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Hockey Rink Lights

Hockey rinks can benefit greatly by converting to LED Lights. Powerful, high quality and reduce glare options all add up to a well lit playing surface. You can easily replace fluorescent panels and metal halide with our selection of hockey rink lights. Outdoor Rinks aren't a problem either, Powerful flood lights with varying optics can create a well lit balanced outdoor rink experience for hockey players and ice skaters alike.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customer base for questions they had when it came to purchasing hockey rink lights. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you couldn’t find an answer to the question below, call us on (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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Are LED Lights Able to Run in Below Freezing Temperatures?

Yes, in fact LEDs love the cold weather. We have many high power solutions installed in Alaska that run all winter long, so lighting up an outdoor ice rink with LEDs is not going to be an issue.

What Is the Best Lighting for an Outdoor Skating Rink?

The best lighting can differ from rink to rink. It depends on your lighting requirements and position of poles. What works well for one rink may not be the best option for another. Creating a lighting plan is part of the research process when it comes to finding the best light for your rink project.

What Is the Best Lighting to Use for a Backyard Hockey Rink?

Pole mounted flood lights with a wide beam angle work really well for these environments. They provide great coverage over the sheet of ice.

Can You Use Solar Lights for an Ice Rink?

Yes, but two issues come to mind. Solar lighting tends to be low powered lights, so they may not be bright enough for lighting up a rink. Plus, solar lights need the sun to recharge, and with shorter and cloudy winter days, you may not have enough recharge time to adequately light up a rink in the winter. Also, solar lights are intended to come on at night and shut off in the morning. They are not designed to be turned on and off.

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What Are the Lighting Requirements for an Ice Hockey Rink?

Lighting requirements vary depending on the level of play. We have provided lighting plans for recreational hockey leagues at 20 foot candles and college level ice rinks at 80 fc to 100 fc.

What Is the Ideal Color Temperature for Hockey Rink Lighting?

We suggest you use 4000K or 5000K lights, and that seems to be the color temperature our customers request. 5000K is a good choice if you have metal halide lighting. There are a lot more 5000K options available and 5000K will provide great light.

Is a UFO or Linear Fixture Best for an Indoor Hockey Rink?

There are a few pros and cons with each choice. UFO lights are definitely more robust and can handle being hit with a puck. UFO lights are a good choice if you have high mounting heights, as optics can be added to narrow down the beam to make sure the ice is lit and not the stands.

Linear fixtures are a good option if you like the appearance of fluorescent lights. They also have a slightly better light distribution. All things considered, we probably would lean slightly towards UFO lights over linear lights.

I Want 80 Foot Candles on the Ice. What Do I Need?

For indoor rinks, the best option is to use high bay lights mounted from the ceiling with anti-glare frosted or optic lenses, depending on the mounting height. For outdoor rinks, the best option is high power pole mounted flood lights.

The best fixture for your needs will depend a lot on the facility, so we suggest you create a lighting plan to determine the best option that will provide the proper balanced lighting.

As an example, an indoor rink using 72 150 Watt UFO fixtures mounted 20 feet above the ice produces 86 foot candles with an average / minimum ratio of 1.67 (this is very balanced lighting).

Should We Use a Wire Guard in Case a Rogue Puck Hits the Lights?

That depends on the fixture being used. We have high impact rated fixtures that are designed to survive a puck hit, so a wire guard is not required. If you decide to use a non-impact rated fixture, then using a wire-guard is recommended.


Do You Have Fixtures That Will Work on 277-480 Volt?

The voltage ranges we offer are 100-277V, 347-480V and 277-480V.

What Type of Bracket Should Be Used to Mount Lights to a 4x4 Pole for a Backyard Hockey Rink?

We would suggest you use a trunnion/yoke mount. They accept bolts/lag bolts that you can use to secure the lights to a post. If you are installing multiple fixtures per pole, you can purchase a bull horn mount (can support 2 to 4 fixtures) and mount the fixtures with a slip fitter mount.

Do the Fixtures Work with Controls?

They do, we can install photocells on outdoor fixtures and motion sensors on indoor fixtures.

Do the Fixtures Work with Dimmers?

Yes, but make sure the fixture you have has either a 0-10V or 1-10V LED driver.


How High Should Backyard Rink Lights Be Mounted?

Higher is better, but for outdoor backyard rinks, 8-10 feet should work just fine.

How Do You Shut Off the Lights at One End of the Rink When Practicing on the Other?

You would need to have 2 light circuits, one for each end of the rink.

How many lights do you need for a Ice Rink?

The most accurate way - create a Hockey or Ice Rink Lighting Plan.

What are Hockey Rink lighting plans? A Lighting plan allows you to see your hockey rink with new LED Lights. Its report shows light fixture locations, foot candle readings and how evenly distributed the light is.

Want a Free Hockey Rink Lighting Plan?

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