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As a lighting industry expert, one of the best things that you can do for your customers is to demonstrate how energy-efficient lighting systems can help save on energy costs and provide an impact on their bottom line. This can be done by conducting a lighting audit of their facilities.

A lighting audit is an onsite walkthrough of a facility to detail its existing lighting conditions. From there, you can determine where energy-saving changes can be made. It can be conducted for both outdoor and indoor spaces and includes gathering four main types of information:


Floor and ceiling plans that show current fixture locations
Room dimensions and ceiling heights
Plans for renovation, if applicable


Light fixture information:

  • Quantity
  • Type and size
  • Number of lamps/ballasts (if applicable)
  • Wattage

Tasks performed in the space:

  • Types of tasks
  • Duration of tasks
  • Height that tasks are performed

Natural daylight availability, if applicable



Gather information from the occupants about the space such as glare concerns, the current quality of light, etc.


This is the final step of the audit.
First, you calculate current operating costs related to the cost and demand of the light.
Then, you calculate long-term savings from the replacement lights.

Lighting audit software brings the old way of doing things into the 21st century. Instead of using legal pads, spreadsheets, and catalogs, you can use mobile devices, search engines, and the cloud to provide quick and easy solutions to your customers.

Here are our lighting software audit recommendations:


Retrolux is a tablet- and cloud-based application used for lighting retrofit projects. It provides an energy audit and quoting software platform for the energy-efficient lighting industry. It is built on the Amazon Web Services platform with triple international server redundancy.

LED Lighting Supply is listed as an LED manufacturer within the Retrolux software. All of our listed products are DLC eligible for rebates.

Notable Features:

Customization – You can tailor Retrolux to fit your needs, your customers, and your project goals. This includes customized energy savings proposals.


Onsite Energy Audit – Use your tablet to conduct onsite lighting audits. You can upload an existing floor plan to help you map lighting fixtures. You can even conduct an audit while offline using their iOS application and then synchronize the data later.


Access Current Product Catalogs – You can search product catalogs of manufacturers and suppliers to help find the right solutions for your projects. This includes pricing and specifications. You can then purchase materials without having to leave the platform.


Collaboration – Create and oversee project teams, including third-party users, to seamlessly work together on projects.


Build Project Estimates – Create professional project estimates with incentives, rebates, and services. Over 35 report templates are available so that you can save time.

Pricing: By request. A free consultation is available.



LightBids is a tablet – and smartphone-based application used for lighting audit site visits, MTOs, and equipment selection. It helps lighting companies simplify data collection, proposals, and pipeline management.

Notable Features:

Site Photos – Using your mobile device, you can take photos during your site visit, and they will be synced to all your devices. They’re then linked to your project, and you have no need to make a second visit.


Equipment Selection – The application has a powerful search feature that helps find the right lights for your project. You can use filters to search for fixtures by important attributes such as beam angle, wattage, and warranty.


Material Take Offs (MTO) – Use LightBids to generate an MTO list which helps with cost estimates and bid requests.


Copy and Batch Editing Tools – Data entry is made easier by using shortcuts that allow you to copy and manage group items with the same fixture.


Automatically Calculate Rebates – Simply select an existing utility incentive and it will automatically calculate rebates for your project.

Pricing: Pricing is by request. You can schedule a demonstration on their website.



SnapCount is a lighting retrofit application that runs on your mobile devices. It is cloud-based and available for iOS and Android platforms. After conducting your lighting audit, it continues to work by using an intuitive dashboard that analyzes project and company performance.

Notable Features:

Perform site visits using a mobile device. Take photos and record fixture information. Tag fixture data to floor plans, blueprints, or sketches.


Upload audit data to the cloud. Instantly transcribe your data from the field. This helps to quickly propose solutions and analyze potential incentives, rebates, and savings.


Streamline your implementation process. Automatically produce material purchase orders and labor work orders.


Stay current with SnapCount’s daily progress tracking.

Pricing: Pricing is by request. You can schedule a demonstration on their website.



ecoInsight is a tablet-based application that is used for retrofit lighting audits and proposals. It is a collaborative, cloud-based lighting specification platform.

Notable Features:

Lighting Fixture Search Engine – Specify lighting attributes such as lumens, certifications, or color temperature. Then perform a search of lighting manufacturers’ products for the right solution.


Smart Quote – This feature allows you to use your data to build lighting schedules or value engineering quotes.


Interactive Floor Plan – Use a map to visually identify spaces and input fixture data.


Fixture Wizard – This tool guides you through the process of selecting the right fixtures for your project. It also helps to calculate wattages.


Audit Checker – The audit checker is used to scan all lighting attributes at the end of your audit. It ensures that all attributes have been entered.


Audit Project Team Support – This allows multiple auditors to feed their data into a single project. This is ideal for large projects.


Detailed Product Specification – Access wide-ranging product data of over 300 manufacturers. It also calculates financial and energy savings.


Generate and Compare Proposals – You can design customized proposal templates for easy creation. You can then compare up to three of them to generate a dynamic submittal package.

Pricing: Pricing is by request. You can schedule a demonstration on their website.



Lighting Assessor is a tablet-based (Android and iOS) application used to quickly conduct a lighting audit. It is free to use, and no internet connection is required. Additional features are available with a subscription. No training is needed so it can be deployed immediately.

Notable Features:

Audits can be exported to Excel – After completion, audits can be easily exported to Excel or to their quoting tool.


Pre-filled and Customizable Material Libraries – Easily find the right lighting solutions for your project.


Fast Quoting – Audits can be imported to their cloud-based quoting module (with subscription).


Automatic Branded Proposals – Easily create branded lighting proposals.

Pricing (3 options):

Free version
Pay per use: $59 per quote
Membership: $99 per month, cancel anytime

  • Unlimited quotes
  • Annual payment plans are available.



OptoMizer is a lighting audit retrofit software application for laptop computers. It automates the task of performing, compiling, and producing a complete lighting audit.

Notable Features:

Fully Customizable – You can create custom queries and reports or modify any part of the software according to your needs.


Unlimited Audits and Projects – OptoMizer supports a limitless number of projects and audits.


Rebate Tracking – The application provides detailed rebate program tracking.


Automatic Reporting – You can produce proposal-ready, detailed energy savings reports.


Carbon Footprint Reports – These reports show potential reductions in elements such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide.


Training and Support – Fielding Labs provides live online training and product support.

Pricing: $299 for 5 client install site licenses. A free trial version is available before purchase.

Here is a convenient chart highlighting all the features to help you decide which product will be a best fit for you

Chart Compare

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