online payments with scheduling

Turtle & Hughes Inc

Turtle & Hughes Inc.

Headquarters: Linden, NJ

Estimated Number of Employees: 900+/-

Number of Locations: 18

Industry Focus: Electrical and industrial

Turtle & Hughes is one of the largest independent electrical and industrial distributors in the U.S. It serves the industrial, construction, commercial, electrical contracting, export, and utility markets. Its services add value to customers throughout all elements of the supply chain.

Specialties: Power distribution & automation solutions, energy management & renewal generation, commercial/industrial lighting, communications, industrial control & automation, industrial infrastructure consulting


W.w. Grainger

Headquarters: Lake Forest, IL

Estimated Number of Employees: 25000+/-

Number of Locations: 350+/-

Industry Focus: Broad distribution capabilities

W.W. Grainger is an industrial supply company that supplies motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies. It also provides inventory management services and technical support. The industry sectors that it supports include healthcare, manufacturing, government, and commercial.

Specialties: Supply chain management, MRO, facilities management, light & heavy manufacturing, inventory management solutions, safety services, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, industrial

Wholesale Electric Supply Co

Wholesale Electric Supply Co.

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Estimated Number of Employees: 50+/-

Number of Locations: 12

Industry Focus: Industrial and commercial electrical supply

Wholesale Electric Supply provides high-quality products and comprehensive services for the industrial and commercial markets. They distribute electrical products that serve the commercial, engineering, petrochemical, OEM, construction, and utility industries.

Specialties: Commercial project management, MRO services, information technology services, switchgear services, industrial international services, voice and data services, automation & controls services, construction materials management systems, modification shop services

Summit Electric Supply

Summit Electric Supply

Headquarters: Albuquerque, NM

Estimated Number of Employees: 575+/-

Number of Locations: 25

Industry Focus: Commercial, industrial, and residential electrical distribution

Summit Electric Supply is a wholesale distributor of industrial supplies and electrical equipment. This ranges from simple commodities to complex electrical components. It provides electrical equipment, supplies and supply chain solutions to engineers, contractors, electrical professionals, project managers, and others. The industry sectors that they service are industrial, commercial, marine, residential, and export projects. Their service centers in the United States are in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. It also has a service center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Specialties: Wire and cable, wiring devices, conduit, cords, fittings, motor control, lighting, support systems and fasteners, supply chain solutions, raceway, outlet boxes and enclosures, inventory management, transformers, energy audits, power protection equipment, distribution

State Electric Supply

State Electric Supply Co.

Headquarters: Huntington, WV

Estimated Number of Employees: 625+/-

Number of Locations: 40+/-

Industry Focus: Electrical wholesale and lighting products

State Electric Supply Company is a full-line electrical distributor. It also has lighting center locations that offer a wide selection of residential lighting, ceiling fans and home solutions. It has locations in West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Specialties: Electrical supply and distribution, supply chain management, inventory management, DataComm, automation, industrial, commercial, medical, institutional, residential, energy, utility, government, power transmission, oil & gas, mining, customer service

Loeb Electric

Loeb Electric

Headquarters: Columbus, OH

Estimated Number of Employees: 230+/-

Number of Locations: 5

Industry Focus: Electrical & lighting supplies and services

Loeb Electric offers a broad menu of electrical, lighting, and data communication products and services. Their services include professional project management, lighting, energy-saving solutions, inventory management and logistics.

Specialties: Inventory management & logistics, electrical and wire products, energy efficient lighting & incentive capture services, project management, energy and facility audits, lighting products, LED upgrades and retrofits

As you can see from the list, there are many partner options to consider for your lighting projects. At LED Lighting Supply, we offer a consultative approach including free lighting plans when needed to get you started. From there, we provide:

  • High-quality, reliable products
  • Thousands of fixtures that are in stock and ready to ship
  • Responsive customer support
  • Outstanding installation and warranty support
  • Customer satisfaction

Whichever lighting distributor you choose for your project, know that we are committed to providing you with the right solutions for any application.

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