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Indoor Natatorium Case Study: Wayne’s Electric Service Upgrade

About the project



Project type

Indoor Pool

Customer name

Wayne's Electric Service

New construction or upgrade


Fixtures count

Average footcandle reading

Project overview

Wayne’s Electric Services contacted LED Lighting Supply to provide LEDs to replace 400-watt metal halides. Metal halide fixtures produce around 75 lumens per watt, while the MLLG-LED-HBC-200-5-120 (Set to 150 Watts) that was spec’d in produces 150 lumens per watt. This 100% increase in energy efficiency makes a serious impact on the electricity bill!

Our approach and lighting plan

Once we received all the project information from Wayne’s Electric Services, such as the fixture mounting locations and limitations. We were able to recommend the MLLG-LED-HBC-200-5-120 set to 150 Watts. The lighting plane we provided gave them a visual representation of what they could expect the facility’s light levels to look like after installation.

Wayne's Electric indoor pool project light plan
Wayne's Electric indoor pool project 3D foot candle rendering
Wayne's Electric indoor pool project light plan
Wayne's Electric indoor pool project 3D foot candle rendering

Project Data

Increase in energy efficiency
Life hour increase


Every location is going to have different needs that need to be addressed. With Wayne’s Electric Service’s Indoor Pool Project, we couldn’t put fixtures over the pool. However, we still had to meet a certain foot candle requirement above the pool area. We were able to meet that requirement and provide them with an upgrade to LEDs. This upgrade not only increased the light efficiency by 100%, but it also increased the life hours of the fixtures by 17x.

Waynes Electic Indoor Pool
Waynes Electic Indoor Pool 2

What we used

LED High Bay HBC 200 Watts

200 Watt UFO High Bay LED Light | 22500 Lumens | 5000K | 100-277V (set to 150 Watts)

150 Watt LED UFO High Bay Light produces 22500 lumens at 150 lumens / watt and replaces 400 Watt Metal Halide. It comes equipped with 1-10V dimmable drivers. It has a white die-cast aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat. Available in 100V-277V and 5000K color temperatures. Additional options include: motion sensor kit for higher energy savings.

Choose Polycarbonate 60°, 90° or 120° Anti-glare Frosted Lens (Standard) Lenses. Includes built in 4 kvA surge protection. Mounting options include Eye-Hook or Pendant (3/4 NPT). These High Bay LED Lights are IP65 Wet location rated, and High Impact IK08 rated and can operate in temperatures between -22°F to +122°F.

Customer Feedback

The facility is completely satisfied with the final outcome. Thank you so much for your assistance…Looking forward to working with you on the next project.

J. Wayne Cellio, President of Wayne’s Electric Service