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Saw Mill Lighting

Saw Mill Lighting is a combination of explosion proof rated lights and high bay LED lights in areas where saw dust is not common. We offer both C1D1 and C1D2 industrial grade LED Lighting for Saw Mills and high power, rugged high bays that can withstand the industrial environment of a saw mill.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time purchasing LED Lights for a saw mill, we put together a list of common questions you might have before you buy. For more information on our saw mill lighting, please contact us on (888) 423-3191. A dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best light for your needs.


What Are The Best LED Lighting Fixtures for a Saw Mill?

There are many areas inside a saw mill. Some areas are dangerous, with constant saw dust being produced as the large blades process the logs and timber. In this case, your best choice is either a Class 1 Division 1 Explosion Proof Fixture or a Class 1 Division 2 Explosion Proof Light. In other areas where saw dust is not common, like storage areas, then standard LED High Bays are great lighting options. For hot areas, high temperature LED Fixtures are an option.

Can You Use LED Lights in a Paper Mill?

Yes, we have many Explosion Proof Lighting Solutions designed for use in saw mills. Our lights are industrial grade rated for tough environments. We have high impact rated UFO High Bays and High Temperature LED High Bays and Floods for high temperature areas. Outside the saw mill, we can provide parking lot LED Lights and LED Flood lights to light up large outdoor spaces.

Can We Use a Vapor Proof Lighting in a Saw Mill?

Maybe. Vapor proof light fixture are sealed to keep the outside environment from entering into the fixture. This gas or vapor would shorten the life of normal fixtures. You should never use a vapor proof light in an area that requires an explosion proof light.

How Many Foot Candles do we need inside a Saw Mill?

This can range from process to process and room to room, but the general consensus is between 30 and 30 foot candles. Some areas where wood is graded requires a lot of light. Other areas, such as storage and warehousing, can get by with as little as 30.

Can LED Lighting produce the foot candles I need to light up a Pulp and Paper Processing Facility?

Yes it can. It all starts with a lighting plan that uses your scaled drawings. And then understanding your foot candle requirements for those areas.

Many of our lights are designed to replace 250 Watts, 400 Watts and 1000 Watt Metal Halide lights, 1 for 1. That means you don’t have to install 2 LED lights for every 1 metal halide light.


Can I retrofit my existing Saw Mill Fixtures with LED Retrofits?

You can. We offer both LED Retrofit Solutions for Fluorescent Fixtures as well as Metal Halide / HPS fixtures. Converting the fixture over to LED is typically as easy as a bulb and ballast replacement, with a few extra minor steps. A qualified electrician would have no problem retrofitting an existing fixture.

How do we know your lights will work before we purchase?

That’s easy, start with a saw mill lighting plan. Give us a scaled drawing or you saw mill, and we will model your facility inside our specialized lighting software and produce a lighting plan. That way you can see how well our lights will perform, before you buy.


What types of mounting options do your LED Lights come with?

We offer many of the standard fixture mounting options that you are familiar with inside a saw mill. This includes eye-hooks, pendant mounts, chain are wire mounts. Let us know the mount you need in your saw mill so we can match you up with the correct lighting option.

Do you offer LED high voltage Solutions for a Saw Mill?

We do. The standard voltage ranges we offer is:


Not every fixture we have is available in high voltage, so let us know if you require a high voltage light fixture.


Is there anything hard or difficult to installing your LED Lights in a Saw Mill?

Not at all. Any qualified electrician can easily install or swap out your existing lights with ours. If you are installing LED explosion proof lights, make sure you use a qualified electrician that has experience with the local codes to ensure everything is installed to code.