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Case Study: FUPC of Dale City’s Parking Lot Retrofit Project Increased Efficiency & Reduced Maintenance

About the project



Project type

Parking lot

Customer name

FUPC of Dale City

New construction or upgrade


Fixtures count

Average footcandle reading

Project overview

LED Lighting Supply was approached by FUPC of Dale City to assist with their parking lot lighting needs. FUPC was looking to keep its current setup while upgrading to LED. The existing 400-watt Metal Halides they were using had around 5,000 life hours when brand new. In comparison, the MLLG-LED-RETRO5-45-50 we recommended is built to last for 100,000 life hours. This represents an 11-year increase in fixture longevity for the customer. Read on to learn more about the project.

Our approach and lighting plan

Once FUPC of Dale City reached out to us to retrofit their existing metal halide fixtures. We collected the necessary information to create a lighting plan and recommend the best fixture. They let us know the type of fixtures they had and the number of fixtures being replaced. After speaking with them and collecting the information needed, we were able to provide them with a lighting plan using our recommended fixture. The lighting plan can provide visual information and show how well the lights will illuminate the space once the upgrade is complete. As they had 400-watt metal halides, we chose the MLLG-LED-RETRO5-45-50 as the recommended replacement.

Lighting plan overlaid on satellite imagery
Project 3D rendering
Lighting plan overlaid on satellite imagery
Project 3D rendering

Project Data

Product longevity
11 Years
Increase in life expectancy


Unlike other lighting products, helping a customer choose a retrofit kit can come with unique challenges. Instead of a brand-new fixture, we must work within the confines of an existing one. Fortunately, our line of retrofit kits will fit into most parking lot fixtures. Although this fixture is a great option for most applications, we don’t recommend using it in fixtures that utilize high-pressure sodium bulbs (HPS).

All lighting needs aren’t the same and not every project requires a total replacement. This parking lot used the retrofit kit to apply an upgrade while keeping its current fixtures. Contact us to find out if it is better to retrofit or use new fixtures for your project.

Fupc Parking Lot Left
Fupc Parking Lot Right

What we used

Retro Fit Kit

45 Watt Metal Halide LED Retrofit | 7425 Lumens | 175 Watt Replacement | 5000K | 100V-277V

45 Watt LED Retrofit Kit produces7425 lumens at 165 lumens/watt and replaces 175 Watt Metal Halide inside your existing indoor or outdoor fixture. The retrofit kit is designed to replace Metal Halide bulbs and ballasts inside a sealed fixture. Active Cooling keeps this retrofit kit working for a very long time. It’s equipped with a 100V-277V LED driver. You can choose between 5000K. This retrofit works well with existing motion sensors and photocells. Its easy to install – like doing a Metal Halide bulb and ballast replacement. You should also remove the fixtures reflector and socket, as they won’t be needed.

Customer Feedback


I just finished the full project. The lights look great and they were very easy to install. -Michael Gundel, Property Manager