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At LED Lighting Supply we are no strangers to providing lighting for all types of sports fields, arenas, and gyms. By assisting our customers with their lighting needs we are providing safe and well lit areas for spectators and players alike.


LED Lighting Supply was approached by this gymnasium to upgrade their current fixtures to energy efficient LED High Bay Lights. Using their current mounting height we were able to provide brighter and more even lighting. The gym is used for multiple sports, basketball, pickleball and volleyball.

As a result of our Lighting Specialists and lighting design software, we are able to provide an LED Upgrade to the 400W Metal Halide. These lights, per fixture, consumed 265 Watts less * than 400 metal halide lights (including metal halide ballast draw) and provide better, brighter and more balanced lighting through the sports gym.

* includes 15% ballast draw of the Metal Halide fixture



How Much Does Lighting Cost?

When doing a 1 for 1 replacement the cost of upgrading to LED Lighting can vary depending on several factors. The cost depends on what fixture is needed to match or exceed the current light levels. However when doing a 1 for 1 replacement, more often than not we are able to keep the fixture location the same which does save on re-wiring and mounting costs.


Lighting any indoor space comes with its own challenges. Walls and floors can reflect lighting and increase foot candles, an area that is too bright can be just as detrimental as an area that is too dark.  Most of these challenges are met by choosing the right product, but the lighting design and choosing the right amount of fixtures is also necessary  to create the perfect lighting.

However with a 1 for 1 replacement choosing the right fixture comes with extra challenges and extra importance. The fixture has to have comparable wattage to the light its replacing as well as have the same brightness or more than its previous counterpart. That’s why for this gymnasium the MLLG-LED-HBC-200-5-120 was chosen.

Energy Savings

Screenshot 2022 02 25 152745

Fixture Used

Lumens: 30000
Watts: 200
Volts: 100V-277V
Lumens/Watt: 150                                          Replaces: 400 Watt Metal Halide
Life Hours: 170,000 (L70) hours


While LED Lighting may already not be as expensive as an online search may show. It is also cost effective due to its energy savings. The chart to the right references the potential energy savings at various prices points. This chart shows the energy savings for 15 of the MLLG-LED-HBC-200-5-120 used in this gymnasium. 

200 LED Watts replacing 400 Watts for 12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 1139 kw/year

Cost per kw/hr Saving per year for 15 fixtures
.10 $1,708.20
.11 $1,879.02
.12 $2,049.84
.13 $2,220.66
.14 $2,391.48
.15 $2,562.30
.16 $2,733.12


The formula for getting ideal lighting is a combination of the project objectives, the expert product selection, as well as the lighting design process. These together create astounding results and amazing lighting for our customers, like healthy living technology, as seen below.  In conclusion the upgrade to LED’s not only brightened up this gymnasium it is also energy efficient, longer lasting, and can be cost effective with the right fixtures and the right professionals. Feel free to Contact Us if you would like to talk to us about your parking lot.



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