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What Are Street Lights?

Street lights are bright, effective lights designed to minimize glare and light large swatches of roadways, highways, and other streets. Street lights are often mounted from high points, on poles. Our LED street lights offer tool-less access for easy maintenance and easily replace outdated metal halide bulbs. If you’re interested in more detailed information about LED street lights, distribution patterns, and Dark Sky compliant options, you can read about it here.

Why Are Street Lights Important?

Any and all roadways and walkways need effective lighting in order to maintain a safe environment. In order to be considered “effective,” a street light should illuminate the roadway and surrounding areas so that everyone from drivers to cyclists and pedestrians can safely use the space. This is achieved by shining enough light in the area to reveal potential hazards and obstructions without causing glare. And, when done correctly, street lights have been shown to reduce accidents by up to 40%.

What Are the Best Street Lights?

There really isn't such a thing as a "BEST Street Light", but there is a street light that is best for your project. No one can claim one light fits all applications. The best way to determine the best lighting for your street or roadway is to do a lighting plan. Based on your roadways specifications, the lighting plan will find the best solution. What works right on one roadway may not be the best choice on another. The lighting plan takes away the guess work and mystery of find the best LED Street light.

What About Dark Sky Regulations?

In many places around the country, local codes require street lighting to be Dark Sky compliant. This is primarily to protect the surrounding natural environment, but Dark Sky lights have benefits for humans as well. They reduce light pollution and allow for neighborhoods and other highly populated places to be lit while minimizing light spillage.

Our full-cut off LED street lights ensure that all light is directed downwards, with 0% of the light reaching above a 90-degree beam angle. We also have semi-cutoff and cutoff fixtures available as well.

Misconceptions About LED Street Lights?

Not everything you hear about LEDs paints these bulbs in a favorable light. But, this negatives are mostly based on misconceptions. And, one of these misconceptions is that LED lights are harmful to the natural rhythms of animals and therefore can never be Dark Sky compliant. Although LEDs are known for producing blue light, which is considered to be the primary offender, unlike other bulbs, LEDs offer the ability to control what wavelengths are emitted. This means that LEDs can be engineered to emit little to no short-wavelengths, otherwise known as bluelight.

How Many LED Street Lights Do I Need?

Even if you're replacing existing fixtures, knowing how many lights you'll need can be tricky. This is because oftentimes, LED light fixtures can accomplish the same thing as other types of bulbs, like HPS, with much fewer lumens and watts. For this reason, we always suggest requesting a free photometric lighting plan to determine exactly how many street lights you need. And, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach to one of our lighting specialists. 

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