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Parking Lot Case Study: Healthy Living Technology Boosts LED Upgrades for Cost Reduction & Fixture Longevity

About the project



Project type

Parking lot upgrade

Customer name

Healthy Living Technology

New construction or upgrade


Fixtures count

Average footcandle reading

Project overview

LED Lighting Supply was approached by Healthy Living Technology to upgrade their fixtures to energy-efficient LED parking lot fixtures. The metal halide fixtures were energy inefficient and impacted energy costs for the business. By switching some of their fixtures over to LED lighting, we were able to provide them with a smarter, money-saving upgrade. Doing so created a brighter space and a 78% increase in energy savings, as well as a 29.5-year increase in life expectancy based on the typical light usage at this parking lot.

Our approach and lighting plan

Once Healthy Living Technology contacted us, we began getting the information to start a lighting plan and select the best fixture. They let us know the type of fixtures they had and the number of fixtures we were replacing. They had 400-Watt Metal Halide fixtures and, with all of this information in mind, we chose the MLLG-LED-SBHO2-100-50

After speaking with Healthy Living Technology we took the information needed to start a lighting plan. The lighting plan is able to provide visual information and can show how the lights will work once they replace the metal halide fixtures.

Healthy Living Technology parking lot foot candle reading
Healthy Living Technology parking lot 3D foot candle rendering
Healthy Living Technology parking lot foot candle reading
Healthy Living Technology parking lot 3D foot candle rendering

Project Data

Energy savings
29.5 year
Increase in life expectancy


The upgrade from metal halides to LEDs not only increased energy savings by 78% for this parking lot, but it also increased life expectancy by up to 29.5 years. LED fixtures are a cost-effective upgrade due to the fact they produce more lumens per watt and this results in a 78% decrease in energy consumption for similar if not better lighting. Additionally, the new and improved lighting has provided increased safety on the property for employees and visitors.

Parking Lot Three Fixtures
Parking Lot Single Fixture 1

What we used

LED Shoebox SBHO2 100 Watts

100 Watt LED Parking Shoebox Light | 16000 Lumens | 10 Year Warranty | 5000K | 100V-277V

100 Watt LED SHOEBOX AREA LIGHT produces 16000 lumens at 160 lumens / watt and has durable die-cast aluminum housing that is electrophoresis and powder coated with strong anti-corrosion performance for years of maintenance free lighting.

Available in both Type 3 or Type 5 – perfect for parking lots. Optional photocell allows for further energy saving. It comes with a 1-10V dimmable driver at 100V-277V Voltage LED Driver, Color Temperature is: 5000K. Fixture comes equipped with built-in 10 kVa surge protection. Fixture comes in dark BRONZE finish.

This shoebox fixture can be pole, post, or wall mounted using the following brackets: Wall or Yoke or Arm or Slip Fitter. All brackets are sold separately. It is also IP65 Wet location rated, high impact rating of IK08 and can operate in temperatures ranging from -22°F to +113°F

Customer Feedback

“… All other indications have been that this is a company who cares about their customers and shows it through their actions… I hope the great products and services continue for the duration of my business with them going forward.”

Healthy Living Technology