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Indoor Gym Case Study: Tbcs’s Gym Lighting Upgrade

About the project



Project type

Indoor gymnasium

Customer name


New construction or upgrade


Fixtures count

Average footcandle reading

Project overview

TBCS approached LED Lighting Supply to replace their 400-watt metal halides with MLLG-LED-HBC-200-5-120 (set at 150 Watts). With this LED UFO High Bay, you get about 150 lumens per watt, which is 87.5% more efficient than the 400-watt metal halide fixtures.

Our approach and lighting plan

Our recommendation for the MLLG-LED-HBC-200-5-120 (set at 150 Watts) was based on all the information we received about TBCS’ gymnasium, including the locations of the existing fixtures, mounting height, and footcandle requirements. Having selected these high bays, we were able to develop a lighting plan. This would give them a visual representation of what they could expect their facility to look like with our fixtures installed.

TBCS Gymnasium foot candle reading
TBCS Gymnasium foot candle 3D render
TBCS Gymnasium foot candle reading
TBCS Gymnasium foot candle 3D render

Project Data

Increase in efficiency
20 year
Increase in life expectancy


The upgrade from metal halides to LEDs not only increased fixture efficiency by 87.5% for TBCS, but it also increased life expectancy. With the new fixtures, this gym can save money by using more efficient fixtures and, by switching to LEDs, they also extended the life expectancy by 20 years.

Gym Second Picture
400w Metal Halide converted to 25 LED HBC 150 Watt High Bays

What we used

LED HBC 150 Watt High Bay

150 Watt LED UFO High Bay | 22500 Lumens | 5000K | 100-277V

150 Watt LED UFO High Bay Light produces 22500 lumens at 150 lumens / watt and replaces 400 Watt Metal Halide. It comes equipped with 1-10V dimmable drivers. It has a white die-cast aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat. Available in 100V-277V and 5000K color temperatures. Additional options include: motion sensor kit for higher energy savings.

Choose Polycarbonate 60°, 90° or 120° Anti-glare Frosted Lens (Standard) Lenses. Includes built in 4 kvA surge protection. Mounting options include Eye-Hook or Pendant (3/4 NPT). These High Bay LED Lights are IP65 Wet location rated, and High Impact IK08 rated and can operate in temperatures between -22°F to +122°F.

Customer Feedback

We are absolutely thrilled with our gym lighting! The best parts are (1) the instant on and off (no warming and cooling cycles), (2) they give brighter light, and (3) more evenly distributed light.

They are perfect for our application.
Jeff Stewart -TBCS Administrator