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LED Clean Room Lighting

Need a Free Clean Room Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Clean Room Lighting Plan?

Clean Room Lighting can provide powerful high quality lighting to the work environment. Whether you need panel lights or nsf rated fixtures, we have you covered with bright, high quality LED Fixtures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out what questions they have when buying clean room lighting. If it’s your first time making a purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us on (888) 423-3191 to speak directly with one of our lighting experts.

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What Is Clean Room Lighting?

Clean room lights are IP rated and typically NSF rated wash down ready fixtures

How Can You Tell If Lighting Is Rated for Clean Rooms?

Look for NSF fixtures that are IP rated for wash downs. All our NSF fixtures are IP69K rated.

What Is the Ideal Lighting Level for a Clean Room?

More light than less light is better in clean rooms. It is not uncommon to see clean rooms operating at over 100 foot candles.

Does All Clean Room Lighting Need to Be NSF Rated?

It’s not needed, but it is certainly an advantage to have NSF rated fixtures in a clean room.


Can You Use Standard Emergency Lighting in a Clean Room?

Yes, you can, but make sure you consider the right type of light and emergency lighting.

Do You Have 2x2 or 2x4 LED Panels That Can Be Used in a Clean Room?

We do, but they are only IP40 rated and are not NSF rated.


What Are the Best Lights to Use in a Clean Room?

The best lights are the lights that meet your requirements in your specific facility. We can create a lighting plan based on your needs. The lighting plan will identify the best lighting for that space.

1x4 Panel LED Panel

1x4 Panel LED Panel

2x2 Led Backlit Panel

2x2 Led Backlit Panel

2x4 Led Backlit Panel

2x4 Led Backlit Panel


Are Clean Room Fixtures Resistant to Mold?

Our NSF fixtures are mold resistant, but they should also be washed and cleaned regularly if mold is an issue.

Can You Wash Down the Clean Room Lighting Fixtures?

Yes, our NSF light fixtures are designed to be washed down.

Is the Lens on the Light Shatter Proof in Case of Impact?

Yes, they are. Depending on the model chosen, the lights are impact resistant.


Are There Any Special Installation Instructions for Clean Room Lighting Fixtures?

These lights come with complete and easy to follow instructions.


We Offer Free Clean Room Lighting Plans

A Clean Room lighting plan creates a report that shows how bright and balanced the lighting will be across the floor space.

It identifies the locations of lights, and select the best fixture to use. We have done 1000's of FREE lighting plans for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Let us do one for you.

Clean Room Lighting Plan
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