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LED Lights for Hockey and Ice Skating Rinks


A challenge hockey rinks face is keeping their rinks open without having high utility and maintenance expenses. And its paramount that they provide high quality, glare free lighting.

Lighting plays an important role in a sports venue as it determines how athletes and fans feel in the venue. If the venue has good lighting, it enhances the experience for the athletes and spectators.

By their very nature, ice rinks are big energy consumers. Lighting is part of this consumption. Reducing lighting costs by 50-75% would go far to helping ice rinks budgets.


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How many lights do you need for a Ice Rink?

The most accurate way - create a Hockey or Ice Rink Lighting Plan.

What are Hockey Rink lighting plans? A Lighting plan allows you to see your hockey rink with new LED Lights. Its report shows light fixture locations, foot candle readings and how evenly distributed the light is.


Want a Free Hockey Rink Lighting Plan?

Hockey Rink Lighting Plan


What are the "Best LED Lights for Ice and Hockey Rinks"?

The Best LED Lights for indoor and outdoor rinks may vary for each installation. The "Best Ice Rink LED Light" are those that provides the best overall lighting  and even light distribution. What is best for one rink may not be best for yours. A real good way to determine this is to create a Ice Rink lighting plan. 

Indoor LED Ice Rink Lighting

Indoor hockey rinks contain high bays and flood lights to light up the ice surface and arena. Light levels have to be high enough so the players can see the hockey puck on the ice. Places like Canada have ice rinks open all year long.

Some are open for 18 hours a day. This can require a lot of energy consumption to power lights for that long. The payback period shortens by converting to hockey arena LED lighting.

Hockey Rink Lighting


Outdoor LED Ice Rink Lighting

Outdoor rinks typically use pole mounted lights. Flood lights are perfect for outdoor rinks. Using photometrics, light levels and distribution can be visualized before purchasing one light.

And because LED Lights are instant on and instant off, gone are the days of long light warm up periods.


Hockey Rink Lighting

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