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Concrete Batch Plant LED Lighting

What is Concrete Plant LED Lighting?

There are so many different types of conditions in a concrete plant. There are so many different types of conditions in a cement or concrete plant. The industrial facilities environment can be extremely dusty, so having access to high bays that are IP65 or higher rated can be washed down.

There are areas of high temperatures, so you might need high-temperature lighting. Truck traffic, concrete trucks, and other conditions make the environment dangerous And outdoors, when operations start early morning or run into the evening, High power area lights will light up the yard and keep your operations and employees safe.

What are Temperatures Rating for LED Fixtures?

We have different ranges based on fixture type.

Do you Need Durable Light Fixtures for Concrete Batch Plants?

For the most part, several types of LED lights are very robust and durable. They’re industrial grade with heavier casting, high impact ratings, and special finishes. In the case of explosion-proof lighting, it’s the lights’ design and engineering that come into play. It keeps explosions created inside the light from causing an explosion.

For high-temperature lighting, it uses a heavy-duty heat sink and other design factors to keep them cool. For high bays and low bays, the UFO-style fixtures are all wet weather and dust-rated, so the lights can handle wet and dusty environments.

Benefits of LED Lighting for Concrete Batch Plants

LED lights are designed to provide years of maintenance-free lighting. No one wants to buy lighting and have them fail in a short period. Our lights, whether they are high bays, flood lights, explosion-proof lighting, or high-temperature lighting, are industrial grade and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Explosion-Proof Lighting Classifications for Concrete Batch Plants

We have both Class 1 Division 1 and Class 1 Division 2 explosion-proof lights. They are designed to replace everything from 100 Watts to 1000 Watts of Metal Halide.

Powerful LED Flood Lights for a Concrete Batch Plant

We have very powerful flood lights that can easily replace up to 2000 Watts of Metal Halide. These are the same powerful area lights we use to light up baseball fields and football fields.

Replacing Existing Metal Halide Lighting with LED Lights

Yes, you can easily replace them. Our LED lights are designed as direct 1-for-1 replacements for old metal halide, fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium lighting.

Installing Industrial Lighting in Concrete Batch Plant Environments

A licensed electrician who’s familiar with your environment is your best option. Following the instructions and local code is the best way to install these fixtures.

High Temp Led Lights

Ufo Led High Bay Lights