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When lighting up a baseball field it can be challenging to find the right light for the job. It can’t be too expensive… but it still needs to get the job done. It can’t be too bright or too dark, and what if it causes shadows? Too much light in one spot and not enough in another can cause more problems than not enough light all together.


LED Lighting Supply was approached by Spartan Sports Park to upgrade their lighting to energy efficient LED flood and stadium lights. Using the current poles and wiring we were able to upgrade their previous lighting to brighter, and more energy efficient LEDs.

As a result of our Lighting Specialists and lighting design software, we are able to provide an LED Upgrade to the 1000 Watt Metal Halide Stadium Lights. These lights, per fixture, consumed 715 Watts less than the metal halide lights they replaced (including metal halide ballast draw) and provided better, brighter and balanced lighting across the ball field.

Lighting can be Expensive

Shopping for LED lights online can quickly show they’re expensive. A quick online search comes up with $40,000 to $70,000 to light a high school baseball field. That’s not entirely accurate. How expensive lighting is really depends on the needs of each customer. How many foot candles are needed? How many lights do you have? How many foot candles are there already? All of these factors contribute to the costs of lighting a baseball field. These questions are the types of things we consider when picking the fixture, and designing the lighting plan.


Our Lighting Specialists and Product Specialists are trained to find the best options for each of our customers’ needs while keeping the cost at a minimum. For Spartan Sports Park we were able to reach optimal light and cost with 42 of our MLLG-AG-LED-IMF-400-5-TR-60.

The MLLG-AG-LED-IMF-400-5-TR-60 was chosen for this opportunity for several reasons. The cost, the mounting height, the foot candles needed, and the metal halide replacement necessity. If we had chosen a 600 watt or a 200 watt version or even a tighter optic the lighting would not be as even for a field this size, and it can even cause the price to increase.

Led Flood Light 400 Watt With Pole Mount

Fixture Used

Lumens: 56000
Watts: 400
Volts: 100V-277V
Lumens/Watt: 140
Replaces:: 1000 Watt Metal Halide
Life Hours: 176,000 (L70) hours

Lighting Plan

Once our Lighting Specialists have helped pinpoint the best fixture options for the project, such as the MLLG-AG-LED-IMF-400-5-TR-60 for Spartan Sports Park, our Product Specialists are then able to use our lighting design software to create and fine tune each lighting plan to get the most balanced light. The software used calculates the foot candles to show where the light is hitting. The purpose of the visual representation of where the light is makes it so we can aim and re-aim fixtures as needed until the optimal lighting is reached with minimal shadows.

Furthermore the software we use also utilizes a 3D render. This is useful because if a customer doesn’t fully understand foot candles, they can see what the light is doing by looking at a 3D representation. The example below is how we came up with ideal lighting for Spartan Sports Park.

Spartan Sports Park Lighting Plan
Spartan Sports Park Rendering


The formula for getting ideal lighting is a combination of the project objectives, the expert product selection, as well as the lighting design process. These together create astounding results and amazing lighting for our customers, like Spartan Sports Park, as seen below.  In conclusion the upgrade to LED’s not only brightened up Spartan Sports Park’s baseball Field it is also energy efficient, longer lasting, and can be cost effective with the right fixtures and the right professionals. Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to talk to us about your field


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